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Beastiary Icon2.pngPhoebad
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops

(&00000000000000030000003) Rock Salt Icon.png Rock Salt
(&00000000000000010000001) Debitage Fragment Icon.png Debitage Fragment

Phoebads are a type of golem that occur naturally in areas rich in salt crystals, such as Loch Seld and other similar bodies of water. In folklore, phoebads are said to have once been people who defied the revelations of Rhalgr, and were transformed as punishment for their disobedience.[1]
Name Levels Zone Info
Armalcolite 83 Mare Lamentorum - Southern Mare Lamentorum - The Drowning Brand (15.9-33.1)  Aggressive.png
Debitage 76 Amh Araeng - The Central Hills of Amber  (19-18)  Aggressive.png
Heavenly Monoiwa 70 Heaven-on-High (Zone) - Floor 47 (Heaven-on-High)  Aggressive.png
Heavenly Shioname 70 Heaven-on-High (Zone) - Floor 17 (Heaven-on-High)  Aggressive.png
Ktiseos Chione 87 Ktisis Hyperboreia (Zone) - Terrestrial Artifice  (10-9)  Aggressive.png
Ngozi 70 Amh Araeng - The Fields of Amber  (29.6-24.8)  Aggressive.png
Phoebad 69 The Lochs - Loch Seld  (20-18)  Aggressive.png
Phoebad 69 The Lochs - Loch Seld  (24-30)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Tall Mountain 69 The Lochs - Loch Seld  (21.9-25.2)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Tranquillityite 83 Mare Lamentorum - Sinus Lacrimarum  (10.4-31.3)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png

Additional actions may be used by specific Species or specific Mobs. See specific species/mob pages for additional actions.

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