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Hunter-scholar are NPCs found in the main camp in each area with information about the hunts available in the area.

Name Location Coords
Alexondre Falcon's Nest 32-36
Aytienne The Forgotten Knight 12-11
Eustacia Saint Valeroyant's Forum 12-11
Fhilskaet Tailfeather 33.3-23.9
Hersande Shiokaze Hostelry 10.5-10.1
Hunter-scholar (Central Shroud) Bentbranch Meadows 22.4-22.4
Hunter-scholar (Central Thanalan) Black Brush Station 21.4-7.7
Hunter-scholar (Coerthas Central Highlands) Camp Dragonhead 26-18
Hunter-scholar (East Shroud) The Hawthorne Hut 17.8-27
Hunter-scholar (Eastern La Noscea) Costa del Sol 30.6-30.4
Hunter-scholar (Eastern Thanalan) Camp Drybone 14-24.1
Hunter-scholar (Lower La Noscea) Moraby Drydocks 24.4-34.8
Hunter-scholar (Middle La Noscea) Summerford Farms 25.7-16.1
Hunter-scholar (Mor Dhona) Revenant's Toll 21.5-7.9
Hunter-scholar (North Shroud) Hyrstmill 30.1-19.7
Hunter-scholar (Northern Thanalan) Ceruleum Processing Plant 20-20.7
Hunter-scholar (Outer La Noscea) Camp Overlook 19.4-16.7
Hunter-scholar (South Shroud) Camp Tranquil 17.5-27.5
Hunter-scholar (Southern Thanalan) Little Ala Mhigo 18.3-13.6
Hunter-scholar (Upper La Noscea) Camp Bronze Lake 29.8-23.1
Hunter-scholar (Western La Noscea) Aleport 26.9-26.3
Hunter-scholar (Western Thanalan) Horizon 22.3-16.6
Jaliqai Reunion 32.2-28.0
Noelle Camp Cloudtop 9.6-33.4
Wlveva Shiokaze Hostelry 10.6-10.3
Yayaneja Castrum Oriens (The Fringes) 8.8-11.7
Yloise Idyllshire 6.4-6.8