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There are 1 Chronicles of a New Era quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&00000000000000150000001550Fear and Odin in the ShroudSidequest1 Icon.pngFear and Odin in the Shroud (Level &000000000000005000000050)

Scarlet - New Gridania - Adders' Nest (x:10, y:11.5)

Gil Icon.png2,908
&00000000000000025000002.5&000000000000001500000015&000000000000005000000050Fear and Odin in the Shroud

There are 1 Main Scenario Quest quests in this location.

Name Rewards Patch
&000000000000022900000022950The Least among UsMainquest1 Icon.pngThe Least among Us (Level &000000000000005000000050)

Unsettled Scholar - South Shroud - Lower Paths - Camp Tranquil (x:17.3, y:28.7)

Expicon.png4,800Gil Icon.png930
Optional Items
Durability Draught
Durability Draught
Spiritbond Potion
Spiritbond Potion
Allagan Silver Piece
&00000000000000025499992.55&0000000000000229000000229&000000000000005000000050The Least among Us

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