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Player Versus Player (Commonly read as PvP) duties are events where players are not all fighting on the same side. Generally these are competitive events where the goal is for a player or team of players to get kills, complete an objective, or do something else before the opposing players accomplish the same goal. Unlike other quests or battles, the enemies you face here are other players, who will typically behave very differently from A.I. controlled monsters.

Name Min Level Unlock Quest
 Crystalline Conflict &000000000000003000000030Crystalline Conflict A Pup No Longer

Name Min Level Unlock Quest
Moogle Treasure Trove Icon.pngDuty roulette icon.png Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) &000000000000003000000030&0000000000000303000000303Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam)

Name Min Level Unlock Quest
 Astragalos &000000000000003000000030Astragalos Earning Your Wings
Moogle Treasure Trove Icon.png Hidden Gorge &000000000000003000000030Hidden Gorge Earning Your Wings

Name Min Level Unlock Quest
Moogle Treasure Trove Icon.pngDuty roulette icon.png Seal Rock (Seize) &000000000000003000000030&0000000000000301000000301Seal Rock (Seize) Like Civilized Men and Women
Moogle Treasure Trove Icon.pngDuty roulette icon.png The Fields of Glory (Shatter) &000000000000003000000030&0000000000000302000000302The Fields of Glory (Shatter) Like Civilized Men and Women

Name Min Level Unlock Quest
Duty roulette icon.png Borderland Ruins (Secure) &000000000000003000000030&0000000000000201000000201Borderland Ruins (Secure) Like Civilized Men and Women


PvP only takes place in special instanced areas and certain other designated locations. You can not become hostile towards other players outside of these areas. All PvP content requires a level 30 or higher Job of the Disciples of War or Magic.

PvP-Related Areas[edit]

PvP Duties[edit]

Rival Wings[edit]

Rival Wings pits two teams of 24 players against each other in an objective based PvP match featuring siege weaponry known as machina. Teams are broken down into 6 parties of four (each party is able to field a single machina at any given time). Astragalos, the first Rival Wings duty, features a large map with mechanics resembling those of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), in which the main objective is to destroy the core located in the other team's base. For detailed information, see the duty page above. One to four players can queue together as a single party. The Hidden Gorge is the second map for Rival Wings, with some additional wrinkles on the gameplay introduced in Astragalos.


Borderland Ruins (Slaughter) has been removed as of the Stormblood expansion.

Frontline is a large-scale, 3-way battle for domination. The battles generally feature a large open area where three teams of up to 24 players each compete for control of a vast wasteland with allagan technology lying about. There are four modes across three different areas, the Carteneau Flats (CF), Seal Rock (SR) or the Fields of Glory (FoG).

  • "Secure" (CF), where the goal is to be the first team to accumulate a set Tactical Rating score, which is earned from taking control points, defeating opponents, and killing special monsters. Added in Patch 2.3
  • "Seize" (SR), where teams compete to obtain valuable data from Allagan tomeliths which appear around the area. Added in Patch 3.05
  • "Shatter" (FoG), which is a bit of a hybrid of the other modes, where the goal is to earn points through controlling capture points like Secure, kills as in Slaughter, and by destroying Icebound Tomeliths.
  • On any given day, one of the three Frontline modes will be featured and only that mode will be available. At midnight (server time) the available battle will change, using the list of modes above in that order.
  • A Frontline Daily Challenge is also available which will earn you additional rewards the first time you queue for it each day.

Frontline also contains unique battle mechanics such as "Battle Highs" which reward kill streaks and unique game objectives for each mode.

Regardless of area and mode, Frontline is made to be accessible to all and has minimal requirements in order to facilitate party matching- players may even change jobs in their team's starting area.

Crystalline Conflict[edit]

TBA. See Crystalline Conflict


As you participate in PvP battles, you will earn regular Experience Points, PvP Experience and PvP Series Experience. When you earn enough PVP Experience your PvP Rank will increase and PvP Series Experience will increase your PvP Series Level. When you reach certain PvP milestones, you will unlock achievements, titles and rewards.

Wolf Marks earned from PvP participation can be used at the Wolves' Den Pier to obtain unique equipment and other items. Allagan Tomestones can also be obtained from each PvP duty.

Additionally, there is a selection of special mounts, titles, and gear that are earned from PvP-related achievements.

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