Close Encounters of the VIth Kind

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 59   Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png172,800 Gil Icon.png994
Guaranteed Rewards
Aether Current
Informationicon.png Description
The guidance node is ready to take you through the Gamma Quadrant.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Guidance Node: Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Dreadnaught Landing (x:33.6, y:23.1)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: Elevated Aggression LevelsSidequest1 Icon.png
Environmental UnbalanceSidequest1 Icon.png
Fetters of LamentMainquest1 Icon.png
Inadequate Safety MeasuresSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngChimerical Maintenance
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
NPCs Involved: Estinien
Mobs Involved: 2nd Maniple Bestiarius2nd Maniple Veles2nd Maniple Medicus2nd Maniple TriariusRegula van Hydrus1st Maniple Sagittarius1st Maniple Signifer1st Maniple Centurion1st Maniple EquesMain Ceruleum Tank

Guidance Node in Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Dreadnaught Landing (x:33.6, y:23.1)
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Estinien in Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Dreadnaught Landing (x:33.7, y:31.6)
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Alphinaud in Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Dreadnaught Landing (x:33.7, y:31.6)
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Y'shtola in Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Dreadnaught Landing (x:33.7, y:31.6)
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Guidance Node in Azys Lla - Gamma Quadrant - Matter Conduit VI-VII (x:25.8, y:32.6)
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Guidance Node in Azys Lla - Delta Quadrant - Matter Conduit VII-VI (x:17.7, y:30.6)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Guidance Node in Azys Lla - Delta Quadrant - Matter Conduit VII-VI (x:17.7, y:30.6)
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  • The guidance node warns you that the Garleans are out in force in the Gamma Quadrant. Make your way through the area, all the while exercising the utmost caution, and rejoin your comrades near the enemy encampment.
  • The Garlean force present is revealed to be none other than the VIth Imperial Legion, which you first encountered at the Zundu village. Their purpose is to acquire the knowledge to capture primals, to which end they also seek the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Though their presence complicates matters, you must remain focused on your mission to stop the archbishop. Proceed to Matter Conduit VI-VII.
  • A squad of imperial troops chase you down as you arrive at the matter conduit, but you succeed in repelling them. Speak with the guidance node again, and pray that there are no further interruptions.
  • You and your companions are set upon by Regula van Hydrus, legatus of the VIth Legion. Though you are able to overwhelm him, he sets his minions upon you and boards an airship, most certainly bound for the research facility. With time running short, Alphinaud bids you continue your pursuit of the archbishop while he and the others keep the enemy at bay. Having accepted the Eye into your keeping, you use the matter conduit and emerge within a new quadrant. Seek out the guidance node nearby to receive further instructions.
  • According to the guidance node, Delta Quadrant, where you now stand, is home to live dragons.

Azys Lla[edit]

Gamma Quadrant[edit]

Matter Conduit V-IV[edit]

Warning: intruders detected in force in this quadrant. It is recommended that you avoid confrontation where possible. Be kindly reminded that, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, you and your party assume all risks of damages or injury, including death, that you may sustain in the course of guidance. Please follow me to the next matter conduit. It leads to the Delta Quadrant, where the facility's greatest achievement is located.
The gravity of our mission is plainly lost on that orb.
Wait. Something is afoot.
Our objective lies at the heart of the isle. The Third will remain to guard the ship, while the Second patrols the perimeter and eliminates any threats. The First will come with me to secure the research facility. Let no man doubt the import of our mission: the Allagans found a means to capture eikons alive, and their knowledge lies hid upon this isle. If we can but acquire it, we would be able to prevent the beings from returning to plague us, thus ending the cycle of rebirth. I need not remind you that success will raise our legion high in the Emperor's regard. Yet, by the same token, His Radiance does not tolerate failure. That is all. All troops, prepare for deployment!
So that is their purpose.
To think that the knowledge used to bind no less a being than Bahamut sleeps here...
Imprisoning a primal in such a manner would represent an effective means to halt the cycle of summoning─were it not for the grave and obvious risks.
Indeed. We need but refer to past experience─that of Bahamut's calamitous return─to see why this is not the solution we seek.
Held in duress, a primal will continue to nurse its hatred for mankind. And when it inevitably breaks free, its rage will be beyond quelling.
Whatever folly the Garleans mean to commit, they can wait. We must remain focused on our task.
Yes, of course. It would not be polite to keep the archbishop waiting.
These soldiers bear the sigil of the VIth Legion, ordinarily deployed within Ilsabard. They are certainly a long way from home.
The VIth Legion has long been the favored of Emperor Varis. It is the iron fist with which he crushes uprisings.
Garleans everywhere. We must take care to avoid detection.
We cannot afford to be waylaid by the Garleans. Let us make as much haste as caution permits.

Matter Conduit VI-VII[edit]

<blip> That you have survived to this point is in defiance of possibility. But it appears the danger is not yet past.
<blip> <bloop> WARNING! Intruders approaching. Please eliminate them if you wish to proceed.
That would explain my men's silence. We meet again. And this time, we will not be interrupted. Come! Show me your power, champions of Eorzea!
Come, eikon-slayer. Impress me.
Surely you can do better than that.
1st Maniple Centurion
Let us aid you, Lord van Hydrus!
Hmph, naught but toy soldiers to knock down.
Leave the rank and file to us! Focus on the legatus!
I need air support! Now!
Obsidian Carbuncle! Come!
No... Not here...
I had heard the tales of your strength, Warrior of Light. And now that I have experienced it firsthand, van Baelsar's defeat seems less inexplicable. You are a formidable foe, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Allagan secrets await, and there is no profit to be had in remaining here. Keep them occupied!
It would seem we have no choice.
You must continue on. We will hold them here.
Take the Eye. It should still hold enough energy to be of use to you. I shall join you as soon as I am able.
Enough talk! Make haste and stop the archbishop!

Delta Quadrant[edit]

Matter Conduit VII-VI[edit]

<blip> Welcome to the Delta Quadrant, where methods are developed for mastering dragons.
To this day, the sector is home to live specimens brought over from the southern continent of Meracydia. Truly a testament to the greatness of the Allagan Empire.
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