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Men are wont to suffer
And forget wherein they've sinned
Ne'er hearkening back on tragedies past
Lest the Twelve might humble them
Thralls are they to sadness
As were their bygone kin
With bonds of woe athwart their breasts
And that which dwells within
Yet loved they are withal
No thoughts to wrath portend
For men are treasured by the Twelve
Whose mercy knows no end
— Unknown

The Twelve are a pantheon of deities revered by the majority of Eorzea's populace. They are said to have ruled the continent and its surrounding islands until the arrival of wandering tribes. Impressed by the resilience of the primitive settlers, each of the Twelve mercifully saw fit to ensure their welfare.

Each deity is strongly associated with certain particulars, such as locations, races, behavioral traits, times of the year, and abstract concepts. These associations are explored in-depth on each of The Twelve's individual pages, and the most useful collectives are below.

Halone Menphina Thaliak Nymeia Llymlaen Oschon
HaloneMenphinaThaliakNymeiaLlymlaenOschonByregotRhalgrAzeymaNald'thalNophicaAlthykThe Twelve.png
Byregot Rhalgr Azeyma Nald'thal Nophica Althyk

Titles and Elements[edit]

Elemental associations are the basis for many Eorzean systems, and this is especially evident in the pantheon. Each of the six elements is represented by two deities, one aligned with the astral polarity and the other with the umbral. Each element is also represented by one male and one female, with the exception of the middle-astral (lightning) and middle-umbral (ice) poles of the wheel, which are represented by two men and two women, respectively. As in most concepts associated with elements, the cycle starts at ice and rotates clockwise back unto itself. Polarities have been assumed due to the way that cycle is reflected in the measurement of time, specifically the moons of the year.

Astral Umbral
Ice Icon.png Halone, the Fury Menphina, the Lover
Water Icon.png Thaliak, the Scholar Nymeia, the Spinner
Wind Icon.png Llymlaen, the Navigator Oschon, the Wanderer
Lightning Icon.png Byregot, the Builder Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Fire Element Icon (1.X).png Azeyma, the Warden Nald'thal, the Traders
Earth Icon.png Nophica, the Matron Althyk, the Keeper


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It was stated in the Pre-live Report that Eorzea was heavily based on the ancient city-states of Greece when facing invasion from the Persian Empire. The Twelve are thus analogous in some ways to the Olympians of the Greek Pantheon. To be clear, though, in-game, the Empire in question is based on the Roman empire, not the Persian.

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