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Category:Squadron Recruit

By completing categories in your challenge log you will occasionally attract new recruits to your squadron.

The appearance of potential recruits will be announced with an on-screen message, and their enlistment papers will be delivered to your desk inside the barracks.

You can also check if recruits are available by opening the Timers interface located under Duty in the main menu.

Visit the barracks and read the enlistment papers to decide which recruits you wish to add to your squadron.

You can decide if you wish to add a new recruit to your squadron after selecting the respective enlistment form.

Should your squadron roster already contain the maximum eight members, then you will need to discharge an existing member in order to enlist a new recruit.

Recruitment Conditions[edit]

Each category of the challenge log pertains to different recruits. When one applies for enlistment, their reason for enlistment corresponds to the type of challenge that was completed which caused them to apply.

Category Reason for Enlistment
Battles (Dungeons) I was inspired by your countless deeds of heroism.
Battles (Guildhests), Levequests, Grand Company To serve both my Grand Company and my fellow Eorzeans as bravely as you do.
PvP To challenge the limits of my abilities as you challenge yours.
FATE I wish to emulate your calm and resourcefulness in the face of chaos.
Crafting & Gathering (Crafting) I wish to serve under an officer whose hands can create as well as destroy.
Crafting & Gathering (Gathering), Treasure Hunt I would follow a commander who appreciates the blessings of nature.
Gold Saucer I wish to serve under an officer who can balance work and play.

Potential Recruits[edit]

Every time an entry is completed, there is a chance for a new recruit to apply to the squadron. This chance can be increased with the use of a Squadron Enlistment Manual.

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Alimahus Squadron.png Alimahus Crescent Cove Rogue Icon 3.png Rogue Battles (Dungeons), Gold Saucer
Dolfin Squadron.png Dolfin Onyx Lane Thaumaturge Icon 3.png Thaumaturge PvP
Hroch Squadron.png Hroch Sea of Spires Lancer Icon 3.png Lancer Battles (Guildhests), Levequests, Grand Company, Gold Saucer
Huebald Squadron.png Huebald Moraby Drydocks Marauder Icon 3.png Marauder PvP
Morel Squadron.png Morel Camp Tranquil Arcanist Icon 3.png Arcanist PvP

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Auelin Squadron.png Auelin Ceruleum Processing Plant Archer Icon 3.png Archer Crafting & Gathering (Crafting), Gold Saucer
Cecily Squadron.png Cecily The Lavender Beds Conjurer Icon 3.png Conjurer PvP
Chrysabel Squadron.png Chrysabel Lost Hope Pugilist Icon 3.png Pugilist PvP
Cilia Squadron.png Cilia Pearl Lane Thaumaturge Icon 3.png Thaumaturge Gold Saucer
Ellice Squadron.png Ellice The Goblet Gladiator Icon 3.png Gladiator Crafting & Gathering (Gathering), Treasure Hunt, Gold Saucer

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Delboisse Squadron.png Delboisse
Labonrit Squadron.png Labonrit
Meuliaire Squadron.png Meuliaire
Pagneul Squadron.png Pagneul
Teulzacq Squadron.png Teulzacq

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Ceaulie Squadron.png Ceaulie
Crilde Squadron.png Crilde
Jolaine Squadron.png Jolaine
Rivienne Squadron.png Rivienne
Sofine Squadron.png Sofine

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Mujen Polajen Squadron.png Mujen Polajen
Mumutano Squadron.png Mumutano
Nanasomi Squadron.png Nanasomi
Nunulupa Tatalupa Squadron.png Nunulupa Tatalupa
Seserikku Squadron.png Seserikku

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Kelmomo Squadron.png Kelmomo
Liliba Squadron.png Liliba
Sasashu Squadron.png Sasashu
Tewawa Squadron.png Tewawa
Totodi Squadron.png Totodi

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
B-benha Squadron.png B'benha Tia
D-fhul Tia Squadron.png D'fhul Tia
Gota-a Panipahr Squadron.png Gota'a Panipahr
Kehda-to Moui Squadron.png Kehda'to Moui
Ziuz-a Jakkya Squadron.png Ziuz'a Jakkya

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
E-ptolmi Squadron.png E'ptolmi
J-ludaba Squadron.png J'ludaba
Oah Nelhah Squadron.png Oah Nelhah
V-nbolo Squadron.png V'nbolo
Yehn Amariyo Squadron.png Yehn Amariyo

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Callous Steed Squadron.png Callous Steed
Gnawing Goat Squadron.png Gnawing Goat
Hastaloeya Squadron.png Hastaloeya
Raging Ox Squadron.png Raging Ox
Rhylharr Squadron.png Rhylharr

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Careless Whisper Squadron.png Careless Whisper
Fearless Fawn Squadron.png Fearless Fawn
Inghilswys Squadron.png Inghilswys
Koenbryda Squadron.png Koenbryda
Raelthota Squadron.png Raelthota

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Baien Squadron.png Baien
Begter Squadron.png Begter
Elchi Squadron.png Elchi
Raiden Squadron.png Raiden
Saiun Squadron.png Saiun

NPC Origin Default Class Unique Outfit Challenge Log
Awayuki Squadron.png Awayuki
Khorchi Squadron.png Khorchi
Kumokiri Squadron.png Kumokiri
Samga Squadron.png Samga
Toragana Squadron.png Toragana

Squadron Gear[edit]

As the NPCs level up, their gear changes automatically, with the exception of some recruits who have their own unique outfits (though they still change their weapon according to level like other recruits). Their gear is dependent on their current class. Because the special recruits do not change outfits when changing class, it is possible for some of them to wear gear that conflicts with their class (for example, Dolfin, who wears the caster-only Black Griffin Set).

Upon reaching level 51, a squadron member's gear can be glamoured manually by the player, with the same restrictions as the player character - gear must match the class, and be the same level or lower in order to be used as a glamour. Because conjurers and thaumaturges all use a two-handed weapon at this level, they cannot be glamoured with a one-handed weapon.

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