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Category:Harvesting Log/Levels 30-39

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Name Level Description
Yafaemi Wildgrass Icon.png Yafaemi Wildgrass 30 After gysahl greens, there's no other verdure a race chocobo would rather sink its beak into.
Moor Leech Icon.png Moor Leech 30 A bloodsucking leech. Used by barbers, chirurgeons, and chymists alike to drain the tainted humours from an ill patient.
Linseed Icon.png Linseed 31 Linseed suitable for garden cultivation.
Mandrake Icon.png Mandrake 31 The man-shaped root of a wild plant commonly found growing on Vylbrand.
Aloe Icon.png Aloe 31 A thick spiny-leaved cactus indigenous to the southern continent of Meracydia. The Miqo'te are known to treat severe burns with the cool gel-like substance found inside the leaves.
Midland Basil Seeds Icon.png Midland Basil Seeds 32 Midland basil seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Midland Basil Icon.png Midland Basil 32 A fragrant herb used to flavor various meat and poultry dishes.
Blood Currants Icon.png Blood Currants 32 A tart red berry found growing throughout the Black Shroud.

EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)
Flax Icon.png Flax 32 Commonly growing in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a linen yarn.
White Truffle Icon.png White Truffle 33 A rare white mushroom that grows in the soil, rather than above it, making the specimen almost impossible to locate. It is treasured as a delicacy for its unique aroma.
Mandrake Seeds Icon.png Mandrake Seeds 33 Mandrake seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Salt Leek Icon.png Salt Leek 34 A long, pungent, leafy vegetable that lacks a bulb like that of its cousin, the onion.
Bloodgrass Icon.png Bloodgrass 35 A bundle of dried bloodgrass stalks for use in thatching.
Laurel Icon.png Laurel 35 A savory spice made from the dried leaves of the laurel bush, or as it is known by some, the yanny bush.
Wildfowl Feather Icon.png Wildfowl Feather 35 The short brown tailfeather of a wildfowl.
Dragon Pepper Icon.png Dragon Pepper 35 A red-hot spice known to cause severe burns in the mouths of those who consume too many.
Blood Currant Seeds Icon.png Blood Currant Seeds 36 Blood currant seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Ramhorn Zucchini Icon.png Ramhorn Zucchini 37 This long, thin variety of squash earns its name from its resemblance to the horn of a mountain ram.
Maiden Artichoke Icon.png Maiden Artichoke 38 The leaf-like bud of an artichoke plant. Due to the roughness of its petals, only the fleshy lower portions can be consumed, as well as the center of the bud, commonly known as the “heart.”
Mugwort Icon.png Mugwort 38 The young leaves of the mugwort plant are used not only as a spice in cooking, but also as a curative agent in various unguents.
Desert Saffron Icon.png Desert Saffron 40 This spice made from the dried styles of the desert saffron flower gives a bright-yellow color to dishes.
Thyme Icon.png Thyme 40 A fragrant herb used to flavor various meat and poultry dishes.
 Harvesting Log/Levels 20-29 Harvesting Log/Levels 40-49