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Category:Quarrying Log/Levels 80-89

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Name Level Description
Timeworn Zonureskin Map Icon.png Timeworn Zonureskin Map 40 This bottle holds a timeworn map classified as risk-reward grade 12 among treasure hunters.

※Use the action Decipher to extract the map and examine its contents.
※Level 80 full party (eight players) recommended.
Timeworn Gliderskin Map Icon.png Timeworn Gliderskin Map 40 This bottle holds a timeworn map classified as risk-reward grade 11 among treasure hunters.

※Use the action Decipher to extract the map and examine its contents.
※Level 80 recommended.
Pumice Icon.png Pumice 80 Volcanic rock riddled with countless tiny holes which make the stone remarkably lighter than it appears. Parchment makers rub the pieces on vellum to prepare the pages for receiving ink.
Splendid Stone Icon.png Splendid Stone 300 Suffused with magical energy, this stone can be used to make a trap as deadly as it is splendid.

※Only for use in Qitari tribal quests.
※Not included in the gathering log.
Airship Fitting Components Icon.png Airship Fitting Components 395 In the hands of an artisan, these bits and pieces gathered from around Amh Araeng will eventually become the decorations used to adorn Eulmore's fleet of airships. In fact, it took another sort of artisan to even find them in the first place, having been forced to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff in some of the desert's most perilous locations.
Kholusian Miscellany Icon.png Kholusian Miscellany 400 While not everything included in this assortment of locally sourced materials could be considered valuable, the various items combine to convey the very essence of Kholusia. This could, however, be attributed to the pungent oceanic odor they all seem to share.
Shade Quartz Icon.png Shade Quartz 420 Several small pieces of dark unpolished quartz.
Hannish Staple Icon.png Hannish Staple 430 A must-have for anyone looking to recreate Hannish culture.
Black Aethersand Icon.png Black Aethersand 430 This aetherially charged sand is a key ingredient in the preparation of glamour dispellers.

※Not included in the gathering log.
Rarefied Manasilver Sand Icon.png Rarefied Manasilver Sand 430 The customer requesting this liquid-like sand was oddly specific about the number of grains in the handful.

※For collectable submissions only.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Bluespirit Ore Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Bluespirit Ore 430 Not only is this rock imbued with a spirit, but that spirit is feeling particularly blue. Perhaps being smashed repeatedly with a chisel will cheer it up.

Used in level 80 crafting recipes.
Grade 4 Skybuilders' Mineral Sand Icon.png Grade 4 Skybuilders' Mineral Sand 430 When the skybuilders were quizzed as to exactly what type of mineral comprises this sand, the reply was, “That information is on a need-to-know basis.” One would assume that those mining the stuff would need to know what they are supposed to be looking for, but the skybuilders move─and think─in mysterious ways.

Used in level 80 crafting recipes.
Ashen Alumen Icon.png Ashen Alumen 480 Unusually dark-hued alumen.
Purpure Shell Chip Icon.png Purpure Shell Chip 480 A shiny piece of Purpure carapace.
Raw Sheep Fodder Icon.png Raw Sheep Fodder 495 Delightful fodder for happy sheep.
Aetheroconductive Focus Materials Icon.png Aetheroconductive Focus Materials 495 A sack of rare materials essential in the crafting of aetheroconductive foci.
Aetheroconductive Mammet Materials Icon.png Aetheroconductive Mammet Materials 500 These aetheroconductive materials will make for highly responsive mammets, perfect for any aspiring mage's needs.
Combustible Fuel Icon.png Combustible Fuel 500 This bundle of flammable material is one spark away from a roaring fire─for better or worse.
Luncheon Coffer Materials Icon.png Luncheon Coffer Materials 500 This may be the most extravagant set of materials you have ever seen used to craft what is essentially a box for one's lunch.
Natural Ingredients Icon.png Natural Ingredients 510 The precise nature of these ingredients is unknown, but their addition to Voeburtite cuisine has undeniably delicious results.
High Durium Sand Icon.png High Durium Sand 515 Sand consisting of tiny grains of high durium.
Chloroschist Icon.png Chloroschist 520 A crystalline schist formed in low temperatures and under little pressure.
Crafters' Supplies Icon.png Crafters' Supplies 520 Material ideal for the construction of Voeburtite handicrafts, including (but not limited to) sheep paraphernalia.
Pewter Ore Icon.png Pewter Ore 525 Ore rich in pewter.
Garlean Staple Icon.png Garlean Staple 530 A must-have for anyone looking to recreate Garlean culture.
Phrygian Gold Ore Icon.png Phrygian Gold Ore 533 Ore rich in Phrygian gold.
Eblan Alumen Icon.png Eblan Alumen 533 An alumen sourced from the Eblan Rime.
Lunar Quartz Icon.png Lunar Quartz 534 A grey rock tinged with a ghostly green hue.
Eternity Ring Material Icon.png Eternity Ring Material 536 Can be used to craft a beautiful ring in the right hands.
Raw Blue Zircon Icon.png Raw Blue Zircon 539 An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be blue zircon.
Annite Icon.png Annite 539 A decent-sized chunk of rock made up of what appears to be thousands of thin sheets of dark grey crystal compacted together into a single mass.
Ambrosial Water Icon.png Ambrosial Water 539 Such fresh rainwater can only be collected on the highest of high isles in the sky.
Rarefied Phrygian Gold Ore Icon.png Rarefied Phrygian Gold Ore 540 Not everything that glitters is gold─sometimes it is much more valuable.

※For collectable submissions only.
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