Category:The Ox'Dalan Gap Quest

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There are 5 Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Bearing With It &000000000000007500000075 Y'shtola Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
In Good Faith &000000000000007500000075 Urianger Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Look to the Stars &000000000000007500000075 Almet Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
The Burden of Knowledge &000000000000007500000075 Almet Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Top of the Tree &000000000000007500000075 Cymet Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

There are 26 Sidequests quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
A Recipe for Trouble &000000000000007000000070 Ciuille Sidequests
Out on One's Own &000000000000007000000070 Stern Sentinel Sidequests
Talk of the Town &000000000000007000000070 Taina Sidequests
Suit Up &000000000000007000000070 Haimet Sidequests
Stand on Ceremony &000000000000007000000070 Lanille Sidequests
Seeing Eye to Eye &000000000000007000000070 Lanille Sidequests
Rock Solid &000000000000007000000070 Hasty Hunter Sidequests
Reach for the Stars &000000000000007000000070 Loymet Sidequests
Proving Your Worth &000000000000007000000070 Light-hearted Hunter Sidequests
Protectors of the Wood &000000000000007000000070 Phyna Sidequests
Paying Respects &000000000000007000000070 Tilmet Sidequests
Out on Patrol &000000000000007000000070 Olmet Sidequests
One Last Bite &000000000000007000000070 Subdued Sentinel Sidequests
A Sight Unseen &000000000000007000000070 Lighthearted Hunter Sidequests
Not Unfamiliar &000000000000007000000070 Unassuming Townsviis Sidequests
Mending Fences &000000000000007000000070 Lanille Sidequests
Just the Two of Us &000000000000007000000070 Timid Townsviis Sidequests
In Pursuit of Knowledge &000000000000007000000070 Korille Sidequests
Hearts as One &000000000000007000000070 Ciuna Sidequests
Hand-me-downs &000000000000007000000070 Hasty Hunter Sidequests
Down Feathers &000000000000007000000070 Watchful Hunter Sidequests
Delivery Time &000000000000007000000070 Flustered Sentinel Sidequests
Blessings of the Wood &000000000000007000000070 Lanille Sidequests
Back Where it Belongs &000000000000007000000070 Nymet Sidequests
A Test of Strength &000000000000007000000070 Taina Sidequests
Thoughts and Prayers &000000000000007000000070 Humble Shaman Sidequests