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A private armoire capable of holding some untradable items. Though use of the armoire is free, the following restrictions apply:
Only items in 100% condition can be stored.
Multiple items of the same name cannot be stored.
Stored items will have their spiritbond values reset to 0.
Hermes' Shoes cannot be stored for a fixed period (approx. one day, Earth time) following use.

The same storage is accessible from the armoires in all four city inns. For example, an item stored using the armoire at the Mizzenmast in Limsa Lominsa can be retrieved using the armoire at the Roost in Gridania. Artifact armor for Jobs, Seasonal Event items, Achievement rewards, and "Exclusive Extras" such as Veteran Rewards are the primary types of items that can be stored.

Gallant Coronet
Gallant Surcoat
Gallant Cuisses
Gallant Gauntlets
Gallant Sollerets
Temple Circlet
Temple Cyclas
Temple Gaskins
Temple Gloves
Temple Boots
Fighter's Burgeonet
Fighter's Cuirass
Fighter's Breeches
Fighter's Gauntlets
Fighter's Jackboots
Drachen Armet
Drachen Mail
Drachen Breeches
Drachen Gauntlets
Drachen Greaves
Choral Chapeau
Choral Shirt
Choral Tights
Choral Ringbands
Choral Sandals
Healer's Circlet
Healer's Robe
Healer's Culottes
Healer's Gloves
Healer's Boots
Wizard's Petasos
Wizard's Coat
Wizard's Tonban
Wizard's Gloves
Wizard's Crakows
Dragon Kabuto
Crimson Dragon Kabuto
Golden Dragon Kabuto
Black Dragon Kabuto
Paramour's Pendant
Platinum Paramour's Pendant
Band of Eternal Passion
Peach Blossoms
Pristine Egg Cap
Vibrant Egg Cap
Brilliant Egg Cap
Midnight Egg Cap
Chocobo Egg Cap
Pristine Egg Ring
Vibrant Egg Ring
Brilliant Egg Ring
Midnight Egg Ring
Chocobo Egg Ring
Red Summer Top
Green Summer Top
Blue Summer Top
Solar Summer Top
Lunar Summer Top
Red Summer Halter
Green Summer Halter
Blue Summer Halter
Solar Summer Halter
Lunar Summer Halter
Red Summer Trunks
Green Summer Trunks
Blue Summer Trunks
Solar Summer Trunks
Lunar Summer Trunks
Red Summer Tanga
Green Summer Tanga
Blue Summer Tanga
Solar Summer Tanga
Lunar Summer Tanga
Pumpkin Head
Unripened Pumpkin Head
White Pumpkin Head
Ripened Pumpkin Head
Reindeer Antlers
Reindeer Suit
Patriot's Choker
Lord's Yukata (Blue)
Lord's Yukata (Green)
Lord's Yukata (Grey)
Lady's Yukata (Red)
Lady's Yukata (Blue)
Lady's Yukata (Black)
Lord's Drawers (Black)
Lord's Drawers (White)
Lord's Drawers (Gold)
Lady's Knickers (Black)
Lady's Knickers (White)
Lady's Knickers (Gold)
Lord's Clogs
Lady's Clogs
Woolen Sugarloaf Hat (Red)
Star-spangled Subligar
Peregrine Helm
Scarf of Wondrous Wit
White Ravens
Butcher's Crown
Chronicler's Crown
Paragon's Crown
Gambler's Crown
Saw of the Luminary
Hammer of the Luminary
Mallet of the Luminary
Gavel of the Luminary
Knife of the Luminary
Needle of the Luminary
Alembic of the Luminary
Pan of the Luminary
Pick of the Luminary
Axe of the Luminary
Rod of the Luminary
Maelstrom Escutcheon
Immortal Flames Escutcheon
Twin Adder Escutcheon
Crimson Standard Earrings
Tipping Scales Earrings
Lily and Serpent Earrings
Crimson Standard Ring
Tipping Scales Ring
Lily and Serpent Ring
Chocobo Mask
Dalamud Horn
Evoker's Horn
Evoker's Doublet
Evoker's Waistclout
Evoker's Ringbands
Evoker's Thighboots
Scholar's Mortarboard
Scholar's Gown
Scholar's Culottes
Scholar's Gloves
Scholar's Boots
Moogle Cap
Helm of Light
Moogle Earrings
Cactuar Earring
Bomb Earring
Black Summer Top
Black Summer Trunks
Black Summer Halter
Black Summer Tanga
Ninja Hatsuburi
Ninja Chainmail
Ninja Hakama
Ninja Tekko
Ninja Kyahan
Garlond Goggles
Onion Helm
Asuran Armguards
Hermes' Shoes
Silver Snake Kabuto
Uma Kabuto
Crimson Uma Kabuto
Golden Uma Kabuto
Black Uma Kabuto
Summer Evening Top
Striped Summer Top
Summer Morning Halter
Striped Summer Halter
Summer Evening Trunks
Striped Summer Trunks
Summer Morning Tanga
Striped Summer Tanga
The Howling Spirit
The Wailing Spirit
Paragon's Gown
Warlord's Crown
Partisan's Crown
Master Gladiator's Ring
Master Pugilist's Ring
Master Marauder's Ring
Master Lancer's Ring
Master Archer's Ring
Master Conjurer's Ring
Master Thaumaturge's Ring
Master Arcanist's Ring
Master Carpenter's Ring
Master Blacksmith's Ring
Master Armorer's Ring
Master Goldsmith's Ring
Master Leatherworker's Ring
Master Weaver's Ring
Master Alchemist's Ring
Master Culinarian's Ring
Master Miner's Ring
Master Botanist's Ring
Master Fisher's Ring
Crimson Standard Bracelet
Lily and Serpent Bracelet
Tipping Scales Bracelet
Chocobo Suit
Halcyon Rod
Blazefire Saber
Vega Knuckles
l'Cie Bardiche
Bladed Lance
Binding Rod
Mog's Staff
Grimoire Wing
Bohemian's Coat
Bohemian's Gloves
Bohemian's Trousers
Bohemian's Boots
Guardian Corps Coat
Guardian Corps Gauntlets
Guardian Corps Skirt
Guardian Corps Boots
Thug's Mug
Snowman Head
Snowman Suit
Snowman Mitts
Valentione Hat
Valentione Apron
Valentione Apron Dress
Valentione Mitts
Valentione Trousers
Valentione Skirt
Valentione Pattens
Lord's Yukata (Blackflame)
Lord's Yukata (Whiteflame)
Lord's Yukata (Blueflame)
Lady's Yukata (Redfly)
Lady's Yukata (Bluefly)
Lady's Yukata (Pinkfly)
Eerie Hat
Eerie Robe
Eerie Tights
Eerie Crakows
Pumpkin Earrings
The Best Gown Ever
Ironworks Fishing Rod
Master Rogue's Ring
Hitsuji Kabuto
Black Hitsuji Kabuto
Crimson Hitsuji Kabuto
White Hitsuji Kabuto
Starlight Sugarloaf Hat
Starlight Tunic
Starlight Tights
Starlight Boots
False Mustache
Southern Seas Vest
Southern Seas Swimsuit
Southern Seas Trunks
Southern Seas Tanga
Striped Southern Seas Vest
Striped Southern Seas Swimsuit
Baron Helm
Baron Circlet
Baron Earrings
Wild Rose Bandana
Wild Rose Cuirass
Wild Rose Armguards
Wild Rose Breeches
Wild Rose Boots
Field Commander's Helm
Field Commander's Coat
Field Commander's Gloves
Field Commander's Slops
Field Commander's Boots
Slime Earrings
Goblin Cap
Dodo Earring
King Slime Crown
Fat Chocobo Head
Strife Vest
Strife Gloves
Strife Bags
Strife Boots
Peach Blossom Choker
Egg Earrings
Midnight Egg Earrings
Brilliant Egg Earrings
Vibrant Egg Earrings
Racing Chocobo Mask
Witch's Hat
Witch's Coatee
Witch's Gloves
Witch's Thighboots
Amatsu Hachigane
Amatsu Togi
Amatsu Tekko
Amatsu Haidate
Amatsu Sune-ate
Reindeer Antler Headband
Reindeer Gloves
Reindeer Hooves
Saint's Beard
Saint's Cap
See No Helm
Speak No Helm
Hear No Helm
Black-feathered Flat Hat
Red-feathered Flat Hat
Platinum Paramour's Earrings
Paramour's Earrings
Lord's Suikan
Lady's Suikan
Little Lord's Clogs
Little Lady's Clogs
Goobbue Earring
Tantalus Vest
Tantalus Cuffs
Tantalus Breeches
Tantalus Boots
Expeditioner's Flyers
Whisker of the Brave Cat
Ears of the Moon Rabbit
Paw of the Crimson Cat
Spear of the Spark Serpent
Bow of the White Wisp
Twintails of the Flame Fox
Fang of the Fearless Cat
Musket of the Metal Cat
Cane of the Shrine Guardian
Staff of the Snow Maiden
Book of the Eerie Mutt
Codex of the Shrine Guardian
Globe of the Lucky Snake
Buckler of the Legendary Cat
Yo-kai Watch
Legacy Warrior Coronet
Legacy Warrior Mail
Legacy Warrior Armguards
Legacy Warrior Breeches
Legacy Warrior Sabatons
Hatchling Earring
Dragon Monocle
Starlight Robe
Vampire's Vest
Red Tori Kabuto
Black Tori Kabuto
Leonhart Jacket
Leonhart Gloves
Leonhart Bottoms
Leonhart Boots
Songbird Hat
Songbird Jacket
Songbird Gloves
Songbird Skirt
Songbird Boots
Royal Seneschal's Chapeau
Royal Seneschal's Coat
Royal Seneschal's Fingerless Gloves
Royal Seneschal's Breeches
Royal Seneschal's Boots
Chicken Knife
Ala Mhigan Earrings
Faire Joi
Faire Kohakama
Faire Zori
Werewolf Head
Werewolf Body
Werewolf Arms
Werewolf Bottoms
Werewolf Feet
Werewolf Legs
White Inu Kabuto
Black Inu Kabuto
Inoshishi Kabuto
Crimson Inoshishi Kabuto
Inferno Mask
Crag Mask
Housemaid's Brim
Housemaid's Apron Dress
Housemaid's Wristdresses
Housemaid's Bloomers
Housemaid's Pumps
Butler's Monocle
Butler's Jacket
Butler's Gloves
Butler's Slacks
Butler's Gaiters
Eastern Journey Battle Staff
Eastern Journey Circlet
Eastern Journey Jacket
Eastern Journey Armlets
Eastern Journey Bottoms
Eastern Journey Shoes
Cait Sith Ears
Moogle Head
Moogle Body
Moogle Arms
Moogle Buns
Moogle Legs
Abes Jacket
Abes Gloves
Abes Halfslops
Abes Boots
High Summoner's Dress
High Summoner's Armlets
High Summoner's Boots
Endless Summer Glasses
Endless Summer Top
Endless Summer Bottom
Endless Summer Sandals
Choir Hat
Choir Robe
Choir Shoes
Crimson Nezumi Kabuto
Cobalt Nezumi Kabuto
Matoya's Hat
Aetheryte Earring
Lucian Prince's Jacket
Lucian Prince's Fingerless Glove
Lucian Prince's Bottoms
Lucian Prince's Boots
Flower Crown
Spriggan Jacket
Spriggan Bottoms
Spriggan Boots
Gigas Greatsword
Tonberry Knife
Moonfire Hachimaki
White Painted Moogle Mask
Black Painted Moogle Mask
Painted Namazu Mask
White Moonfire Happi
Red Moonfire Happi
Black Moonfire Happi
Moonfire Tabi

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