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Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
Aurelia 3-4  Passive.png
Cane Toad 24-22 2 Sticky Tongue Icon.png Sticky Tongue  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Cuachac 26-25 3  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Island Megalocrab 23-22 15  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Little Ladybug 1-4  Passive.png
Molting Megalocrab 23-22 5  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Mossless Goobbue 25-26, 23-23 12 Goobbue Fang Icon.png Goobbue Fang (???%)  Passive.png
Rivertoad 24-23 4 Animal Skin Icon.png Animal Skin (???%)Rivertoad Liver Icon.png Rivertoad Liver (100%)Only drops while on the appropriate quest  Passive.png
Wharf Rat 1-2 Animal Skin Icon.png Animal Skin (???%)  Passive.png
Wild Dodo 4-9 Animal Hide Icon.png Animal Hide (???%)Dodo Feather Icon.png Dodo Feather (???%)Dodo Tenderloin Icon.png Dodo Tenderloin (???%)  Passive.png

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