Crystalline Conflict

Pvpicon.pngCrystalline Conflict

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A dazzling array of arenas await at the Grand Companies' glamour-woven tactical training grounds. Designed with adventurers in mind, these strategic confrontations of but few competitors make for a thrilling challenge for newcome pups and Wolves' Den regulars alike.

At the end of the crystal line, who will stand victorious? Will it be you?


Unrestricted Parties Not Allowed
Class: Any job of the Disciples of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs)
Level 30
※ Player level and attributes are ignored during PvP and replaced with PvP-specific values.


Cannot Add Members
Consumable Items Not Allowed
Meal Benefits Disabled
Cannot select with other duties
Additional Loot Rules Unavailable
Minimum IL Unavailable

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
Minimum Level: 30
Time Limit: 5 Minutes Minutes
Unrestricted Party: Allowed
Unlock Quest: A Pup No Longer
Type: PvP
Zone: Crystalline Conflict Arena
Region: La Noscea
Expansion: Endwalker
Background Music: Festival of the Hunt (Endwalker)
Run! (Endwalker)
Warming Up
Other Music: Warming Up
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Causality Icon.png
Allagan Tomestone of Comedy Icon.png
PvP Rewards
Experience PvP EXP PvP Series EXP Wolf Marks
Expicon.pngVaries PvP EXP.png500 065089 hr1.png900 Wolf Mark Icon.png500
Expicon.pngVaries PvP EXP.png250 065089 hr1.png700 Wolf Mark Icon.png250

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Crystalline Conflict matches take place in one of three arenas: the Palaistra, the Volcanic Heart, and Cloud Nine. The current arena available for casual and ranked matches rotates according to Earth time.

The Palaistra
The Volcanic Heart
Cloud Nine

Preparing for Battle

Crystalline Conflict combatants are divided into two teams: Astra and Umbra. Players will then begin the match at their team's base. The match will begin after a 30-second countdown.
  • If, for some reason, a player is unable to join and the minimum party requirements are not met when the duty commences, all members in the party will be automatically removed from the duty.


In-game chat is restricted to Quick Chat during casual and ranked Crystalline Conflict matches. Quick Chat messages―found under the Quick Chat tab of the PvP :Profile window―can be registered to your hotbar, and display in the party chat log when used.
  • Participants can receive but not send messages via free company chat, linkshell chat, cross-world linkshell chat, PvP team chat, and the Novice Network.
During custom matches, all chat channels are available in addition to Quick Chat.

Name Display Settings

Unlike other PvP challenges, your character's name will display as is in the name settings.


Incapacitated players will be returned to their base, where they will be allowed to rejoin combat after a short delay─however, this delay increases by one second with each incapacitation. Upon reviving, HP and MP will be fully restored and action recast timers reset.


The use of the following is prohibited while participating in Crystalline Conflict:
Class or job changes
Chocobo companions
Gear changes

Party List

Both ally and enemy party lists will be displayed during a Crystalline Conflict match.

CC Party List 1.jpgCC Party List 2.jpg

1. Team Name
2. Marks (When set)
3. Job Icons
4. Limit Gauge Status
5. Cast Bar (Displayed in place of character name)
6. HP
7. MP
8. Status Effects
9. Character Names
10. Retaliation Countdown

The Tactical Crystal and Winning a Match

Victory Conditions

The first team to successfully transport the tactical crystal to the other team's goal, or the team with the highest progress toward the goal within the standard match time will be declared the winner.
  • If neither team makes it to the goal within the allotted time, and a member of the team with a lower progress record is present in the tactical crystal's ring when the match times expires, the match will proceed into overtime.

The Tactical Crystal

CC The Tactical Crystal 1.jpg

At the beginning of each match, the all-important tactical crystal will be placed at the arena's centerpoint. Should the ring around the crystal's base be occupied solely by members of one team, the occupying team will be able to move the crystal.
The tactical crystal's movement speed will increase if:
It is between the centerpoint and the point marking the controlling team's progress record.
It is within a distance from the centerpoint that is less than the opposing team's progress record.
The tactical crystal will be bound, and thus unmovable for the first 30 seconds of a match.
The crystal can only be moved along the crystal line─a dedicated path within the arena.

CC The Tactical Crystal 2.jpgCC The Tactical Crystal 3.jpg

Checkpoints can be found halfway between the centerpoint and each team's goal. Upon reaching a checkpoint, the tactical crystal's progress will be halted temporarily. The team attempting to clear the checkpoint must remain in the crystal's ring to increase clear progress.

CC The Tactical Crystal 4.jpgCC The Tactical Crystal 5.jpg

When the Clear Progress gauge reaches 100%, the crystal can once again be moved. Clear progress can be confirmed via the HUD.

CC The Tactical Crystal 6.jpg

Crystalline Conflict match information can be confirmed via the specialized HUD.

CC The Tactical Crystal 7.jpg

1. Remaining Time
2. Astra Progress
3. Umbra Progress
4. Tactical Crystal Location and Status
5. Astra Checkpoint Status
6. Umbra Checkpoint Status
7. Astra Goal
8. Umbra Goal
9. Astra Progress
10. Umbra Progress


Victory conditions during overtime are dependent on each team's progress record as of overtime commencement.
  • If neither team can fulfill the overtime victory requirements, the match will end in a draw.
If your team's progress record is greatest: Keep all enemy players out of the tactical crystal's ring for three seconds to win.
If your team's progress record is lowest: Increase your progress record to greater than that of the opposing team to win.
If both teams have the same progress record: Achieve a greater progress record than the opposing team to win.

Advanced Rules

Medicine Kits

During Crystalline Conflict matches, medicine kits will appear on the field. Access a medicine kit to restore HP.
  • Players with HP at 100% cannot access medical kits.
  • Each kit may only be claimed by one player.
  • Once a kit has been claimed, a replacement will be generated after a set period of time has passed.

The Three Arenas

The Palaistra

Sprint Zones
Entering sprint zones will grant the effect of Swift Sprint, greatly increasing player movement speed.

The Volcanic Heart

Sprint Zones
Entering sprint zones will grant the effect of Swift Sprint, greatly increasing player movement speed.
Eruption (Arena Event)
The Volcanic Heart periodically erupts, scattering self-destructing bombs across the field. Those who fail to avoid their explosive radii will take damage. Bomb cores will remain at the site of bombs' destruction, granting those who acquire them the following:
An effect increasing damage dealt for a short time. Stacks up to 10 times.
A boost to the limit gauge.

Cloud Nine

Jump Glyphs
Stepping on one of Cloud Nine's jump glyphs will rapidly transport you to a specific location on the field.
Players cast up into the air by turbulence will take damage upon being returned unceremoniously to the ground. However, they may acquire black chocobo feathers while in the air, granting them the following:
A soft landing, nullifying the typical damage taken from turbulence.
An effect increasing attack speed and movement speed for a short time.
A boost to the limit gauge.
The locations of black chocobo feathers are indicated by markers on the ground. Those who do not wish to go flying can negate the effects of turbulence by using Guard.