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Category:Independent Minion

Name Acquisition Patch
Abroader Otter (Minion) Icon.png Abroader Otter (Minion)
Subaquatic Voyage reward / The Bozjan Southern Front / Materiel Container 4.0 4.5

Accompaniment Node (Minion) Icon.png Accompaniment Node (Minion)
Do It for Gilly 3.0

Amaro Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Amaro Hatchling (Minion)
400x Bicolour Gemstone (The Crystarium) 5.4

Anima (Minion) Icon.png Anima (Minion)
Body and Soul Anima Relic Weapon Quest 3.5

Anteater (Minion) Icon.png Anteater (Minion)
400x Faux Leaf 5.5

Armadillo Bowler (Minion) Icon.png Armadillo Bowler (Minion)
Malikah's Well 5.0

Assassin Fry (Minion) Icon.png Assassin Fry (Minion)
Desynthesized from Ninja Betta. 2.4

Atrophied Atomos (Minion) Icon.png Atrophied Atomos (Minion)
Level 60★ Alchemist recipe 3.0

Attendee 777 (Minion) Icon.png Attendee 777 (Minion)
Bought for 7 Namazu Koban from Gyosho at Trusted (or higher) Tribe Reputation. 4.3

Aurelia Polyp (Minion) Icon.png Aurelia Polyp (Minion)
Deep-sea Site 3 Submarine Voyages 4.2

Axolotl Eft (Minion) Icon.png Axolotl Eft (Minion)
Possible reward from Waterside Exploration XXII (Fisher Venture), or Fishing Quick Exploration Venture 4.1

Baby Bat (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bat (Minion)
Purchasable for 2400 gil from Junkmonger Nonoroon at Poor Maid's Mill. His appearance is dependent on FATEs that occur in that area. 2.0

Baby Behemoth (Minion) Icon.png Baby Behemoth (Minion)
Collector's Edition bonus from Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.0

Baby Bun (Minion) Icon.png Baby Bun (Minion)
Complete the Lazy for You FATE with a gold rating. 2.0

Baby Gremlin (Minion) Icon.png Baby Gremlin (Minion)
Shadowbringers pre-order 4.5

Baby Opo-opo (Minion) Icon.png Baby Opo-opo (Minion)
Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)'s final boss. 2.2

Baby Raptor (Minion) Icon.png Baby Raptor (Minion)
Boughbury Trader for 2400 Gil Icon.png if Clearing the Hive has been won. 2.0

Bacon Bits (Minion) Icon.png Bacon Bits (Minion)
Level 80 Retainer Ventures 5.1

Beady Eye (Minion) Icon.png Beady Eye (Minion)
Received after paying for 90 days of subscription time. 2.0

Behemoth Heir (Minion) Icon.png Behemoth Heir (Minion)
400 Centurio Seals from Ardolain 3.0

Bite-sized Pudding (Minion) Icon.png Bite-sized Pudding (Minion)
Obtained from chests in The Wanderer's Palace 2.0

Bitty Duckbill (Minion) Icon.png Bitty Duckbill (Minion)
800x Sack of Nuts 5.0

Black Chocobo Chick (Minion) Icon.png Black Chocobo Chick (Minion)
Received after paying for 60 days of subscription time. 2.0

Black Coeurl (Minion) Icon.png Black Coeurl (Minion)
20,000 MGP from Gold Saucer Attendant (Prize Claim) 2.51

Black Hayate (Minion) Icon.png Black Hayate (Minion)
Dungeon: Holminster Switch 5.0

Blizzaria (Minion) Icon.png Blizzaria (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Blue-footed Booby (Minion) Icon.png Blue-footed Booby (Minion)
Waterside Exploration XXVIII 6.1

Bluebird (Minion) Icon.png Bluebird (Minion)
Peisteskin Treasure Maps, Dragonskin Treasure Maps, The Aquapolis, or from Bronze-trimmed Sacks (can be found in Palace of the Dead while doing floors 1-50.) 2.0

Bom Boko (Minion) Icon.png Bom Boko (Minion)
Field Exploration XX Retainer Venture 4.0

Bombfish (Minion) Icon.png Bombfish (Minion)
Rare drop from Shisui of the Violet Tides 4.0

Buffalo Calf (Minion) Icon.png Buffalo Calf (Minion)
Quest You're Gonna Carry That 2.1

Bullpup (Minion) Icon.png Bullpup (Minion)
Rarely from the final boss chest in Baelsar's Wall. 3.5

Byakko Cub (Minion) Icon.png Byakko Cub (Minion)
Level 70★★ Weaver recipe 4.2

Cactuar Cutting (Minion) Icon.png Cactuar Cutting (Minion)
Complete the quest Zombies Are People Too in Southern Thanalan 2.0

Caduceus (Minion) Icon.png Caduceus (Minion)
Dungeon: Ktisis Hyperboreia (Duty) 6.0

Calamari (Minion) Icon.png Calamari (Minion)
Rare drop from Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) 3.3

Capybara Pup (Minion) Icon.png Capybara Pup (Minion)
Rarely from the Patch 4.4 Treasure Map Dungeon, The Shifting Altars of Uznair 4.4

Castaway Chocobo Chick (Minion) Icon.png Castaway Chocobo Chick (Minion)
Fished from Fishing Log: North Isle of Endless Summer 4.0

Cerberpup (Minion) Icon.png Cerberpup (Minion)
1200 Skybuilders' Scrip 5.21

Chameleon (Minion) Icon.png Chameleon (Minion)
Dungeon: The Qitana Ravel 5.0

Cherry Bomb (Minion) Icon.png Cherry Bomb (Minion)
Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania. 2.0

Chewy (Minion) Icon.png Chewy (Minion)
Woodland Exploration XXVIII 6.1

Chigoe Larva (Minion) Icon.png Chigoe Larva (Minion)
Complete the Occupational Hazards quest, available from Yoenne in Quarrymill. 2.0

Chimpanzee (Minion) Icon.png Chimpanzee (Minion)
400x Faux Leaf 6.4

Chocobo Chick Courier (Minion) Icon.png Chocobo Chick Courier (Minion)
Heavensward Pre-order 3.0

Clionid Larva (Minion) Icon.png Clionid Larva (Minion)
Dungeon: Akadaemia Anyder 5.0

Coblyn Larva (Minion) Icon.png Coblyn Larva (Minion)
Unspoiled Deposit, level 46-50 Miner 2.0

Coeurl Kitten (Minion) Icon.png Coeurl Kitten (Minion)
Curiosity Killed the Coeurl quest in Aleport from Skribyld. 2.0

Conditional Virtue (Minion) Icon.png Conditional Virtue (Minion)
The Baldesion Arsenal 4.55

Continental Eye (Minion) Icon.png Continental Eye (Minion)
Past event: All Saints' Wake (2016) 3.4

Copycat Bulb (Minion) Icon.png Copycat Bulb (Minion)
Chance to receive from a Pagos Lockbox 4.36

Corgi (Minion) Icon.png Corgi (Minion)
400x Faux Leaf 6.3

Crabe De La Crabe (Minion) Icon.png Crabe De La Crabe (Minion)
Waterside Exploration XXVII 6.0

Damona (Minion) Icon.png Damona (Minion)
Yo-kai Watch (2020) event reward 5.3

Demon Box (Minion) Icon.png Demon Box (Minion)
Attendance of an Eternal Bonding Ceremony (Gold & Platinum tier) 2.45

Demon Brick (Minion) Icon.png Demon Brick (Minion)
Obtain from the first chest in Amdapor Keep 2.0

Dhalmel Calf (Minion) Icon.png Dhalmel Calf (Minion)
The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros 4.45

Dolphin Calf (Minion) Icon.png Dolphin Calf (Minion)
Achievement: Double-backwards Somersault 5.5

Domakin (Minion) Icon.png Domakin (Minion)
Level 80 Fishing Retainer Ventures 5.1

Doman Magpie (Minion) Icon.png Doman Magpie (Minion)
$5 USD from the Mog Station. 3.25

Drippy (Minion) Icon.png Drippy (Minion)
Dungeon: Matoya's Relict 5.4

Dust Bunny (Minion) Icon.png Dust Bunny (Minion)
Purchased from Auriana for Tomestones, or from Hatching-tide (2016) 2.0

Dwarf Rabbit (Minion) Icon.png Dwarf Rabbit (Minion)
The Aquapolis 3.3

Eggplant Knight (Minion) Icon.png Eggplant Knight (Minion)
Gardening 2.3

Enkidu (Minion) Icon.png Enkidu (Minion)
Battle in the Big Keep trial. 2.5

Exciting Dynamite (Minion) Icon.png Exciting Dynamite (Minion)
Treasure Dungeon: The Excitatron 6000 6.4

Faepup (Minion) Icon.png Faepup (Minion)
How Can I Help III (300 assists in The Feast) 3.5

Fenrir Pup (Minion) Icon.png Fenrir Pup (Minion)
Obtained at random from The Feast. 3.2

Findingway (Minion) Icon.png Findingway (Minion)
8x Loporrit Carat 6.35

Flag (Minion) Icon.png Flag (Minion)
Field Exploration XXVI & XXVII 6.0

Flame Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Flame Hatchling (Minion)
Purchased from the Flame Quartermaster for 20,000 Flame Seals. 2.0

Fledgling Apkallu (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Apkallu (Minion)
Completing all 80 A Realm Reborn Sightseeing Log Entries 2.0

Fledgling Dodo (Minion) Icon.png Fledgling Dodo (Minion)
Purchased from Auriana for Tomestones 2.0

Forgiven Hate (Minion) Icon.png Forgiven Hate (Minion)
Mt. Gulg 5.0

Fox Kit (Minion) Icon.png Fox Kit (Minion)
Purchased for 3x Sassho-seki Fragments from Eschina 4.0

Frilled Dragon (Minion) Icon.png Frilled Dragon (Minion)
10 Empyrean Potsherds from Confederate Custodian 4.35

Gaelikitten (Minion) Icon.png Gaelikitten (Minion)
Sohm Al Final Chest 3.0

Garlic Jester (Minion) Icon.png Garlic Jester (Minion)
Gardening 2.3

Gestahl (Minion) Icon.png Gestahl (Minion)
Waterside Exploration XVIII Fishing Retainer Venture 3.0

Ghido (Minion) Icon.png Ghido (Minion)
Rare drop from The Sirensong Sea 4.0

Giant Beaver (Minion) Icon.png Giant Beaver (Minion)
1x Dancing Wing from Dancing Plague 5.0

Gigantpole (Minion) Icon.png Gigantpole (Minion)
Rare fishing catch from The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan (28-25) with Topwater Frog. 2.0

Golden Beaver (Minion) Icon.png Golden Beaver (Minion)
Treasure Dungeon: The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah 5.4

Goobbue Sproutling (Minion) Icon.png Goobbue Sproutling (Minion)
Obtained from the Main Scenario Quest It Was a Very Good Year 2.0

Greener Gleaner (Minion) Icon.png Greener Gleaner (Minion)
Woodland Exploration XXVI, XXVII & XXVIII 6.0

Griffin Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Griffin Hatchling (Minion)
400 Centurio Seals from Ardolain 3.0

Gull (Minion) Icon.png Gull (Minion)
Achievement: Mine, Mine, Mine 5.5

Hecteye (Minion) Icon.png Hecteye (Minion)
3 Gelmorran Potsherds from E-Una-Kotor in Quarrymill 3.35

Hedgehoglet (Minion) Icon.png Hedgehoglet (Minion)
Canals/Altars of Uznair 4.5

Hellpup (Minion) Icon.png Hellpup (Minion)
Mama Said Knock You Out III (300 KO's in The Feast) 3.55a

Hippo Calf (Minion) Icon.png Hippo Calf (Minion)
Dungeon: Vanaspati 6.0

Hovernyan (Minion) Icon.png Hovernyan (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Hunting Hawk (Minion) Icon.png Hunting Hawk (Minion)
Ishgardian Restoration 3.1

Infant Imp (Minion) Icon.png Infant Imp (Minion)
Get a Gold Medal on Go, Go, Gorgimera. 2.0

Ivon Coeurlfist Doll (Minion) Icon.png Ivon Coeurlfist Doll (Minion)
Rare drop from The Temple of the Fist. 4.0

Jibanyan (Minion) Icon.png Jibanyan (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Kidragora (Minion) Icon.png Kidragora (Minion)
Gathered by level 46-50 Botanist 2.0

Koala Joey (Minion) Icon.png Koala Joey (Minion)
Woodland Exploration XXII Botanist Retainer Venture 4.1

Komajiro (Minion) Icon.png Komajiro (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Komasan (Minion) Icon.png Komasan (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Korpokkur Kid (Minion) Icon.png Korpokkur Kid (Minion)
Rarely from Saint Mocianne's Arboretum 3.1

Kuromaru (Minion) Icon.png Kuromaru (Minion)

Kyubi (Minion) Icon.png Kyubi (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Laladile (Minion) Icon.png Laladile (Minion)
Earn 50,000 skyward score points as DotH 5.21

Lesser Panda (Minion) Icon.png Lesser Panda (Minion)
The Aery Final Chest 3.0

Little Leannan (Minion) Icon.png Little Leannan (Minion)
Rarely from the Grand Cosmos 5.1

Little Yang (Minion) Icon.png Little Yang (Minion)
Shady Smock (2018) for 5x Pumpkin Cookie 4.4

Little Yin (Minion) Icon.png Little Yin (Minion)
Shady Smock (2018) for 5x Pumpkin Cookie 4.4

Littlefoot (Minion) Icon.png Littlefoot (Minion)
Woodland Exploration XIV-XVIII Retainer Venture 2.4

Lord Ananta (Minion) Icon.png Lord Ananta (Minion)
Yo-kai Watch (2020) event reward 5.3

Lord Enma (Minion) Icon.png Lord Enma (Minion)
Yo-kai Watch (2020) event reward 5.3

Lumini (Minion) Icon.png Lumini (Minion)
8x Omicron Omnitoken 6.25

Magic Broom (Minion) Icon.png Magic Broom (Minion)
Level 50★★★ Carpenter recipe 2.2

Malone (Minion) Icon.png Malone (Minion)
Earn 50,000 skyward score points as DotL 5.21

Mameshiba (Minion) Icon.png Mameshiba (Minion)
Highland Exploration XXII (Miner Venture) 4.1

Mandragora Queen (Minion) Icon.png Mandragora Queen (Minion)
Gardening 2.3

Manjimutt (Minion) Icon.png Manjimutt (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Meerkat (Minion) Icon.png Meerkat (Minion)
Submarine Deployments to specific areas 5.1

Micro Gigantender (Minion) Icon.png Micro Gigantender (Minion)
400x Bicolour Gemstone (Amh Araeng) 5.0

Midgardsormr (Minion) Icon.png Midgardsormr (Minion)
Automatically acquired during the Main Scenario Quest The Rising Chorus. 2.5

Mini Mole (Minion) Icon.png Mini Mole (Minion)
Reward for completing the Side-Story Quest "Thwack-a-Mole" from the Deputy Postmoogle at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. 2.0

Minute Mindflayer (Minion) Icon.png Minute Mindflayer (Minion)
18-Hour Retainer Ventures, or The Aquapolis. 2.2

Model Magitek Bit (Minion) Icon.png Model Magitek Bit (Minion)
Level 50★★★★ Blacksmith recipe 2.5

Monkey King (Minion) Icon.png Monkey King (Minion)
Rare drop from The Swallow's Compass (Duty). 4.3

Morbol Seedling (Minion) Icon.png Morbol Seedling (Minion)
Dungeon: The Aurum Vale (3rd chest) 2.0

Morpho (Minion) Icon.png Morpho (Minion)
The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) Final Chest 3.2

Mossasaurus (Minion) Icon.png Mossasaurus (Minion)
Score at least 10,000 points during a single ocean fishing 6.4

Much-coveted Mora (Minion) Icon.png Much-coveted Mora (Minion)
Achievement: On a Boat IV 5.4

Mudpie (Minion) Icon.png Mudpie (Minion)
Rare from from Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) 4.4

Mummy's Little Mummy (Minion) Icon.png Mummy's Little Mummy (Minion)
Rare reward from chest after last boss in The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) 2.4

Mystic Weapon (Minion) Icon.png Mystic Weapon (Minion)
Level 80 Retainer Ventures 5.1

Nagxian Cat (Minion) Icon.png Nagxian Cat (Minion)
800x Sack of Nuts 6.0

Namingway (Minion) Icon.png Namingway (Minion)
Libra Eorzea (Lore Book) Bonus Code 3.4

Naughty Nanka (Minion) Icon.png Naughty Nanka (Minion)
Hullbreaker Isle 2.3

Noko (Minion) Icon.png Noko (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Nosferatu (Minion) Icon.png Nosferatu (Minion)
Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle 6.01

Nutkin (Minion) Icon.png Nutkin (Minion)
Unhidden Treasure Map, or The Aquapolis 2.3

OMG (Minion) Icon.png OMG (Minion)
Alphascape V4.0 (and Savage) drop. 4.4

Odder Otter (Minion) Icon.png Odder Otter (Minion)
From Miner, Fisher, or Botanist Exploration Ventures (XIX-XXII) 4.0

Onion Prince (Minion) Icon.png Onion Prince (Minion)
Gardening 2.3

Owlet (Minion) Icon.png Owlet (Minion)
The Fractal Continuum Final Chest 3.0

Page 63 (Minion) Icon.png Page 63 (Minion)
The Great Gubal Library Final Chest 3.0

Paissa Brat (Minion) Icon.png Paissa Brat (Minion)
Dragonskin Treasure Map, The Aquapolis, or Bronze-trimmed Sacks from Palace of the Dead, Ishgardian Restoration 3.1

Paissa Patissier (Minion) Icon.png Paissa Patissier (Minion)
Kupo of Fortune 5.21

Paissa Threadpuller (Minion) Icon.png Paissa Threadpuller (Minion)
Kupo of Fortune 5.21

Palico (Minion) Icon.png Palico (Minion)
The New King on the Block MHW cross-over quest 4.36

Pegasus Colt (Minion) Icon.png Pegasus Colt (Minion)
800x Skybuilders' Scrip 3.55b

Penguin Prince (Minion) Icon.png Penguin Prince (Minion)
Achievement: The Road of Verminion I 3.1

Petit Pteranodon (Minion) Icon.png Petit Pteranodon (Minion)
Kupo of Fortune 5.31

Piggy (Minion) Icon.png Piggy (Minion)
30,000 MGP from Gold Saucer Attendant 3.3

Pink Bean (Minion) Icon.png NewPink Bean (Minion)

Poogie (Minion) Icon.png Poogie (Minion)
5x Scales from the Rathalos Scale Exchange shop 4.36

Poro Roggo (Minion) Icon.png Poro Roggo (Minion)
The Word of the Mother Main Scenario Quest 3.2

Posher Otter (Minion) Icon.png Posher Otter (Minion)
4,000x Seafarer's Cowrie from Island Sanctuary 6.4

Princely Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Princely Hatchling (Minion)
Achievement: Leaving a Good Impression II 2.0

Private Pachypodium (Minion) Icon.png Private Pachypodium (Minion)

Pterosquirrel (Minion) Icon.png Pterosquirrel (Minion)
400x Faux Leaf 6.2

Pudgy Puk (Minion) Icon.png Pudgy Puk (Minion)
Complete The Eyes Have It (FATE) with a Gold Medal rating. 2.0

Puffin (Minion) Icon.png Puffin (Minion)
Dungeon: The Aetherfont 6.4

Pumpkin Butler (Minion) Icon.png Pumpkin Butler (Minion)
Joining the Circus quest during All Saints' Wake (2015). 3.07

Repulu (Minion) Icon.png NewRepulu (Minion)

Road Sparrow (Minion) Icon.png Road Sparrow (Minion)
Rare drop from Bardam's Mettle. 4.0

Robonyan F-type (Minion) Icon.png Robonyan F-type (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Ryunosuke (Minion) Icon.png NewRyunosuke (Minion)

Salt and Pepper Seal (Minion) Icon.png Salt and Pepper Seal (Minion)
Dungeon: The Drowned City of Skalla 4.1

Sand Fox (Minion) Icon.png Sand Fox (Minion)
400x Faux Leaf 5.3

Scarlet Peacock (Minion) Icon.png Scarlet Peacock (Minion)
Level 70★★★★ Weaver recipe 4.4

Seitei (Minion) Icon.png Seitei (Minion)
Level 70★★★★ Weaver recipe / Zadnor / Materiel Container 4.0 4.5

Serpent Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Serpent Hatchling (Minion)
Purchased from the Serpent Quartermaster for 20,000 Serpent Seals. 2.0

Sewer Skink (Minion) Icon.png Sewer Skink (Minion)
Variant Dungeon: The Sil'dihn Subterrane 6.25

Shaggy Shoat (Minion) Icon.png Shaggy Shoat (Minion)
Rare drop from final chest in Xelphatol. 3.4

Shalloweye (Minion) Icon.png Shalloweye (Minion)
Achievement: A Load of Verminion II 3.1

Shiromaru (Minion) Icon.png Shiromaru (Minion)

Shogunyan (Minion) Icon.png Shogunyan (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Silver Dasher (Minion) Icon.png Silver Dasher (Minion)
Subaquatic Voyage reward 5.1

Sky Blue Back (Minion) Icon.png Sky Blue Back (Minion)
4,000x Seafarer's Cowrie 6.3

Slime Puddle (Minion) Icon.png Slime Puddle (Minion)
Dungeon: Copperbell Mines (Hard) 2.0

Smallshell (Minion) Icon.png Smallshell (Minion)
Complete It's Not Lupus with a gold medal rating 2.0

Sponge Silkie (Minion) Icon.png Sponge Silkie (Minion)
Variant Dungeon: The Sil'dihn Subterrane 6.25

Squirrel Emperor (Minion) Icon.png Squirrel Emperor (Minion)
Quest: Time to Shine, Mog Station 6.0

Starbird (Minion) Icon.png Starbird (Minion)
Dungeon: The Dead Ends 6.0

Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII (Minion) Icon.png Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII (Minion)
Level 60★ Armorer recipe 3.0

Storm Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Storm Hatchling (Minion)
Purchased from the Storm Quartermaster for 20,000 Storm Seals. 2.0

Suzusaurus (Minion) Icon.png Suzusaurus (Minion)
Subaquatic Voyage reward 6.3

Tender Lamb (Minion) Icon.png Tender Lamb (Minion)
Heavensturn (2015) Quest, or $5 USD from the Mog Station 2.45

Tengu Doll (Minion) Icon.png Tengu Doll (Minion)
Field Exploration XXII DoW/DoM Retainer Venture 4.1

The Behatted Serpent of Ronka (Minion) Icon.png The Behatted Serpent of Ronka (Minion)
8x Qitari Compliment (Rank 8) 5.1

The Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka (Minion) Icon.png The Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka (Minion)
8x Qitari Compliment 5.1

The Gold Whisker (Minion) Icon.png The Gold Whisker (Minion)
Treasure Dungeon: The Hidden Canals of Uznair 4.2

The Great Serpent of Ronka (Minion) Icon.png The Great Serpent of Ronka (Minion)
Ques: Protectors of the Wood 5.0

The Major-General (Minion) Icon.png The Major-General (Minion)
Score at least 5,000 points during a single ocean fishing voyage. 5.1

The Prince of Anemos (Minion) Icon.png The Prince of Anemos (Minion)
Occasional drop from The Shadow over Anemos in Eureka Anemos 4.25

Tight-beaked Parrot (Minion) Icon.png Tight-beaked Parrot (Minion)
Rare chest drop from the last boss in Sastasha (Hard) 2.4

Tiny Bulb (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Bulb (Minion)
Treasure Dungeon: The Aquapolis / Toadskin Treasure Map / Bronze-trimmed Sack / Materiel Container 3.0 2.0

Tiny Echevore (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Echevore (Minion)
Dohn Mheg 5.0

Tiny Rat (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Rat (Minion)
Purchased from Chachamun for 2,400 gil after successfully completing Attack on Highbridge: Act II. 2.0

Tiny Tapir (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tapir (Minion)
Field Exploration Retainer Venture (XIV-XIX) 2.3

Tiny Tatsunoko (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tatsunoko (Minion)
Spearfishing in the Ruby Sea 4.0

Tiny Tortoise (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Tortoise (Minion)
Use Northern Krill and fish from the The Salt Strand in Lower La Noscea. 2.0

Tiny Troll (Minion) Icon.png Tiny Troll (Minion)
Dungeon: The Aitiascope 6.0

Tomato King (Minion) Icon.png Tomato King (Minion)
Gardening 2.3

Tora-jiro (Minion) Icon.png Tora-jiro (Minion)
Bought for 800 Centurio Seals from Estrild or Leuekin. 4.0

Toy Alexander (Minion) Icon.png Toy Alexander (Minion)
Guaranteed drop from Alexander - The Soul of the Creator. 3.4

Treasure Box (Minion) Icon.png Treasure Box (Minion)
Grand Company Hunt vendor for 440 Allied Seal Icon.png Allied Seals 2.3

Trike (Minion) Icon.png Trike (Minion)
Kupo of Fortune 5.41

USApyon (Minion) Icon.png USApyon (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Ugly Duckling (Minion) Icon.png Ugly Duckling (Minion)
Neverreap Final Chest 3.0

Unicolt (Minion) Icon.png Unicolt (Minion)
The Vault Final Chest 3.0

Uolosapa (Minion) Icon.png NewUolosapa (Minion)

Venoct (Minion) Icon.png Venoct (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

Water Imp (Minion) Icon.png Water Imp (Minion)
10,000 MGP from Gold Saucer Attendant (Prize Claim) 2.51

Wayward Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Wayward Hatchling (Minion)
Purchased from Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa, Roarich in Ul'dah, or Maisenta in New Gridania. 2.0

Weatherproof Gaelicat (Minion) Icon.png Weatherproof Gaelicat (Minion)
Kupo of Fortune 5.31

Wee Ea (Minion) Icon.png Wee Ea (Minion)
500x Bicolor Gemstone 6.0

Whisper (Minion) Icon.png Whisper (Minion)
Bought for a varying amount of Yo-kai Medals during the Yo-kai Watch (2016) event. 3.35

White Whittret (Minion) Icon.png White Whittret (Minion)
Rare drop from the final chest in Hells' Lid 4.2

Wide-eyed Fawn (Minion) Icon.png Wide-eyed Fawn (Minion)
Purchased from Poetics Tomestone vendors 2.0

Wind-up Alpha (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Alpha (Minion)
To Kweh Under Distant Skies Chronicles of a New Era quest 4.4

Wind-up Bahamut (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Bahamut (Minion)
Obtained when you purchase the A REALM REBORN: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack from the Square Enix Store 2.2

Wind-up Bartz (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Bartz (Minion)
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Collector's Edition 4.0

Wind-up Brickman (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Brickman (Minion)
Past Event Quest: Breaking Brick Mountains 2.15

Wind-up Cheerleader (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Cheerleader (Minion)
15,000 Wolf Marks from Storm Sergeant (Materia Provisioner) 3.3

Wind-up Matanga (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Matanga (Minion)
Treasure Dungeon: The Hidden Canals of Uznair 4.1

Wind-up Namazu (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Namazu (Minion)
Rarely from Gazelleskin Treasure Maps. 4.05

Wind-up Odin (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Odin (Minion)
360-day Veteran Reward 2.2

Wind-up Yugiri (Minion) Icon.png Wind-up Yugiri (Minion)
The Rising (2015), or $5 USD from the Mogstation 3.05

Wolf Pup (Minion) Icon.png Wolf Pup (Minion)
Man's Best Friend quest in Aleport from Skribyld. 2.0

Yukinko Snowflake (Minion) Icon.png Yukinko Snowflake (Minion)
The Forbidden Land, Eureka Hydatos 4.55

Zazel (Minion) Icon.png Zazel (Minion)
Yo-kai Watch (2020) event reward 5.3

Zu Hatchling (Minion) Icon.png Zu Hatchling (Minion)
10,000 MGP from Gold Saucer Attendant (Prize Claim) 2.51

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