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Relic Weapons are a generic term used for various high-level, job-specific weapons obtainable after completing a lengthy a series of quests. While not always the most powerful weapon available at a given time, Relic Weapons are still highly regarded and sought after, and are accompanied by lore related to the job.

Zodiac Weapons (2.0)

Eorzea has witnessed a resurgence of the old ways in recent days, as adventurers the realm over take up the ancient trades of warrior and dragoon, bard and black mage, and more. Now, it is the traditional weaponry of these old mantles that are sought, the means of their making long since lost to the ages. It would seem this longing for things past and old is not limited merely to the schools of war and magic...

The reformation of Eorzea’s Grand Companies was born of a longing in the hearts of the free peoples of Eorzea—a longing for the days of old and the peace they knew. It is a sentiment that has since spread to the realm’s adventurers, guiding them toward the rediscovery of trades from a former age that had all but died out. Small wonder, then, that those who have mastered these ancient ways of battle and sorcery now seek the weapons of eld which will enable them to realize the truest expression of their newfound powers. Thus have adventurers begun their quest for the relics.

A line of quests spanning A Realm Reborn through which players can obtain increasing more powerful job specific weapons, up to a maximum of iLevel 135.

See Category:Zodiac Weapon for the complete details.

Anima Weapons (3.0)

A line of quests spanning the Heavensward expansion, through which players can obtain increasing more powerful job specific weapons, up to a maximum of iLevel 275.

See Category:Anima Weapons for the complete details.

Eureka Weapons (4.0)

Category:Eureka Weapons

See Category:Eureka Weapons for the complete details.

Relic Weapons By Job

Job Expansion
Paladin Icon 3.png Paladin 2.0 Curtana Icon.png Curtana Curtana Zenith Icon.png Curtana Zenith Curtana Atma Icon.png Curtana Atma Curtana Animus Icon.png Curtana Animus Curtana Novus Icon.png Curtana Novus Curtana Nexus Icon.png Curtana Nexus Excalibur Icon.png Excalibur Excalibur Zeta Icon.png Excalibur Zeta
Holy Shield Icon.png Holy Shield Holy Shield Zenith Icon.png Holy Shield Zenith Holy Shield Atma Icon.png Holy Shield Atma Holy Shield Animus Icon.png Holy Shield Animus Holy Shield Novus Icon.png Holy Shield Novus Holy Shield Nexus Icon.png Holy Shield Nexus Aegis Shield Icon.png Aegis Shield Aegis Shield Zeta Icon.png Aegis Shield Zeta
3.0 Hauteclaire Icon.png Hauteclaire Hauteclaire Awoken Icon.png Hauteclaire Awoken Almace Icon.png Almace Hyperconductive Almace Icon.png Hyperconductive Almace Sword of the Twin Thegns Icon.png Sword of the Twin Thegns Sharpened Sword of the Twin Thegns Icon.png Sharpened Sword of the Twin Thegns Aettir Icon.png Aettir Aettir Lux Icon.png Aettir Lux
Prytwen Icon.png Prytwen Prytwen Awoken Icon.png Prytwen Awoken Ancile Icon.png Ancile Hyperconductive Ancile Icon.png Hyperconductive Ancile Shield of the Twin Thegns Icon.png Shield of the Twin Thegns Sharpened Shield of the Twin Thegns Icon.png Sharpened Shield of the Twin Thegns Priwen Icon.png Priwen Priwen Lux Icon.png Priwen Lux
Warrior Icon 3.png Warrior 2.0 Bravura Icon.png Bravura Bravura Zenith Icon.png Bravura Zenith Bravura Atma Icon.png Bravura Atma Bravura Animus Icon.png Bravura Animus Bravura Novus Icon.png Bravura Novus Bravura Nexus Icon.png Bravura Nexus Ragnarok Icon.png Ragnarok Ragnarok Zeta Icon.png Ragnarok Zeta
3.0 Parashu Icon.png Parashu Parashu Awoken Icon.png Parashu Awoken Ukonvasara Icon.png Ukonvasara Hyperconductive Ukonvasara Icon.png Hyperconductive Ukonvasara Axe of the Blood Emperor Icon.png Axe of the Blood Emperor Sharpened Axe of the Blood Emperor Icon.png Sharpened Axe of the Blood Emperor Minos Icon.png Minos Minos Lux Icon.png Minos Lux
Dark Knight Icon 3.png Dark Knight 2.0 -
3.0 Deathbringer Icon.png Deathbringer Deathbringer Awoken Icon.png Deathbringer Awoken Nothung Icon.png Nothung Hyperconductive Nothung Icon.png Hyperconductive Nothung Guillotine of the Tyrant Icon.png Guillotine of the Tyrant Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant Icon.png Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant Cronus Icon.png Cronus Cronus Lux Icon.png Cronus Lux
White Mage Icon 3.png White Mage 2.0 Thyrus Icon.png Thyrus Thyrus Zenith Icon.png Thyrus Zenith Thyrus Atma Icon.png Thyrus Atma Thyrus Animus Icon.png Thyrus Animus Thyrus Novus Icon.png Thyrus Novus Thyrus Nexus Icon.png Thyrus Nexus Nirvana Icon.png Nirvana Nirvana Zeta Icon.png Nirvana Zeta
3.0 Seraph Cane Icon.png Seraph Cane Seraph Cane Awoken Icon.png Seraph Cane Awoken Majestas Icon.png Majestas Hyperconductive Majestas Icon.png Hyperconductive Majestas Cane of the White Tsar Icon.png Cane of the White Tsar Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar Icon.png Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar Sindri Icon.png Sindri Sindri Lux Icon.png Sindri Lux
Scholar Icon 3.png Scholar 2.0 Omnilex Icon.png Omnilex Omnilex Zenith Icon.png Omnilex Zenith Omnilex Atma Icon.png Omnilex Atma Omnilex Animus Icon.png Omnilex Animus Omnilex Novus Icon.png Omnilex Novus Omnilex Nexus Icon.png Omnilex Nexus Last Resort Icon.png Last Resort Last Resort Zeta Icon.png Last Resort Zeta
3.0 Elements Icon.png Elements Elements Awoken Icon.png Elements Awoken Tetrabiblos Icon.png Tetrabiblos Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos Icon.png Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos Word of the Magnate Icon.png Word of the Magnate Sharpened Word of the Magnate Icon.png Sharpened Word of the Magnate Anabasis Icon.png Anabasis Anabasis Lux Icon.png Anabasis Lux
Astrologian Icon 3.png Astrologian 2.0 -
3.0 Atlas Icon.png Atlas Atlas Awoken Icon.png Atlas Awoken Deneb Icon.png Deneb Hyperconductive Deneb Icon.png Hyperconductive Deneb Sphere of the Last Heir Icon.png Sphere of the Last Heir Sharpened Sphere of the Last Heir Icon.png Sharpened Sphere of the Last Heir Canopus Icon.png Canopus Canopus Lux Icon.png Canopus Lux
Monk Icon 3.png Monk 2.0 Sphairai Icon.png Sphairai Sphairai Zenith Icon.png Sphairai Zenith Sphairai Atma Icon.png Sphairai Atma Sphairai Animus Icon.png Sphairai Animus Sphairai Novus Icon.png Sphairai Novus Sphairai Nexus Icon.png Sphairai Nexus Kaiser Knuckles Icon.png Kaiser Knuckles Kaiser Knuckles Zeta Icon.png Kaiser Knuckles Zeta
3.0 Rising Suns Icon.png Rising Suns Rising Suns Awoken Icon.png Rising Suns Awoken Verethragna Icon.png Verethragna Hyperconductive Verethragna Icon.png Hyperconductive Verethragna Sultan's Fists Icon.png Sultan's Fists Sharpened Sultan's Fists Icon.png Sharpened Sultan's Fists Nyepels Icon.png Nyepels Nyepels Lux Icon.png Nyepels Lux
Dragoon Icon 3.png Dragoon 2.0 Gae Bolg Icon.png Gae Bolg Gae Bolg Zenith Icon.png Gae Bolg Zenith Gae Bolg Atma Icon.png Gae Bolg Atma Gae Bolg Animus Icon.png Gae Bolg Animus Gae Bolg Novus Icon.png Gae Bolg Novus Gae Bolg Nexus Icon.png Gae Bolg Nexus Longinus Icon.png Longinus Longinus Zeta Icon.png Longinus Zeta
3.0 Brionac Icon.png Brionac Brionac Awoken Icon.png Brionac Awoken Rhongomiant Icon.png Rhongomiant Hyperconductive Rhongomiant Icon.png Hyperconductive Rhongomiant Trident of the Overlord Icon.png Trident of the Overlord Sharpened Trident of the Overlord Icon.png Sharpened Trident of the Overlord Areadbhar Icon.png Areadbhar Areadbhar Lux Icon.png Areadbhar Lux
Ninja Icon 3.png Ninja 2.0 Yoshimitsu Icon.png Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu Zenith Icon.png Yoshimitsu Zenith Yoshimitsu Atma Icon.png Yoshimitsu Atma Yoshimitsu Animus Icon.png Yoshimitsu Animus Yoshimitsu Novus Icon.png Yoshimitsu Novus Yoshimitsu Nexus Icon.png Yoshimitsu Nexus Sasuke's Blades Icon.png Sasuke's Blades Sasuke's Blades Zeta Icon.png Sasuke's Blades Zeta
3.0 Yukimitsu Icon.png Yukimitsu Yukimitsu Awoken Icon.png Yukimitsu Awoken Kannagi Icon.png Kannagi Hyperconductive Kannagi Icon.png Hyperconductive Kannagi Spurs of the Thorn Prince Icon.png Spurs of the Thorn Prince Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince Icon.png Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince Sandungs Icon.png Sandungs Sandungs Lux Icon.png Sandungs Lux
Samurai Icon 3.png Samurai 2.0 -
3.0 -
Bard Icon 3.png Bard 2.0 Artemis Bow Icon.png Artemis Bow Artemis Bow Zenith Icon.png Artemis Bow Zenith Artemis Bow Atma Icon.png Artemis Bow Atma Artemis Bow Animus Icon.png Artemis Bow Animus Artemis Bow Novus Icon.png Artemis Bow Novus Artemis Bow Nexus Icon.png Artemis Bow Nexus Yoichi Bow Icon.png Yoichi Bow Yoichi Bow Zeta Icon.png Yoichi Bow Zeta
3.0 Berimbau Icon.png Berimbau Berimbau Awoken Icon.png Berimbau Awoken Gandiva Icon.png Gandiva Hyperconductive Gandiva Icon.png Hyperconductive Gandiva Bow of the Autarch Icon.png Bow of the Autarch Sharpened Bow of the Autarch Icon.png Sharpened Bow of the Autarch Terpander Icon.png Terpander Terpander Lux Icon.png Terpander Lux
Machinist Icon 3.png Machinist 2.0 -
3.0 Ferdinand Icon.png Ferdinand Ferdinand Awoken Icon.png Ferdinand Awoken Armageddon Icon.png Armageddon Hyperconductive Armageddon Icon.png Hyperconductive Armageddon Flame of the Dynast Icon.png Flame of the Dynast Sharpened Flame of the Dynast Icon.png Sharpened Flame of the Dynast Deathlocke Icon.png Deathlocke Deathlocke Lux Icon.png Deathlocke Lux
Black Mage Icon 3.png Black Mage 2.0 Stardust Rod Icon.png Stardust Rod Stardust Rod Zenith Icon.png Stardust Rod Zenith Stardust Rod Atma Icon.png Stardust Rod Atma Stardust Rod Animus Icon.png Stardust Rod Animus Stardust Rod Novus Icon.png Stardust Rod Novus Stardust Rod Nexus Icon.png Stardust Rod Nexus Lilith Rod Icon.png Lilith Rod Lilith Rod Zeta Icon.png Lilith Rod Zeta
3.0 Lunaris Rod Icon.png Lunaris Rod Lunaris Rod Awoken Icon.png Lunaris Rod Awoken Hvergelmir Icon.png Hvergelmir Hyperconductive Hvergelmir Icon.png Hyperconductive Hvergelmir Rod of the Black Khan Icon.png Rod of the Black Khan Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan Icon.png Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan Kaladanda Icon.png Kaladanda Kaladanda Lux Icon.png Kaladanda Lux
Summoner Icon 3.png Summoner 2.0 The Veil of Wiyu Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu The Veil of Wiyu Zenith Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Zenith The Veil of Wiyu Atma Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Atma The Veil of Wiyu Animus Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Animus The Veil of Wiyu Novus Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Novus The Veil of Wiyu Nexus Icon.png The Veil of Wiyu Nexus Apocalypse Icon.png Apocalypse Apocalypse Zeta Icon.png Apocalypse Zeta
3.0 Almandal Icon.png Almandal Almandal Awoken Icon.png Almandal Awoken Draconomicon Icon.png Draconomicon Hyperconductive Draconomicon Icon.png Hyperconductive Draconomicon Book of the Mad Queen Icon.png Book of the Mad Queen Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen Icon.png Sharpened Book of the Mad Queen Mimesis Icon.png Mimesis Mimesis Lux Icon.png Mimesis Lux
Red Mage Icon 3.png Red Mage 2.0 -
3.0 -

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