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Coeurl Icon.pngJungle Coeurl
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Jungle Coeurl
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

Common Drops

(&0000000000000133000000133) Gil Icon.png Gil
(&000000000000003900000039) Animal Hide Icon.png Animal Hide
(&00000000000000060000006) Coeurl Skin Icon.png Coeurl Skin
(&00000000000000050000005) Coeurl Meat Icon.png Coeurl Meat

Name Levels Zone Info
Chopper 15 Western La Noscea  (12-10)  Aggressive.png
Dark Matter Coeurl 50 The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1 - Aetheroacoustic Exploratory Site  Aggressive.png
Deep Jungle Coeurl 32 Eastern La Noscea  (7-8)  Aggressive.png
Deep Jungle Coeurl 50 Eastern La Noscea  Aggressive.png
Jungle Coeurl 34 Eastern La Noscea - Raincatcher Gully  (17-28)  Aggressive.png
Reaver Coeurl 56 Western La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra  (16.3-34.6)  Aggressive.png
Sekhmet 34 Eastern La Noscea - Raincatcher Gully  (18-28)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Young Coeurl 34 Outer La Noscea - The Long Climb - The Floating City of Nym (16, 15)  Aggressive.png

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