Category:Gold Saucer Active Time Events

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Gold Saucer Active Time Events, or GATEs, are audience-participatory events staged within the halls of the Gold Saucer. GATEs in progress will be indicated with a map icon. To participate in an event after it has been announced, seek out and speak with the GATE client nearby.
Name Reward
Air Force One 100-4000
Leap of Faith (Sylphstep) 100-4000
Leap of Faith (The Fall of Belah'dia) 100-4000
Leap of Faith (The Falling City of Nym) 100-4000
The Slice Is Right 1000-12000
Cliffhanger (El Coloso) 2000
Cliffhanger (Mt. Corel) 2000
Any Way the Wind Blows 7500

Removed GATEs:

Name Reward
The Time of My Life 2000
Skinchange We Can Believe In 3000
Vase Off 4000