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There are 50 Sidequest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Beastly Bandits &000000000000006000000060 Leaning Ent Sidequest
Home Comforts &000000000000006000000060 Gelen Sidequest
Dark Water &000000000000006000000060 Ansger Sidequest
An Honest Day's Work &000000000000006000000060 Hidden Hearth Sidequest
Midge Madness &000000000000006000000060 Hungry Hyur Sidequest
Bears over Flowers &000000000000006000000060 Panicked Man Sidequest
Rat Bandits &000000000000006100000061 Luckless Merchant Sidequest
Spooky Stones &000000000000006100000061 Swetelove Sidequest
The Sound of the Quarry &000000000000006100000061 Sayer Sidequest
Of Rats and Men &000000000000006100000061 Gerbert Sidequest
Saint Sayer &000000000000006100000061 Raganfrid Sidequest
As Stubborn as Stone &000000000000006100000061 Sayer Sidequest
Out of Sight (Quest) &000000000000006800000068 Brazen Brook Sidequest
Soup's On &000000000000006800000068 Guntmar Sidequest
Live Off the Land &000000000000006800000068 Emory Sidequest
Picking Up the Slack &000000000000006800000068 Hele Sidequest
Like a Charm &000000000000006800000068 Lonesome Lass Sidequest
Jhammel and Hide &000000000000006800000068 Godafre Sidequest
Public Opinion &000000000000006800000068 Baut Sidequest
A Hunger for Trade &000000000000006800000068 Ponderous Porter Sidequest
Radiata Stores &000000000000006800000068 Godafre Sidequest
Shimmer in the Scales &000000000000006800000068 Garrulous Gall Sidequest
What's Mine is Mine &000000000000006800000068 Zuzudesu Sidequest
Give Them the Evil Eye &000000000000006800000068 Mawt Sidequest
Foper Faux Pas &000000000000006800000068 Hruodiger Sidequest
Runs in the Family &000000000000006800000068 J'nairoh Sidequest
Explosive Profits &000000000000006800000068 Dob Sidequest
Eau de Muud &000000000000006800000068 Rahu Sidequest
Dragged Through the Mud &000000000000006800000068 Baut Sidequest
Critical Moss &000000000000006800000068 Oggery Sidequest
Bottoms Up &000000000000006800000068 Weidheri Sidequest
Those Boys of Mine &000000000000006800000068 Well-meaning Mother Sidequest
Back to Business &000000000000006800000068 Gerbod Sidequest
A Special Treat &000000000000006800000068 Weidheri Sidequest
A Sister's Ambition &000000000000006800000068 J'nairoh Sidequest
Undeserved Praise &000000000000006800000068 Odo Sidequest
Strange Tastes &000000000000006800000068 Guntmar Sidequest
The Qiqirn Strikes Back &000000000000006900000069 Kindly Qiqirn Sidequest
A Friend on the Other Side &000000000000006900000069 Dainty Damsel Sidequest
Religious Freedom &000000000000006900000069 Gerbert Sidequest
Pest Problem &000000000000006900000069 Raganher Sidequest
Her Only Son &000000000000006900000069 Golden-locked Lieutenant Sidequest
Helping a Friend &000000000000006900000069 Sagar Sidequest
Finding Family &000000000000006900000069 Berehta Sidequest
Family First &000000000000006900000069 Papin Sidequest
Closing Up Shop &000000000000006900000069 Sagar Sidequest
Climbing for Atonement &000000000000006900000069 Able Ant Sidequest
Boots Made For Walking &000000000000006900000069 Rawkin Sidequest
A Parting Gift &000000000000006900000069 Sagar Sidequest
His Last Words &000000000000006900000069 Berehta Sidequest

There are 2 Stormblood Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Level Starter Type
Death by a Thousand Rocks &000000000000006000000060 Angry Coeurl Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Hard Country &000000000000006000000060 Griseldis Stormblood Main Scenario Quest