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Name Level Description
Timeworn Gaganaskin Map Icon.png Timeworn Gaganaskin Map 40 This bottle is holding what appears to be a timeworn gaganaskin map.

※Use the action Decipher to extract the map and examine its contents.
※Level 70 recommended.
Waterfowl Feather Icon.png Waterfowl Feather 70 Unlike those of tree-dwelling cloudkin, waterfowl feathers are exceptional at trapping in heat while keeping out water.
Shroud Tea Leaves Icon.png Shroud Tea Leaves 70 Picked from plants that grow wild in the Black Shroud, these leaves are extremely bitter and are not ideal for brewing tea.
La Noscean Leek Icon.png La Noscean Leek 70 A rare variety of leek, typically harvested young for a milder flavor.
Dark Matter Cluster Icon.png Dark Matter Cluster 70 This substance of unknown origin has the faculty to assimilate with other forms of matter, effectively restoring them to their original condition. Pieces this large are quite rare.
Young Cieldalaes Spinach Icon.png Young Cieldalaes Spinach 70 This bunch of Cieldalaes spinach has been picked young to reduce bitterness.
Rainbow Pigment Icon.png Rainbow Pigment 160 Extracted from natural sources, this colorful powder can be prepared to create an equally colorful dye.
Bitter Foxglove Icon.png Bitter Foxglove 160 A rare herb native to the Coerthas highlands. Poison extracted from its leaves is several times more deadly than that found in common foxgloves.
Mute Swan Feather Icon.png Mute Swan Feather 160 The long, glossy feather of a rare mute swan.
Seventh Heaven Icon.png Seventh Heaven 160 A rare flower that has an elemental aspect tipped severely in the direction of astral.
Vanilla Beans Icon.png Vanilla Beans 160 A sweet-smelling spice made from the dried pod of the rare vanilla plant. It is often used in the making confectionaries as well as medicines.
Snurbleberry Icon.png Snurbleberry 160 This sweet, yet tart red berry is covered in tiny soft hairs that can be removed by lightly rubbing the fruit between one's palms.
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)
Swordleaf Icon.png Swordleaf 160 This rare variety of wild grass native to the Dravanian forelands is characterized by long, serrated leaves which have been known to slice through hardened leather like it were butter.
Dravanian Paprika Icon.png Dravanian Paprika 160 A rare pepper that is more sweet than it is spicy.
Peaks Pigment Icon.png Peaks Pigment 180 Extracted from natural sources in the Gyr Abanian highlands, this clay-based substance can be dried and ground, then prepared with water and oil to create a colorful dye.
Whitefrost Cotton Boll Icon.png Whitefrost Cotton Boll 180 Despite their delicate appearance, the fibers of the whitefrost cotton flower are deceptively durable.
Cloud Cotton Boll Icon.png Cloud Cotton Boll 180 The cloud-like flower of a cotton plant native to the Diadem.
Yellow Kudzu Root Icon.png Yellow Kudzu Root 180 This variety of kudzu not only exhibits the curative properties of its more common cousin, it has been observed growing almost twice as fast. It has also been observed withering and dying twice as fast.
Lover's Laurel Icon.png Lover's Laurel 200 A highly fragrant variety of laurel named for the goddess of the moon, Menphina.
Frost Cotton Boll Icon.png Frost Cotton Boll 210 A soft and fluffy variety of cotton named for its resemblance to morning hoarfrost.
Rhalgr's Streak Icon.png Rhalgr's Streak 290 Also known as Rhalgr's staff, this long-leafed medicinal herb is native to the highlands of Gyr Abania.
Animal Trace Icon.png Animal Trace 290 Will this specimen yield a breakthrough in the search for the samiel? Only time and effort will tell...
Curly Parsley Icon.png Curly Parsley 390 This fancifully frilly parsley has an unobtrusive flavor that makes it perfect for use in otherwise bland dishes or as a garnish.
Blood Tomato Icon.png Blood Tomato 390 The slight acidity of this bright tomato is guaranteed to whet one's appetite, making it a longstanding favorite of tavern owners throughout Norvrandt.
Bright Flax Icon.png Bright Flax 390 This flowering plant, hardy enough to grow in harsh climes, has a stalk that can be used in the spinning of a naturally white yarn.
Purple Carrot Icon.png Purple Carrot 390 A dark purple root vegetable with a reddish stalk, differing somewhat in vitamin content from the orange carrot.
Garden Beet Icon.png Garden Beet 395 This common root vegetable doubles as a source of inexpensive sugar.
Broad Beans Icon.png Broad Beans 395 These large, spring green beans are easy to cultivate, and have served as a staple food for millenia.
Iridescent Cocoon Icon.png Iridescent Cocoon 395 This worm-spun cocoon reflects a rainbow's worth of colors in the light.
Upland Wheat Icon.png Upland Wheat 400 This staple grain was grown at high elevation.
Animal Droppings Icon.png Animal Droppings 400 “A steaming, fly-ridden pile of excrement is a veritable repository of knowledge.”
Peppermint Icon.png Peppermint 403 This refreshing herb is suitable for use in cooking, essential oils, and tea.
Pixie Floss Boll Icon.png Pixie Floss Boll 403 The brilliantly white flower of an unusual variety of cotton plant.
Ancient Animal Skin Icon.png Ancient Animal Skin 406 Shed by what is believed to be an ancient creature, this shred of skin may well shed light on the samiel.
Royal Grapes Icon.png Royal Grapes 406 The flavor of these cultivated grapes has been intensified using a special bacteria. Though unpleasant to eat whole, they are suitable for juicing and fermentation.
Creamtop Mushroom Icon.png Creamtop Mushroom 406 A bulbous white mushroom that grows wild in forests.
Megafauna Leftovers Icon.png Megafauna Leftovers 406 Whatever bit into this plant part can only be described as massive.
White Clay Icon.png White Clay 409 Crumbly balls of white clay added to soil to improve both moisture retention and drainage.
Sweet Alyssum Icon.png Sweet Alyssum 409 This plant that blooms with myriad tiny flowers smelling of honey.
Sweet Marjoram Icon.png Sweet Marjoram 409 An herb cultivated for both its medicinal uses and pleasant fragrance.
Russet Popoto Icon.png Russet Popoto 409 An easy-to-peel variety of popoto with thin skin and a high starch content.
Fernleaf Lavender Icon.png Fernleaf Lavender 412 A fragrant herb with notched leaves.
Bomba Rice Icon.png Bomba Rice 415 This short-grain rice is more absorbant than other varieties and does not clump together when cooked.
Coffee Beans Icon.png Coffee Beans 415 Beans that, with some effort, will become grounds suitable for brewing fragrant coffee.
Megafauna Trace Icon.png Megafauna Trace 415 The possibility cannot be denied: something massive this way came.
Dwarven Cotton Boll Icon.png Dwarven Cotton Boll 415 Flowers of the coincidentally short-stalked dwarven cotton plant are used by the people bearing the same name to create everything from undergarments to beards.
Lime Basil Icon.png Lime Basil 415 An herb that smells strongly of citrus.
Mist Spinach Icon.png Mist Spinach 415 A highly nutritious, deep-green vegetable.
Light Gerbera Icon.png Light Gerbera 418 A type of gerbera named for its bright white flowers.
Tiger Lily Icon.png Tiger Lily 418 A variety of tall-growing lily, the bulbs of which can be used in various medicines.
Bog Sage Icon.png Bog Sage 420 The azure flowers of this plant brighten the landscape when in bloom, but its true value is in its leaves.
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