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Limsa Lominsa has long been known as a haven for brigands and bandits, and through the twilight of the Sixth Astral Era many pirate crews operated out of the city-state. However, when the Grand Companies were reforged in the year 1562 in order to meet the Garlean invasion and descent of Dalamud, Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn officially outlawed piracy and called for all citizens of Lominsa to unite under the banner of the Maelstrom against their enemies.

As part of this political movement, the three great pirate powers of the day were given leave to raid Garlean vessels under the Galadion Accord. After the Calamity at the Battle of Carteneau, the Accord eventually collapsed and is now considered a failure. To this day, many refuse to let go of Lominsa's roots, and many pirate crews continue to operate in varying degrees of accordance with the law.

The Far East also has its own pirate power, the Confederacy, which commands the Ruby Sea and enforces the extortive Ruby Tithe upon all who seek to cross it.

Active Crews

Defunct Crews

Other known names include the Salthounds and an unknown group led by a captain aboard the Stormcry.
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