Diadem (3.X)

This duty was part of an earlier release of Final Fantasy XIV, but has since been removed. This article is maintained for lore purposes only.
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Miscellaneous Duty
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As airship technology spread throughout Eorzea, pioneers took to the skies to challenge a new frontier. There they came upon a breathtaking sight: a chain of pristine isles clustered about a massive floating crystal─no less a diadem fit for gods. These isles promise untold wealth and danger, and to lay claim to one you must brave the other. But ware those who would aid House Haillenarte in its explorations, for recent storm winds have littered the Diadem with artifacts of ancient origin. With these unstable relics twisting the aether and corrupting the wildlife, you can only guess at what new terrors now lurk in the darkness...


  • Required Level: Disciple of War or Magic level 60*
  • Item Level Requirement: Average item level 179 or above
  • Party Size: Entering via company workshops:Up to 24 (three parties of eight)*
  • Entering via Ishgard's airship landing:Up to eight
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Prerequisites: Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward."
Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
Type: Miscellaneous Duty
Zone: Zone
Minimum Level: 60
Min iLvl: 179
Expansion: Heavensward
Patch: Patch 3.55b

The Diadem

Players can explore the Diadem to complete mission objectives and participate in special FATEs that occur randomly in the field. Up to nine parties (72 players) can explore in a single instance.


Players can undertake exploratory missions via free company workshops or from the airship landing in Ishgard.

Free Company Exploratory Missions

When undertaking exploratory missions using a free company airship, players must form a party of at least two people. Players can also form an alliance of up to twenty-four players. There are no role requirements for entering the Diadem as an alliance. Each party or alliance member must have a tank of mission ceruleum in their possession, which can be purchased in exchange for company credits. One tank is required for each mission.

  • When entering as a single party, the party leader must be a member of the free company whose airship will be used.
  • All participating players must be inside the free company workshop when undertaking exploratory missions. When entering as an alliance, the leader of each party must be a member of the free company whose airship will be used. Furthermore, an airship for each party of the alliance is required.
  • Upon undertaking an exploratory mission, the airship used must wait five minutes from the time you began before it can be used for exploratory voyages.
  • Players cannot add members while undertaking exploratory missions.

Ishgardian Exploratory Missions

Players can also journey to the Diadem via Ishgardian airships. Players can register to undertake Isghardian exploratory missions solo or in a party of up to eight people. Each player of the party must have a mission ceruleum voucher in their possession, which can be purchased from the NPC Jaquoinie in the Pillars (X:14.5 Y:10.9) for gil. One voucher is required for each mission. There are no role requirements when entering as a full party.

  • Depending on the type of exploratory mission undertaken, there may be role restrictions for parties with less than eight players. See below for details.
  • Players cannot dismiss or add members while undertaking exploratory missions.

Entering the Diadem

The difficulty levels for exploratory missions have been removed. Instead, players may now choose from two types of missions: Trials of the Fury, designed for Disciples of War and Magic, or Trials of the Matron, designed for Disciples of the Land.

Trials of the Fury requires an average item level of 220 or higher, while Trials of the Matron requires an average item level of 179 or higher.


Players will obtain different items in the Trials of the Fury and Trials of the Matron.

Rewards for Trials of the Fury

Players can obtain lockboxes and other rewards by completing the objectives displayed when they enter the Diadem. Players can open their lockboxes by handing them over to the picker of locks NPC found in one of the settlements of the Diadem.

  • Mission objectives are set randomly upon entering the Diadem.
  • The picker of locks NPC can also be found in the Pillars in Ishgard (X:14.6 Y:10.9) and each city's residential district.
  • Lockboxes awarded upon completing all objectives are obtained from treasure coffers carrying personal rewards.

Rewards for Trials of the Matron

Trials of the Matron map

After entering the Diadem, players must explore the area and fulfill any assigned mission objectives. By doing so, they will be able to obtain steel sky pirate spoils, which can be redeemed for a variety of goods by speaking with the Spoils Collector at one of the settlements found in the Diadem.

Treasure Coffers

Treasure coffers obtained by defeating monsters will occasionally contain damaged lockboxes.

Emergency Missions

Occasionally, emergency missions will occur during exploratory missions.

These missions will unlock special areas wherein players will be thrown into large-scale battles. Exclusive rewards await those who successfully clear these missions, so be sure to help each other out and win the day!

  • Players who fail to contribute to battle will not receive a reward.
  • Emergency missions will end after 15 minutes.
  • In the event an emergency mission occurs, the time limit for exploratory missions will be extended by 15 minutes.

Emergency Mission-Specific Rewards

Coven Weapons
Coven Shield Icon.png Coven Shield
Coven Astrometer Icon.png Coven Astrometer
Coven Battleaxe Icon.png Coven Battleaxe
Coven Blade Icon.png Coven Blade
Coven Cane Icon.png Coven Cane
Coven Claws Icon.png Coven Claws
Coven Codex Icon.png Coven Codex
Coven Fangs Icon.png Coven Fangs
Coven Greatsword Icon.png Coven Greatsword
Coven Grimoire Icon.png Coven Grimoire
Coven Longbow Icon.png Coven Longbow
Coven Musketoon Icon.png Coven Musketoon
Coven Rod Icon.png Coven Rod
Coven Spear Icon.png Coven Spear

Sunburst Rewards

Sunburst Armor
Sunburst Acton of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Acton of Aiming
Sunburst Acton of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Acton of Healing
Sunburst Acton of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Acton of Scouting
Sunburst Armguard of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Armguard of Maiming
Sunburst Armguards of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Armguards of Casting
Sunburst Armguards of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Armguards of Striking
Sunburst Armillae of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Armillae of Aiming
Sunburst Armillae of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Armillae of Casting
Sunburst Armillae of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Armillae of Fending
Sunburst Armillae of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Armillae of Healing
Sunburst Armillae of Slaying Icon.png Sunburst Armillae of Slaying
Sunburst Boots of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Boots of Casting
Sunburst Boots of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Boots of Healing
Sunburst Brais of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Brais of Maiming
Sunburst Brais of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Brais of Striking
Sunburst Breeches of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Breeches of Fending
Sunburst Corselet of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Corselet of Casting
Sunburst Corselet of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Corselet of Maiming
Sunburst Corselet of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Corselet of Striking
Sunburst Corset of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Corset of Casting
Sunburst Corset of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Corset of Healing
Sunburst Cuirass of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Cuirass of Fending
Sunburst Culottes of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Culottes of Aiming
Sunburst Culottes of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Culottes of Scouting
Sunburst Earring of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Earring of Aiming
Sunburst Earring of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Earring of Casting
Sunburst Earring of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Earring of Fending
Sunburst Earring of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Earring of Healing
Sunburst Earring of Slaying Icon.png Sunburst Earring of Slaying
Sunburst Gauntlets of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Gauntlets of Fending
Sunburst Hat of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Hat of Aiming
Sunburst Hat of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Hat of Healing
Sunburst Hat of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Hat of Scouting
Sunburst Headgear of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Headgear of Casting
Sunburst Headgear of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Headgear of Maiming
Sunburst Headgear of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Headgear of Striking
Sunburst Helm of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Helm of Fending
Sunburst Leg Guards of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Leg Guards of Maiming
Sunburst Leg Guards of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Leg Guards of Striking
Sunburst Necklace of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Necklace of Aiming
Sunburst Necklace of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Necklace of Casting
Sunburst Necklace of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Necklace of Fending
Sunburst Necklace of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Necklace of Healing
Sunburst Necklace of Slaying Icon.png Sunburst Necklace of Slaying
Sunburst Plate Belt of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Plate Belt of Fending
Sunburst Ring of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Ring of Aiming
Sunburst Ring of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Ring of Casting
Sunburst Ring of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Ring of Fending
Sunburst Ring of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Ring of Healing
Sunburst Ring of Slaying Icon.png Sunburst Ring of Slaying
Sunburst Ringbelt of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Ringbelt of Aiming
Sunburst Ringbelt of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Ringbelt of Scouting
Sunburst Sabatons of Fending Icon.png Sunburst Sabatons of Fending
Sunburst Skirt of Casting Icon.png Sunburst Skirt of Casting
Sunburst Skirt of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Skirt of Healing
Sunburst Sleeves of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Sleeves of Aiming
Sunburst Sleeves of Healing Icon.png Sunburst Sleeves of Healing
Sunburst Sleeves of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Sleeves of Scouting
Sunburst Tassets of Maiming Icon.png Sunburst Tassets of Maiming
Sunburst Tassets of Striking Icon.png Sunburst Tassets of Striking
Sunburst Thighboots of Aiming Icon.png Sunburst Thighboots of Aiming
Sunburst Thighboots of Scouting Icon.png Sunburst Thighboots of Scouting

General Rewards

General Rewards
Brass Sky Pirate Spoil Icon.png Brass Sky Pirate Spoil
Steel Sky Pirate Spoil Icon.png Steel Sky Pirate Spoil
Damaged Lockbox Icon.png Damaged Lockbox
Lockbox Icon.png Lockbox
Baby Brachiosaur Icon.png Baby Brachiosaur
Pegasus Colt Icon.png Pegasus Colt
Jewel Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Jewel Orchestrion Roll
Peteinosaur Icon.png Peteinosaur
Crownbrush Icon.png Crownbrush
Cloud Mythril Ore Icon.png Cloud Mythril Ore
Stormcloud Cotton Boll Icon.png Stormcloud Cotton Boll
Legendary Clan Mark Log Icon.png Legendary Clan Mark Log