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The Market Board is a traditional Auction House system through which items are put for sale using Retainers. Market boards are present in each of the three major City-States, Ishgard and the free company housing zones.


Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks
East Hawkers' Alley (8-11) & (7-11)
West Hawkers' Alley (5-12) & (6-12)
Ul'dah - The Steps of Thal
Sapphire Avenue Exchange (13-9), (14-10) & (14-11)
Old Gridania
Ebony Stalls (14-8)
Shaded Bower (14-9)
Rosewood Stalls (14-10)
Mist (,)
The Goblet (,)
Lavender Beds (,)
Ishgard - The Pillars
The Jeweled Crozier (8-10)

Buying Items[edit]

Players can buy items from the Market board by using the search window. All items posted on the Market are from real life players who are using their Retainers. Items commonly purchased from merchants(as well as obtained through loot) can be listed on the Market.

Market Board Search Window.jpg Once a player has activated the Market Board they will be shown this search window. Players can type in part, or whole names of a specific desired item in the top, or choose a category for which to search a multitude of items.
Market Board Different Location.jpg After a player has confirmed their search, they will be shown the Search Result window. This window is where the player can choose which item(s) to buy based on those posted by other players via their Retainer(s). Each item shown also has a yellow, red, black or purple symbol beside it, those each represent Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Ishgard respectively. Players using a Market Board NOT located in the same city as the symbol shown will be charged the tax of that city when buying the item displayed. The current taxed rates can be viewed at a Retainer Vocate in all three of the major City-States and Ishgard.
Market Board History Window.jpg
From the Search Results window the player may also choose either the 'History' or 'Advanced Search' options
  • History: This will show successfully sold items the same as the players search results. Including the date, time, who purchased, how many and for how much. This can also be used when listing items to sell on the market via your Retainer.
  • Advanced Search: This will allow the player to toggle 'Display only HQ items.' on or off, as well as the 'Materia Filter' on or off, with specifics to one - five materia affixed.
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