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This page is a list of officially recognized (i.e. canon) named groups in the game—political factions, merchant organizations, militias, and more—under the loose category of Organizations. Some of these groups are loyal to a certain nation while some are loyal to a certain individual, and still others simply share a common goal.

Name Affiliation
Adarkim Tribe Xaela
Adventurers' Guild Eorzea
Ala Mhigan Resistance Ala Mhigo
Alacran Ul'dah
Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern Ul'dah
Archons Sharlayan
Ashcrown Consortium Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa
Ashgana's Exporters Ul'dah
Auspices Othard
Azeyma's Shields Eorzea
Baert Trading Company Ul'dah
Bibliothec Sharlayan
Black Market
Black Rabbit Traders Gridania
Bloody Executioners Pirate
Brass Blades Ul'dah
Brotherhood of the Broken Blade Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa
Brugaire Consortium Limsa Lominsa
Buduga Tribe Xaela
Children of the Everlasting Dark Rak’tika Greatwood
Circle of Knowing Sharlayan
Clan Centurio Ishgard
Clan Nutsy Crystarium
Coeurlclaw Poachers Poacher
Company of Heroes Limsa Lominsa
Corpse Brigade Ala Mhigo
Crania Lupi Garlemald
Crystal Braves Eorzea
Darklight Raiders Ala Mhigo
Dotharl Tribe Xaela
Dravanian Horde Dravania
East Aldenard Trading Company Ul'dah
Eorzean Alliance Eorzea
Garlond Ironworks Eorzea
Gleaners' Guildship Sharlayan
Gods' Quiver Gridania
Gogg Dwarf
Hearers Gridania
Heavens' Ward Ishgard
Highwind Skyways Ul'dah
Hippo Riders Thavnair
Holy Knights Ishgard
Hotgo Tribe Xaela
House Durendaire Ishgard
House Dzemael Ishgard
House Fortemps Ishgard
House Haillenarte Ishgard
House of Commons Ishgard
House of Lords Ishgard
Imperial Court Garlemald
Ishgardian Orthodox Church Ishgard
Jolly Raptor Ul'dah
Knights Twelve Ishgard
Knights of the Barracuda Limsa Lominsa
Kojin of the Blue Kojin
Kojin of the Red Kojin
Koshu Onmyoji (Organization) Hingan
Kraken's Arms Pirate
Lambs of Dalamud Gridania
Lente's Tears Dalmasca
M Tribe Seekers of the Sun
Magitek Academy Garlemald
Majestic Imperial Theater Company Garlemald
Manderville & Manderville Ul'dah
Mirage Trust Ul'dah
Mol Tribe Xaela
Monetarists Ul'dah
NOAH Eorzea
Order of Nald'thal Ul'dah
Order of the Knights Dragoon Ishgard
Oronir Tribe Xaela
Path of the Twelve Eorzea
Pirate Limsa Lominsa
Poachers Black Shroud
Qalyana Ananta
Qestir Tribe Xaela
Redbelly Wasps Bandit
Royalists Ul'dah
Ruveydah Fibers (Organization) Radz-at-Han
Salthounds Pirate
Sanguine Sirens Pirate
Scions of the Seventh Dawn Eorzea
Seedseer Council Gridania
Seedseers Gridania
Sekiseigumi Kugane
Serpent Reavers Pirate
Seventy-seven Caravans Ul'dah
Shazenkai (Organization) Doma
Singing Bows Fanow
Sons of Saint Coinach Sharlayan
Stone Torches Ul'dah
Students of Baldesion Sharlayan
Sultansworn Ul'dah
Syndicate Ul'dah
Temple Knights Ishgard
The Brotherhood of Ash Amalj'aa
The Confederacy Pirate
The Continental Circus Eorzea
The Crushing Tide (Organization)
The Divan Ul'dah
The Divine Circle Othard
The Dreaming Ways Mare Lamentorum
The Ecclesia Sharlayan
The Fist of Rhalgr Ala Mhigo
The Forum Sharlayan
The Holtwatch Gridania
The Homunculi
The Horn and Hand Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa
The League of Lost Bastards Pirate
The Redbills Pirate
The Senate Garlemald
The Silver Griffins Ala Mhigo
The Songbirds
Tholl Dwarf
Trappers' League Gridania
Twelve Archons Eorzea
U Tribe Seekers of the Sun
Upright Thieves Limsa Lominsa
Uyagir Tribe Xaela
VIIth Imperial Legion Garlemald
Vath Gnath
Velodyna Gatekeepers Ananta
Vira Ananta
Warring Triad Meracydia
Wawalago's Pullers Limsa Lominsa
Whalaqee New World
Wood Wailers Gridania
XIIth Imperial Legion Garlemald
XIVth Imperial Legion Garlemald
Yellowjackets Limsa Lominsa
Zer'maat Five Eorzea

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