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Category:The Lochs Quest Monster

<< The Lochs Quest

Name X-Y Levels Drops Info
12th Legion Gunship 18-30 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
12th Legion Hoplomachus 33-32 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
12th Legion Vanguard 22-32 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Ferae Domitae Bow-wolf 60  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Ferae Domitae Bow-wolf 31-18 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Ferae Domitae Spear-wolf 60  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Ferae Domitae Spear-wolf 31-18 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Soblyn 18.3-33.2 66 Rock Salt Icon.png Rock Salt (x1-3)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Soblyn 69  Aggressive.pngQuestinvolvementicon.png
Soblyn 12.5-23.1 69 Rock Salt Icon.png Rock Salt (x1-3)  Aggressive.png

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