Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting

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Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting  Tools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngLevequest Icon.pngMap75 Icon.png
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Requires All Classes
Level 55
Item Level 100
Statistics & Bonuses:
Defense 42 HQ Icon.png 46
Magic Defense 72 HQ Icon.png 80
Control +45  HQ Icon.png +50
Materia: Materia-slot.pngMateria-slot.png
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 118 HQ Icon.png130
Gear Set

Ramie Crafting Set

Leatherworker Icon 5.png
Leatherworker (45) + Grade 6 Dark Matter Icon.png Grade 6 or Gil Icon.png 300
Converticon.png Dyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Projectableicon.png Desynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Hyur.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Hyur.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Elezen.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Lalafell.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Miqote.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Roe.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-AuRa.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Male-Hrothgar.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Hyur.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Elezen.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Lalafell.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Miqote.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Roe.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-AuRa.png

Model-Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting-Female-Viera.png

Acquisition Edit Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting's Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting's Miscellaneous Use Information
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Sold by Merchants
Merchant (Shop) Price
Emptier of Purses (Purchase Field Gear)

The Churning Mists - Moghome (27.1-33.1)

Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting

 x 11,088
Mogmul Mogbelly (Purchase Field Gear)

The Churning Mists - Bahrr Lehs (15.2-27.5)

Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting

 x 11,088
Moogle Mender & Merchant (Purchase Field Gear)

The Churning Mists - Asah (19.7-25.3)

Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting

 x 11,088
Norlaise (Purchase Disciple of the Hand and Land Gear - Purchase Gear (Lv. 50-60))

The Pillars - The Arc of the Venerable (7.2-10.2)

Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting

 x 11,088
Reward from Quests (4)
Quest Level
Double Trouble 55
Fancy Lancer 55
From Hells 55
Ministers of Grace Defend Him 55
Potential Reward from Levequests (15)
Levequest Level
Adhesive of Antipathy 54
As the Bolt Flies 54
Breakfast of Champions 54
Citizen's Arrest 54
Dragoon Drop Rate 54
Old Victories, New Tastes 54
Overall, We Blend In 54
Someone Put Dung in My Helmet 54
Sometimes the South Wins 54
Tally Ho, Chocobo 54
The Monuments Mages 54
The Nutcracker's Sweets 54
The Unfortunate Retirony 54
Tomes Roam on the Range 54
Warding Off Temptation 54
  Rating Rewards EXP
Lv. 55 240-339 Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png 25 663,062
340-429 Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png 27 727,372
430+ Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png 30 793,900
Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png Yellow Crafters' Scrip
Edit Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting/Collectable
Traded to:
•  Collectable Dealer (Collectable-Leatherworker-Lv. 50-60)
Used in Supply Mission (1)
Supply and Provisioning Mission Item
Leatherworker Supply Mission (Level 55) x 1

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