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Category:Lord of Verminion Challenge

A series of 24 Lord of Verminion Challenges which pit the player against NPCs. Completion of all 24 challenge rewards the Challenge Accepted achievement and the Clockwork Twintania minion.
Stage Name Enemies MGP
01 Tutorial KidragoraBaby Behemoth MGP Icon.png 150
02 Hatching a Plan Cherry BombMammet 001Wayward Hatchling MGP Icon.png 150
03 The First Move Tiny RatBaby BunChigoe Larva MGP Icon.png 150
04 Little Big Beast Goobbue Sproutling MGP Icon.png 150
05 Turning Tribes Wind-up SylphWind-up Amalj'aaWind-up IxalWind-up KoboldWind-up SahaginWind-up VioletWind-up FounderWind-up Dezul QualanWind-up KobolderWind-up Sea Devil MGP Icon.png 150
06 Off the Deepcroft Minute MindflayerSmallshellInfant Imp MGP Icon.png 150
07 Rivals Coeurl KittenBlack CoeurlWolf Pup MGP Icon.png 150
08 Always Darkest Wind-up Y'shtolaWind-up MinfiliaWind-up ThancredWind-up YdaWind-up PapalymoWind-up UriangerWind-up Tataru MGP Icon.png 150
09 Mine Your Minions Slime PuddleCoblyn LarvaDust Bunny MGP Icon.png 150
10 Children of Mandragora KidragoraOnion PrinceEggplant KnightGarlic JesterTomato KingMandragora Queen MGP Icon.png 200
11 The Queen and I Wind-up Leader (Kan-E-Senna)Wind-up Leader (Merlwyb)Wind-up Leader (Raubahn)Wind-up Nanamo MGP Icon.png 200
12 Breakout Demon BrickWind-up DullahanWind-up Succubus MGP Icon.png 200
13 My Name Is Cid Wind-up AirshipMiniature MinecartModel EnterpriseWind-up CidClockwork Barrow MGP Icon.png 200
14 Like a Nut Tiny BulbNutkin MGP Icon.png 200
15 Urth's Spout Wind-up Odin MGP Icon.png 200
16 Exodus Wayward HatchlingStorm HatchlingSerpent HatchlingFlame HatchlingPrincely HatchlingHeavy Hatchling MGP Icon.png 200
17 Over the Wall Dust BunnyHoary the SnowmanLittlefootWind-up Iceheart MGP Icon.png 200
18 The Hunt Mammet 003LGravel GolemBaby BatFledgling ApkalluGoobbue SproutlingSlime PuddleMinute MindflayerTight-beaked Parrot MGP Icon.png 250
19 Battle on the Bitty Bridge Wind-up GilgameshEnkidu MGP Icon.png 250
20 Guiding Light Minion of Light (Black Mage)Minion of Light (Warrior)Minion of Light (White Mage)Wind-up Onion KnightWind-up Firion MGP Icon.png 250
21 Wise Words Wind-up LouisoixWind-up AlphinaudWind-up Alisaie MGP Icon.png 250
22 World of Poor Lighting Cherry BombBaby BehemothWind-up DullahanBeady EyeWind-up SuccubusPuff of Darkness MGP Icon.png 350
23 The Binding Coil Clockwork TwintaniaAccompaniment NodeSlime PuddleGravel Golem MGP Icon.png 350
24 The Final Coil Wind-up BahamutClockwork Twintania MGP Icon.png 400