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(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Stellacluster Icon.png Cracked Stellacluster
(&000000000000001900000019) Cracked Planicluster Icon.png Cracked Planicluster

Once feared across the five seas, today sirens are but the stuff of legend, due in part to a thorough culling of the creatures some years past by the renowned pirate Mistbeard. Recent sightings of the seductive she-devils, however, once again have sea- and landsmen alike exchanging tales of sirens entrancing entire ship crews with their accursed songs, then feeding on their captives' souls until all that remain are lifeless husks.[1]
Name Levels Zone Info
Aglaope 80 Il Mheg  Aggressive.png
Ligeia The Sea of Clouds - The Gauntlet  (18.9-5.4)  Aggressive.png
Siren ?? Western La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra  Aggressive.png
Siren 50 Pharos Sirius (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Teles ?? Eureka Anemos - The Orchard  (25.6-27.4)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png

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