The Hunt is a system which offers rewards (aka bounties) for killing certain monsters across Eorzea. The rewards of Allied and Centurio Seals are obtained exclusively through The Hunt, and a number of items are exclusively obtainable via these seals.

In A Realm Reborn, the Hunt Boards are found at each Grand Company headquarters and can be accessed only after completing the applicable Let the Hunt Begin quest. For Heavensward, Hunt Boards are found in Foundation (at The Forgotten Knight) and the quest to unlock them is called Let the Clan Hunt Begin. For Stormblood, Hunt Boards are found in Kugane (outside the Shiokaze Hostelry) and the quest to unlock them is called One-star Veteran Clan Hunt.

Once accepted, Hunt "Bills" can be reviewed as Key Item in your Inventory.

Non-Elite Rank 1/2, Rank B, and One/Two/Three-star Clan Marks denote enemies commonly found in the wilds of Eorzea or as part of a specific F.A.T.E.. These marks can only be killed (generally solo) for their bounties after obtaining the mark bills from the Hunt board. Non-Elite and One-star Clan marks are refreshed daily, while B Marks are refreshed weekly.

A & S Elite Marks denote powerful enemies that only appear under certain conditions. A Ranks are typically able to be defeated by a single party, while S Ranks require multiple parties. In addition to the bounties listed on the Hunt board, elite marks will yield additional rewards. Players are free to pursue elite marks without procuring an elite mark bill from the Hunt board, but they will not be eligible for the bounties stated on the bill.

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