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Name Level Description
Timeworn Zonureskin Map Icon.png Timeworn Zonureskin Map 40 This bottle holds a timeworn map classified as risk-reward grade 12 among treasure hunters.

※Use the action Decipher to extract the map and examine its contents.
※Level 80 full party (eight players) recommended.
Timeworn Gliderskin Map Icon.png Timeworn Gliderskin Map 40 This bottle holds a timeworn map classified as risk-reward grade 11 among treasure hunters.

※Use the action Decipher to extract the map and examine its contents.
※Level 80 recommended.
Rosemary Icon.png Rosemary 90 A savory herb treasured for its ability to enhance focus and concentration.
Old World Fig Seeds Icon.png Old World Fig Seeds 115 Old World fig seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Old World Fig Icon.png Old World Fig 115 A symbol of long life and femininity, this autumn fruit was originally brought from their homeland to Eorzea by the Sharlayans.

EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)
Bloodhemp Icon.png Bloodhemp 255 A common grass found growing throughout Othard. From its stalks, bloodhempen yarn is created.
Gyr Abanian Wheat Icon.png Gyr Abanian Wheat 255 A close cousin to highland wheat, Gyr Abanian wheat has been improved by Ala Mhigan farmers over generations to increase both flavor and yield.
Azim Cotton Boll Icon.png Azim Cotton Boll 300 The white of Azim cotton is so bright that some compare it to staring at the sun itself.
Hallowed Basil Icon.png Hallowed Basil 300 A herb with an aroma so heavenly, the gods themselves must have blessed it (or so say merchants who would see you buy their stock).
Splendid Nut Icon.png Splendid Nut 300 Nuts typically are not thought of as traps, but when they're this splendid─and packed with arcane energy─their uses expand exponentially.

※Only for use in Qitari tribal quests.
※Not included in the gathering log.
Splendid Hemp Icon.png Splendid Hemp 300 This hemp can be woven into splendid paper that can stand the test of time Qhoterl Pasol's masterpiece will have to endure.

※Only for use in Qitari tribal quests.
※Not included in the gathering log.
Rhea Icon.png Rhea 300 A variety of ramie better suited to the climes of Far Eastern Othard.
Airship Fitting Components Icon.png Airship Fitting Components 395 In the hands of an artisan, these bits and pieces gathered from around Amh Araeng will eventually become the decorations used to adorn Eulmore's fleet of airships. In fact, it took another sort of artisan to even find them in the first place, having been forced to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff in some of the desert's most perilous locations.
Bog Sage Icon.png Bog Sage 420 The azure flowers of this plant brighten the landscape when in bloom, but its true value is in its leaves.
Hannish Staple Icon.png Hannish Staple 430 A must-have for anyone looking to recreate Hannish culture.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Wheat Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Wheat 430 Ishgardian bakers organize a gathering known as a “wheat and greet,” in which they discuss a range of topics, such as the perfect method for wafting the smell of freshly baked bread into the streets to maximize profits.

Used in level 80 crafting recipes.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Tortoise Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Tortoise 430 Those who believe dogs are man's best friend have obviously never met a tortoise.

Used in level 80 crafting recipes.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Gossamer Cotton Boll Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Gossamer Cotton Boll 430 When it comes to cotton bolls, this is the sovereign of softness, the commandant of comfort, the liege lord of loveliness.

Used in level 80 crafting recipes.
Black Aethersand Icon.png Black Aethersand 430 This aetherially charged sand is a key ingredient in the preparation of glamour dispellers.

※Not included in the gathering log.
Rarefied Night Pepper Icon.png Rarefied Night Pepper 430 Guaranteed to make you sneeze. Just...aim it away from the cooking pot.

※For collectable submissions only.
Raw Sheep Fodder Icon.png Raw Sheep Fodder 495 Delightful fodder for happy sheep.
Cushion Care Package Materials Icon.png Cushion Care Package Materials 495 Simply by holding this miraculous substance in hand, you feel the lingering strain from collecting it fade from your fingers...
Aetheroconductive Feather Icon.png Aetheroconductive Feather 495 This aetheroconductive feather is destined to become the much-needed quill of a student lacking one.
Aetheroconductive Focus Materials Icon.png Aetheroconductive Focus Materials 495 A sack of rare materials essential in the crafting of aetheroconductive foci.
Rarefied Thavnairian Perilla Leaf Icon.png Rarefied Thavnairian Perilla Leaf 495 This herb's minty aroma is stronger than that of its perilla brethren, easily separating the Thavs from the Thav-nots.

※For collectable submissions only.
Feline Fascinators Icon.png Feline Fascinators 500 But a whiff of this plain material is liable to show any kitty cat a glimpse of kitty heaven.
Combustible Fuel Icon.png Combustible Fuel 500 This bundle of flammable material is one spark away from a roaring fire─for better or worse.
Mesmerizing Miniature Materials Icon.png Mesmerizing Miniature Materials 510 Everything a monster-lover requires to replicate the horrors of their dreams. Or nightmares, as it were.
Natural Ingredients Icon.png Natural Ingredients 510 The precise nature of these ingredients is unknown, but their addition to Voeburtite cuisine has undeniably delicious results.
Dark Hemp Icon.png Dark Hemp 515 Native to the islands of the north seas, the fibrous stem of this plant can be used to weave cloth.
Iceberg Lettuce Icon.png Iceberg Lettuce 520 A leafy, moisture-rich vegetable cultivated in Labyrinthos.
Crafters' Supplies Icon.png Crafters' Supplies 520 Material ideal for the construction of Voeburtite handicrafts, including (but not limited to) sheep paraphernalia.
Dark Rye Icon.png Dark Rye 520 A superlative grain cultivated over time to withstand disease and produce greater harvests.
Thavnairian Paprika Icon.png Thavnairian Paprika 525 A brightly colored pepper produced on the island of Thavnair.
Thavnairian Perilla Leaf Icon.png Thavnairian Perilla Leaf 525 An annual herb, grown on the island of Thavnair and known for its superb medicinal properties.
Energizing Eye-lixir Materials Icon.png Energizing Eye-lixir Materials 527 Powder that promises to relieve eyestrain once properly prepared. Applying directly to the eyeball is likely to exacerbate ocular discomfort and is highly discouraged.
Lovely Knickknacks Icon.png Lovely Knickknacks 527 An offering of whimsical miscellanea coveted by any pixie.
Eblan Lentils Icon.png Eblan Lentils 533 Legumes that grow well in cold climates.
Snow Flax Icon.png Snow Flax 533 Sourced from the northern reaches of Ilsabard.
Carrot of Happiness Icon.png Carrot of Happiness 533 A nutrient-rich vegetable beloved by Loporrits. Just one nibble is enough to inspire feelings of euphoria.
Beet Icon.png Beet 533 A Garlean root vegetable that boasts a deep red color from its stem to its bulb.
Cucumber Icon.png Cucumber 533 Garleans will often pickle this vine-grown fruit and then drink the juice as a hangover cure.
Ewer Clay Icon.png Ewer Clay 534 Clay said to have been used to craft Thaliak's very own ewer.
Lunar Staple Icon.png Lunar Staple 536 A must-have for anyone looking to recreate lunar culture.
Eternity Ring Material Icon.png Eternity Ring Material 536 Can be used to craft a beautiful ring in the right hands.
Sideritis Leaves Icon.png Sideritis Leaves 539 The tea produced from this plant is somewhat bitter but possesses incredible medicinal properties.
Scarlet Moko Grass Icon.png Scarlet Moko Grass 539 An ancient species of moko grass which can be used to weave cloth.
Giant Popoto Icon.png Giant Popoto 539 An alarmingly overgrown popoto suitable for raising hearty Lalafells. (Any Lalafells reading this may rest assured that this does not qualify as cannibalism.)
Researcher's Relaxation Kit Materials Icon.png Researcher's Relaxation Kit Materials 540 Relaxation implements of notable quality, sans the delightful box.
Elpis Staple Icon.png Elpis Staple 545 A must-have for anyone looking to recreate the culture of Elpis.
AR-Caean Cotton Boll Icon.png AR-Caean Cotton Boll 545 A rare variety of cotton which has been beloved as long as you can remember...which is not very long, given that your mind goes blank each time you attempt to recall its origins.
Rarefied Dark Rye Icon.png Rarefied Dark Rye 554 This hearty grain is a culinarian's delight─though much more so after the tiresome grinding step is complete.

※For collectable submissions only.
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