Crystal Drops


At first, it may seem that mobs drop shards and crystals randomly, but there is a clear pattern. Familiarizing yourself with this pattern can not only help you choose which mobs would benefit you most to grind on or farm from, but also help you learn to quickly gauge what a mob's primary aspect is, and thus more easily choose the most devastating moves and strategies to bring it down.

Short Explanation: The Drop Pattern Simplified[edit]

Though there are occasional exceptions (see section below), the general pattern is as follows:

On a solo kill, any of the following may process as drops:

  • 6 Shards from the Primary Aspect
  • 3 Shards from each of the Secondary Aspects
  • 1~2 Crystals of any aspect

When in a party, the drops for crystals/shards will be distributed fairly amongst the participants - usually giving each party member one of any drop that processed.

Full Explanation of the Crystal Drop Pattern[edit]

Primary Aspects[edit]

Each enemy in the game has a primary aspect, or main element. This characteristic element seems, at the moment, to be static across the superfamilies. For example, all wolves are aspected towards lightning, all roselings are aspected towards wind, and all moles are aspected towards earth. This not only affects how much damage they will take or deal from certain actions, but also affects what crystals they will drop. A quick rule of thumb to gauging a mob's primary aspect, in most cases, is to check which shard drops in groups of six when fighting solo.

Secondary Aspects[edit]

Most monsters not only drop crystals of their own element, but two others as well. While the primary aspect will, for most mobs, fall in sixes, these two secondary aspects will fall in threes. These other drops are not random, either. For example, all mobs will a primary aspect of Wind will also drop Water and Lightning crystals - but never Fire, Earth or Ice. The reasons for this can be seen if one takes a look at Eorzea's elemental wheel.

Note: This text example will be replaced with an image, when possible.

Continuing on with our example, notice that the secondary aspect drops of the Wind mob are located one space to the left and right of Wind on the elemental wheel. This rotation holds true, currently, for all mobs that follow the "Six-Three-Three" drop pattern. Mobs that drop six lightning will drop three fire and three wind, mobs that drop six water will drop three wind and three ice, etc.



Elementals do not possess secondary aspects, as they are pure manifestations of their main element. The drop pattern for this exception is as follows.

On a solo kill, any of the following may process as drops:

  • 6 crystals of the Primary Aspect
  • 1 cluster of the Primary Aspect