The Raven

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Though not seen in-game, new pieces of lore are often delivered, via The Lodestone, in the form of articles from Eorzea's various newspapers. The Raven is published in Gridania and most commonly deals with issues that arise in, or directly affect, The Black Shroud.


Gridania's leading tabloid, The Raven prides itself on its fleet-footed troupe of correspondents who travel far and wide to cover news as it happens. Driven by a tenet of timely tidings, it issues extra editions with uncommon regularity. Known to pull no punches in its reporting, The Raven has earned a reputation for delivering all angles of the story to readers.

Article Issue
Storm over Gridania 0.1
Toto-Rak Investigation Team Feared Lost 1
A Tempest of Testimonies &00000000000000011000001.1
Twin Adder in a Tangle &00000000000000020000002
The Goobbue Tamer &00000000000000021000002.1
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing &00000000000000022000002.2
Light of the Future &00000000000000030000003
Moogle Myth Made Manifest &00000000000000040000004
Dalamud Nigh &00000000000000050000005
'Neath Garuda's Shadow &00000000000000060000006
Coerthas Pummeled &00000000000000070000007
Imperial Concerns &00000000000000070999997.1
Dalamud Approaches &00000000000000072000007.2
Aetheryte Camps Under Siege &00000000000000072999997.3
Atomos Identified &00000000000000074000007.4
Unquiet Atomos &00000000000000075000007.5
Alliance Takes the Offensive &00000000000000080000008
Garlean Movements &00000000000000080999998.1
Rising Panic &00000000000000081999998.2
United in Prayer &00000000000000090000009
Goodbye, and Good Luck &00000000000000090999999.1