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Name Level Description
Moko Grass Icon.png Moko Grass 1 A common grass found growing throughout Aldenard. From its stalks, hempen yarn is created.
Rye Icon.png Rye 2 A dark variety of rye grass commonly found growing in the higher elevations of Mor Dhona and Coerthas.
Lowland Grapes Icon.png Lowland Grapes 3 A semisweet variety of grape which has adapted to the volcanic soil abundant on Vylbrand.

EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)
Sunset Wheat Icon.png Sunset Wheat 4 A common variety of golden brown wheat eaten as a staple in many of Eorzea's city–states.
Garlean Garlic Icon.png Garlean Garlic 5 A pungent spice used to flavor many different varieties of dishes. It is also thought to ward off vampiric bats, but there is no evidence to substantiate that claim.
Grass Viper Icon.png Grass Viper 5 A deadly snake common in grasslands across Eorzea. Its venom is known to contain a potent bleeding poison.
Tree Toad Icon.png Tree Toad 5 A giant green toad found in nearly all of the lakes and swamps of Aldenard.
Wild Onion Icon.png Wild Onion 5 A pungent bulb vegetable native to the Near East.
Chanterelle Icon.png Chanterelle 7 An edible mushroom known for its leaf-like appearance as well as its fruit-like fragrance.
Buffalo Beans Icon.png Buffalo Beans 8 A common variety of green bean recognizable by its long thin pods. Buffalo are said to be fond of the beans, and have been known to eat entire crops if left unchecked.
Yellow Ginseng Icon.png Yellow Ginseng 8 A Far Eastern root used in various medicines.
Humus Icon.png Humus 9 Nutrient-rich soil consisting of decaying leaves.
Coerthan Carrot Icon.png Coerthan Carrot 9 A long orange root vegetable commonly grown in the rocky alpine soil of the Coerthas region.
Galago Mint Icon.png Galago Mint 10 A leafy herb with a crisp, fragrant aroma. It is often used in cooking and in teas, as well as for its essential oil.
Ogre Pumpkin Icon.png Ogre Pumpkin 10 A bright-orange squash which sweetens in flavor when cooked.
Lowland Grape Seeds Icon.png Lowland Grape Seeds 11 Lowland grape seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Lavender Icon.png Lavender 11 A fragrant purple flower found growing in coastal areas throughout Aldenard.
Paprika Seeds Icon.png Paprika Seeds 11 Paprika seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Ruby Tomato Icon.png Ruby Tomato 11 Though many botanists claim this tangy blood red specimen is more closely related to a fruit than a vegetable, it is widely accepted across Eorzea as the latter.
Cinderfoot Olive Icon.png Cinderfoot Olive 11 The seed of an olive tree, often preserved in brine or pressed to make oil.
Straw Icon.png Straw 11 Earless stalks of wheat.
Garlic Cloves Icon.png Garlic Cloves 11 Garlic cloves suitable for garden cultivation.
Cotton Boll Icon.png Cotton Boll 12 The fibrous flower of the cotton plant. Grown in abundance in the Black Shroud for Gridania's textile industry.
Black Pepper Icon.png Black Pepper 12 An aromatic spice used in cooking as well as pickling.
Carnation Icon.png Carnation 12 A beautiful red flower often planted in public gardens or picked and put on display in houses. Large plantations of carnations can be found in and around Gridania.
Lavender Seeds Icon.png Lavender Seeds 12 Lavender seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Wild Onion Set Icon.png Wild Onion Set 12 A wild onion set suitable for garden cultivation.
Olive Seeds Icon.png Olive Seeds 13 Olive seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Alpine Parsnip Icon.png Alpine Parsnip 13 A long white root vegetable indigenous to the mountainous region of Coerthas.
Cieldalaes Spinach Icon.png Cieldalaes Spinach 13 An iron-rich leafy vegetable native to the Cieldalaes.
La Noscean Lettuce Icon.png La Noscean Lettuce 13 A crisp leafy vegetable native to the plains of La Noscea.
La Noscean Lettuce Seeds Icon.png La Noscean Lettuce Seeds 13 La Noscean lettuce seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Highland Parsley Icon.png Highland Parsley 14 Oft used as a garnish in other dishes, this pungent vegetable grows in abundance in the mountainous region of upper La Noscea.
Black Pepper Seeds Icon.png Black Pepper Seeds 14 Black pepper seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Marjoram Icon.png Marjoram 15 A sweet-smelling herb used in cooking and in medicines.
Paprika Icon.png Paprika 15 A pepper which can be dried and ground to make a mild red spice. It is often used in medicines, as well as in cooking.
Lalafellin Lentil Icon.png Lalafellin Lentil 16 Thin round beans resembling tiny convex lenses. Thought to have been introduced to Eorzea by the realm's first Lalafellin settlers.
Belladonna Icon.png Belladonna 18 A beautiful flower common in Aldenard from which a potent sleeping poison can be extracted.
Popoto Icon.png Popoto 18 A starchy tuberous vegetable originally introduced to Eorzea by explorers from the distant western continent.
Popoto Set Icon.png Popoto Set 18 A popoto set suitable for garden cultivation.
Gil Bun Icon.png Gil Bun 19 This tiny round mushroom has a cap which resembles a coin, and is known for its rich flavor and pungent aroma.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Hemp Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Hemp 20 Since time immemorial, this robust plant has helped many a convicted criminal dance the hempen jig.

Used in level 20 crafting recipes.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Sesame Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Sesame 40 The sesame plant is robust enough to grow in even the most inhospitable environments, including those in which the botanists tasked with gathering said plant are incapable of surviving. As valuable as sesame is, most would agree it is not worth risking life and limb for, not that the skybuilders seem particularly bothered by this when making their requests...

Used in level 40 crafting recipes.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Cotton Boll Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Cotton Boll 40 A freshly picked cotton boll with the stem still attached is the perfect implement for cleaning one's ears, though it is likely that the skybuilders will notice if that same cotton boll is submitted to them after being used. They tend to object to that sort of thing.

Used in level 40 crafting recipes.
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