Chocobokeep (Swiftperch)

NPC Icon.pngChocobokeep (Swiftperch)

Zone(s): Western La Noscea - Quarterstone - Swiftperch (34-31)
Affiliation: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Chocobokeep

Well met, traveler! Might I interest you in a chocobo porter?

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Additional Dialogue
Hire a chocobo porter.
Limsa Lominsa. (2 minutes/15gil)
Aleport. (1 minute/15gil)
Learn about chocobo porters.
Not enough gil to pay that bloody aetheryte teleportation fee? Or perhaps you simply want to ride in peace, not having to worry about fumbling through your maps or dodging bloodthirsty beasts.
Then a chocobo porter is exactly what you need! Our birds will carry you quickly and safely to one of many convenient destinations for merely a small handful of coin. We only ask that you observe two simple rules:
Firstly, should you dismount while en route, you will not be allowed to remount. The chocobo will continue on to his destination, leaving you to fend for yourself.
Secondly, through each stop has a full list of accessible destinations, we will only authorize travel to those which you have visited at least once before.
This is to ensure that, on the off chance that one of our birds becomes disoriented and loses its way, you will be able to guide him back on course.
Rest assured, however, this has never happened once in our many years of service.
Our birds are trained to travel only specified courses, and never deviate from them. They have also been bred for speed, and will avoid outside threats to the best of their ability.
In fact, we are so certain of their capacity to deliver you unharmed to your final destination that, should you be attacked while riding a chocobo porter, we will refund your rental fee in full.
Allow me to show you to your bird. Right this way, milord.
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