Dark as the Night Sky

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 68   Dark as the Night Sky
Dragoon Quest SB Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png232,200 Gil Icon.png2,710
Informationicon.png Description
Orn Khai would like to discuss events which may or may not be pertinent to your search.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Orn Khai
Kugane -Rakuza District -Bokairo Inn (9.3-7.3)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Dragon SoundSidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Dragoon
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngSerpent and the Sea of Rubies
NPCs Involved: GyodoQuiet QestirOroniri Merchant (Reunion)Dotharli MaidenOroniri WarriorFaunehm
Mobs Involved: FaunehmThe Right Wing of InjuryThe Left Wing of Tragedy
NPC Locations
Orn Khai in Kugane at (9.4-7.4)
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Orn Khai in Kugane at (11.5-9.3)
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Orn Khai in The Azim Steppe at (32.1-27)
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Quiet Qestir in The Azim Steppe at (32.6-27)
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Oroniri Merchant in The Azim Steppe at (32.4-27.7)
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Dotharli Maiden in The Azim Steppe at (32.9-27.9)
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Orn Khai in The Azim Steppe at (15.7-14.9)
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Orn Khai in The Azim Steppe at (15.3-15.1)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Orn Khai in The Azim Steppe at (32.1-27)
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  • Orn Khai seems to be enjoying his new surroundings, remarking that the locals treat Dravanians with much more respect when compared to Ishgardians. He also notes that he has made several new acquaintances of late thanks to Karaku. In fact, Orn Khai was just about to set off to meet one such friend when you arrived. Apparently said acquaintance knows something that might aid your search. You decide to accompany Orn Khai and find out what this individual has to say.
  • Orn Khai's friend is revealed to be Gyodo─a Namazu moneylender. He suggests that you travel to Reunion on the Azim Steppe, for an area nearby is said to be home to a slumbering dragon with scales as dark as the night sky. Orn Khai, convinced you may have finally found Faunehm, sets off for the Steppe and bids you follow him as soon as possible.
  • You find Orn Khai in Reunion surrounded by Auri children whose curiosity has been piqued by the petite dragon. His hands more than full, Orn Khai encourages you to ask the adult members of the local community about the dragon you seek. You look upon the settlement and wonder whom to engage in conversation first.
  • It soon becomes apparent that the people of Reunion are not much for small talk. One tells you in no uncertain terms to leave him be if you are not of mind to trade, and another refuses to talk at all. However, the Spinner smiles upon you eventually, as you hear that the dragon is said to dwell near the mountains north of Reunion.
  • You return to Orn Khai to find him somewhat overwhelmed by all the children's affection. After sharing your findings with him, he agrees the two of you would be best served by searching around the nearby mountains. Once he has freed himself of his admirers, you both prepare to head to Ceol Aen to the northwest.
  • While searching for Faunehm, you encounter an Oronir warrior who states that the dark-scaled dragon has thrashed eight of his tribe's finest warriors. You soon find the creature and it is immediately apparent that this is the dragon you have been searching for. Orn Khai calls out to Faunehm, but she is in a frenzy of rage, and words do not reach her.
  • Following the young dragon's advice, you choose to withdraw from the battle, in order to formulate a more effective plan of action.
  • Orn Khai is clearly distressed by the state in which he found his father's consort. He bids you leave him alone for a while, to allow him to clear his head and consider how you may free Faunehm from her fury. You begin the walk back to Reunion as Orn Khai takes to the skies once more.
  • You find a slightly calmer Orn Khai upon returning to Reunion. He notes that the key to getting through to Faunehm is identifying the cause of her temper, and asks that you allow him some time to contemplate what could be ailing her.
※The next dragoon quest will be available from Orn Khai upon reaching level 70.
Focus on the The Right Wing of Injury before the The Left Wing of Tragedy.
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