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Category:Lower La Noscea FATE

< Full Active Time Events

Name Level XP Gil Currency Rewards
Map65 Icon.png I Melt with You  &00000000000000030000003{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}I Melt with You Expicon.png240 Gil Icon.png6 Flame Seal Icon.png17
Map64 Icon.png You Call that a Toad  &00000000000000040000004{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}You Call that a Toad Expicon.png260 Gil Icon.png8 Flame Seal Icon.png23
Map64 Icon.png Fight the Flower  &00000000000000050000005{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Fight the Flower Expicon.png350 Gil Icon.png10 Flame Seal Icon.png28
Map64 Icon.png Caving In  &00000000000000070000007{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Caving In Expicon.png560 Gil Icon.png14 Flame Seal Icon.png40
Map64 Icon.png Man of the Flour  &00000000000000080000008{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Man of the Flour Expicon.png680 Gil Icon.png16 Flame Seal Icon.png46
Map64 Icon.png Enter Beastman Part of a FATE chain &000000000000000900000091/2Enter Beastman Expicon.png567 Gil Icon.png18 Flame Seal Icon.png51
Map65 Icon.png One Pickman Enters Part of a FATE chain &000000000000000900000092/2One Pickman Enters Expicon.png810 Gil Icon.png18 Flame Seal Icon.png51
Map65 Icon.png In the Name of Love  &000000000000001000000010{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}In the Name of Love Expicon.png855 Gil Icon.png20 Flame Seal Icon.png57
Map65 Icon.png Under the Bridge  &000000000000001000000010{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Under the Bridge Expicon.png855 Gil Icon.png20 Flame Seal Icon.png57
Map67 Icon.png Away in a Bilge Hold  &000000000000001100000011{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Away in a Bilge Hold Expicon.png1,000 Gil Icon.png22 Flame Seal Icon.png63
Map64 Icon.png Don't Drink the Water  &000000000000001200000012{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}Don't Drink the Water Expicon.png1,155 Gil Icon.png24 Flame Seal Icon.png69
Map65 Icon.png One Prince  &000000000000001300000013{{{Custom Fate_Chain}}}One Prince Expicon.png1,320 Gil Icon.png26 Flame Seal Icon.png74