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Beastiary Icon2.pngSin Eater Fool
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Sin Eater
Sin Eater Fool
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops
A type of Sin Eater that resembles Ferdiad's Fool.
Name Levels Zone Info
Forgiven Gossip 80 Lakeland  (x10,y25, x13,y10, x33,y12, x30,y36)  Aggressive.png
Forgiven Gossip 80 Kholusia  (x8,y29, x12,y15, x23,y15, x33,y32)  Aggressive.png
Forgiven Gossip 80 Amh Araeng  (x14,y32, x13.5,y12, x30.5,y10, x30,y25)  Aggressive.png
Forgiven Gossip 80 Il Mheg  (x6,y30, x32,y11, x25,y22, x24,y37)  Aggressive.png
Forgiven Gossip 80 The Rak'tika Greatwood  (x15,y36, x8,y22, x19,y22, x30,y13)  Aggressive.png
Forgiven Gossip 80 The Tempest  (x8,y7, x26,y9.5, x38,y14, x33.7,y30.1)  Aggressive.png

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