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There are 4 Heavensward Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&00000000000030010000003,00150Coming to IshgardMainquest1 Icon.pngComing to Ishgard (Level &000000000000005000000050)

Alphinaud - Intercessory (x:6.1, y:6.1)

Expicon.png96,000Gil Icon.png799
&00000000000000030000003.0&00000000000030010000003,001&000000000000005000000050Coming to Ishgard
&00000000000031030000003,10360For Those We Can Yet SaveMainquest1 Icon.pngFor Those We Can Yet Save (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Aymeric - Coerthas Central Highlands (x:18.7, y:15.3)

Expicon.png16,740Gil Icon.png1,087
Optional Items
Augmented Hailstorm Cane
Augmented Hailstorm Codex
Augmented Hailstorm Astrometer
Augmented Hailstorm Rapier
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
&00000000000000032000003.2&00000000000031030000003,103&000000000000006000000060For Those We Can Yet Save
&00000000000031080000003,10860An End to the SongMainquest1 Icon.pngAn End to the Song (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Aymeric - The Churning Mists - Four Arms (x:7.5, y:26.8)

Expicon.png16,740Gil Icon.png5,000
&00000000000000032999993.3&00000000000031080000003,108&000000000000006000000060An End to the Song
&00000000000031090000003,10960Heroes of the HourMainquest1 Icon.pngHeroes of the Hour (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Alphinaud - Foundation - The Arc of the Worthy (x:11.4, y:13.3)

Expicon.png16,740Gil Icon.png583
&00000000000000032999993.3&00000000000031090000003,109&000000000000006000000060Heroes of the Hour

There are 2 Job Quest quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&00000000000000160000001660Rise of the MachinistsSidequest1 Icon.pngRise of the Machinists (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Stephanivien - Foundation - Skysteel Manufactory (x:8.2, y:10.2)

Expicon.png167,400Gil Icon.png1,656
Guaranteed Items
Heated Slug Shot
Machinist's Armor Coffer
&00000000000000030000003.0&000000000000001600000016&000000000000006000000060Rise of the Machinists
&00000000000000190000001958Destruction in the Name of JusticeSidequest1 Icon.pngDestruction in the Name of Justice (Level &000000000000005800000058)

Lalai - Ul'dah - Steps of Thal - Milvaneth Sacrarium (x:13, y:13.5)

Expicon.png81,600Gil Icon.png2,208
Guaranteed Items
Blizzard IV
&00000000000000030000003.0&000000000000001900000019&000000000000005800000058Destruction in the Name of Justice

There are 1 Sidequest quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Quest Number}}}57A Full Stomach and Happy HeartSidequest1 Icon.pngA Full Stomach and Happy Heart (Level &000000000000005700000057)

Ermiance - Foundation - The Holy Stables (x:8.7, y:11.9)

Expicon.png38,400Gil Icon.png502
Guaranteed Items
Dhalmel Fricassee

Optional Items
Beef Stew
Bacon Broth
&00000000000000030000003.0&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Quest Number}}}&000000000000005700000057A Full Stomach and Happy Heart

There are 1 Side Story Quest quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&0000000000000008000000860Finding UlaaSidequest1 Icon.pngFinding Ulaa (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Briardien - The Pillars - Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral (x:8.8, y:7.9)

Gil Icon.png713
&00000000000000033999993.4&00000000000000080000008&000000000000006000000060Finding Ulaa

There are 1 Side Story Quests quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&000000000006926300000069,26360Shadow of an Icy PastSidequest1 Icon.pngShadow of an Icy Past (Level &000000000000006000000060)

Noalle - The Firmament (x:11.1, y:14.5)

Expicon.png83,700Gil Icon.png843
&00000000000000052099995.21&000000000006926300000069,263&000000000000006000000060Shadow of an Icy Past