Dinner and a Show

Sidequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Dinner and a Show

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Jammingway: Ultima Thule - Ostrakon Deka-hexi - A-4 Research (x:27.6, y:24.6)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Base Omicron

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png80Dreams Come TrueFeaturequest1 Icon.png Dreams Come True (Level 80)
071341.png80Life, the Universe, and Coffee BeansFeaturequest1 Icon.png Life, the Universe, and Coffee Beans (Level 80)
071341.png80The Hippo RidersFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Hippo Riders (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 90)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
A manager's work is never done—or so Jammingway's muttering would indicate.
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071221.png90A Dream Worth ChasingSidequest1 Icon.png A Dream Worth Chasing (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • A manager's work is never done—or so Jammingway's muttering would indicate.
  • Though the patrons of the Last Dregs are highly satisfied with its menu and service, Jammingway continues—in spite of N-7000's better judgment—to search for means to make the café a source of even greater joy in the universe. They are fresh out of inspiration at the moment, however, leading you to suggest that they consult with their most creative of kin: the Loporrits in Hoper's Hold.
  • You accompany Jammingway to Bestways Burrow, where they thoroughly search each station in Hoper's Hold for inspiration. Alas, though they find many activities to tempt a Loporrit such as themself, they see naught that would uniformly suit the diverse café-goers of Ultima Thule. Not wont to give up so easily, they resolve to consult Dreamingway, who may yet have big ideas up his tiny sleeve.
  • Dreamingway, for his part, suggests calling upon Talkingway's knowledge of events on Etheirys, accumulated via letters from the radio station's listeners. Doing so yields a promising lead—the Hippo Riders' Hannish Hippo Hustle has become the talk of Thavnair and beyond. Convinced that such an event is guaranteed to excite even the most nihilistic of Last Dregs patrons, Jammingway insists that you speak to Trna about taking her hippos on the intergalactic road immediately.
  • Upon arriving in Svarna, you and Jammingway speak with Trna. She, however, turns down your request to host a hippo hustle in Ultima Thule, citing her own overwhelming workload as head of an in-demand delivery business.
  • Disappointed but not defeated by Trna's response, Jammingway asks that you meet a discreet distance away to decide if anything might be done to convince her. You are joined shortly by none other than Acala, who is ill content to let Trna decline an opportunity to pursue her passion for racing. He encourages you to remind her that she has a whole team of enthusiastic Hippo Riders eager to share her burdens, as she has always shared theirs.
  • Inspired by Acala's sincerity, you appeal to Trna's innate zest for adventure and trust in her team. Though she is stubborn to the last, you ultimately convince her to follow the siren song of the racetrack to parts unknown.
  • Jammingway is thrilled to report your success in securing rousing entertainment to N-7000, but the Omicron cuts their conversation short—apparently due to an emergency at the Last Dregs. Given the café's unique operational parameters, one hesitates to even guess at what has gone wrong this time...

Here for a status report, Forename? I quite understand─I get terribly anxious whenever I have to step away from the café. Why, just the other day I returned to find that a Grebuloff had snuck behind the counter to bathe in the soup...

Such incidents aside, the Last Dregs couldn't be more successful. We're bustling with business, and Elysion is thriving!

Yet, as the manager of this operation, I would be remiss not to ponder new ways to juice a little more happiness out of this carrot.
<whirr> This unit hastens to indicate that the current levels of juice and happiness are within optimal parameters. Any attempt to push either beyond capacity may prove disruptive to the present equilibrium.
Of course it would be disruptive, you glorified can opener!

A threat to the status quo it may be, but innovation is the lifeblood of business. And think of our patrons' delight should we treat them to, say, thrilling entertainment over a cup of carrot coffee!

Whatever we do needs to be truly spectacular, though─so good that even the Nibirun won't simply stare morosely. If only I had any ideas whatsoever...
What will you say?

1) The Dreaming Ways are full of ideas. Can't vouch for quality, though.
2) Perhaps you should pay a visit to Hoper's Hold. It's quite a sight.
Really, now? I had heard that they were cooking up something in the hold, but I had no idea the project was such a success!

I must see it for myself. Interested in a trip to Bestways Burrow, Forename? I'd appreciate your opinion on any possibilities I turn up.

I trust you can mind the café, N-7000. Contact me via the Ragnarok's systems should there be any more soup scandals!
Quest Accepted
This unit has café operations fully under control. Whether the would-be-visionary life-form will come up with a decent idea is more difficult to calculate with certainty.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
So this is the new Hoper's Hold, eh? I must say, it's a significant improvement over the old crates and buckets.

As for these "stations" that everyone's hopping to join...

That one over there is a true work of art! I particularly appreciate their taste in subject matter.

However, one can hardly expect half a dozen civilizations to share the same aesthetic sensibilities. I shudder to imagine the pontification and gunfire that would ensue if we asked our patrons to paint a mural...

Those machines remind me of N-7000─right down to the ears! They would fit in quite well with our current staff.

Then again, that would hardly be an innovative addition, would it? We already have more condescending numerical projections than we could possibly need.

I suppose music is another matter of taste, though those Loporrits certainly seem to be having fun.

Do you think a mournful dragon would enjoy being blasted with laser lights while it sings its ancient melodies? No? Pity.

A shop! Perhaps our patrons would enjoy a selection of knickknacks sold alongside our regular menu items...

...Though mining those Omicron coins requires a truly exorbitant amount of processing power. And what if increased circulation led to a drop in omnitoken value? Mother forfend!

This station looks familiar. I wonder if Cookingway has any new recipes to share.

But there is quite a bit of carrot on the menu already. N-7000 would doubtless whirr and whinge about the lack of variety...

Gasp! Is that a broadcasting station!? Oh, I do so love a good transmitter...

I wonder what sort of messages they're sending?
What will you say?

1) They're speaking to the people of Etheirys, to let them know they're not alone.
2) "You're listening to Hope FM! Stay tuned for more Talking&Ways, all day and all night (moon time)."
Color me intrigued! Ensuring widespread access to receivers seems like hard work, but well worth the effort indeed.

We could adjust the tuning of the Ragnarok's communications facilities to receive this transmission in the Last Dregs...

But it still may not provide the level of crowd-pleasing excitement we're aiming for. Hmm...

While each and every one of these stations is wonderful in its own right, I fear none are quite suitable for our goals. Perhaps Dreamingway can dream up something special for us?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

It's so good to see Dreamingway again! ...Do you think he can get me one of those shirts?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Oho, Forename and...is that Jammingway!? It's been so long, I had started to think they were avoiding me...
You opened a café out in Ultima Thule? That's one Mother of a dream!
And business is booming!

Well, I am honored to be consulted about your upcoming event! Now we only need to work out what it is...

Have you spoken with Talkingway yet?

They receive letters from listeners across the star. Surely one or two have mentioned exciting happenings on Etheirys! Wait here.
066464 hr1.png Bliss
I present...Talkingway!
It's a pleasure to see you again. I would be happy to assist in your endeavors however I can.
Forgive me...but have we met before?
Ah, yes. You would remember me as "Counselingway"─but I have recently taken the name "Talkingway" in honor of my new dream.
How wonderful! I look forward to working with you, Talkingway.
Dreamingway mentioned that you are in search of rousing entertainment for your patrons, and one possibility hops to mind.
If our listener mail is any indication, Thavnair's hippo cart races have been drawing quite the crowd of late. Folk come from far and wide to "see those hippos hurtle," 'tis said.

Hurtling hippos! Why, that does sound exciting! We could set up a racecourse in the nekropolis to give Last Dregs patrons a prime view of the action.

A stirring contest of speed and skill the likes of which Ultima Thule has never before seen... Surely that will pique even the Nibirun's interest.

Any ideas on how we might approach these hippo racers, Forename?

Their leader is a friend of yours? You really do know everyone. I hope we can count on you for an introduction!
A hippo hustle in Ultima Thule sounds like the sort of entertainment that should be available to all. Could our radio station provide a live broadcast of the event?
But of course! With the Ragnarok as a relay, there's no signal we cannot boost.
I should like nothing more than to share the joy of such an experience with our listeners across Etheirys. And I certainly would be curious to attend myself.
Then it's settled! We'll make a start on the preparations. I trust you can convince the hippos to traverse the sea of stars?
To Thavnair! You said we're looking for a woman named "Trna," correct?
Ooh, I can hardly wait! In fact, I can't. See you there!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Leave the broadcasting setup to us! We're becoming quite proficient in connecting the thingies to the whatsits, you know.
We'll need a few moon-hoppers to carry the equipment... Hmm, and perhaps Inventingway can assist with the technical details...

This is my first time meeting an Arkasodara in person! ...Do my ears look all right?
This little one with you? They've been there pattin' their ears for a while now─an' starin'. Got a lot of starin' goin' on.

Radio? Yeah, I've heard of it. One of my crew lugged a radio contraption all the way here from Old Sharlayan.

That could be who sent you the letter about the Hannish Hippo Hustle, come to think of it.
Your races are the talk of the star! We'd love to bring that sort of excitement out to Ultima Thule. Though it is a wee bit of a trek from here...
Ultima Who? Now them I ain't never heard of. They live across the sea somewhere, I take it?
As buoyant as our hippos are, we can't send 'em out into the wide world on their own. You'd need Acala and me to race 'em safely, and I have too much work here at home to abandon my post. I can't thank you enough for takin' an interest in our operation, though.
It's truly a shame, but I would hate to make the Hippo Riders disappoint their own customers in the name of entertaining ours. What to do...
I'm sorry to turn you down─especially after you came all this way.

Dreamingway and Talkingway were excited for this plan too... We mustn't give up just yet.
I'm calling a strategy meeting! To be held... Well, that post over there looks like as good a place as any.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png Machinations
I understand Trna's passion for her work─I feel the same about my own.
Perhaps someone else might race on her behalf...
No. Trna race.
Ahem. I heard your conversation. Acala─I want to race Trna. And I know Trna wants to race!
Acala...you're the one Trna mentioned, aren't you?
066464 hr1.png Where the Heart Is
Never, Trna's work ends. When she finishes with hippos, she teaches us the common tongue so we fit in. She teaches us Hannish manners and fairness in trade.

Aca─I find your language difficult, but my speaking improves. Trna says so. But Trna has no time to ride hippos now.

She cares about hippos and the Hippo Riders. Her kin. Always, she helps us.

But she forgets we can help her. Always, we want to help her.
I see. Trna is a great leader, but she takes every responsibility upon herself. No wonder she has no time left over to race hippos...
Always, Trna listens to you. You must talk sense at her.
Yes, I quite agree. If, in her heart of hearts, Trna wants to race, that's all the more reason for us to host a hippo hustle!
Do you think you can convince her to come around?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Just wear her down until she agrees. It'll be fun!
Good luck with talking sense.
Forename, what a surprise! Are you here to speak with Trna as well?
You hold it right there. I know that look─but you'll find I ain't so easily persuaded.
The following event cannot be skipped. You may wish to cancel any pending Duty Finder registrations.
Talk sense at Trna?

1) Yes
2) No
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
You know how important our delivery business is─you helped us get our start! So why try to talk me out of it?
What will you say?

1) Reasons!
2) You can make deliveries later. Opportunity is knocking now!
3) I know you live for excitement─don't you want to explore the unknown?

Is that all you could come up with, or do you just think I'm one wheel short of a cart?

"Later"? Speedy deliveries are our business! We can't be speedy if we're deliverin' later.

Of course I would. There's only so many times you can race the same course without it startin' to feel like a chore. But too many folks are relyin' on our services for me to go gallivantin'.
What will you say?

1) They'll survive for a few days without shawarma delivery.
2) Acala's worried about you, you know.
3) Doesn't your hippo deserve a change of scenery?

The shawarma ain't the issue here! The Hippo Riders are nothin' if not reliable─and if we're not reliable, we're nothin'.

I told him there ain't nothin' to worry about. I miss racin', to be sure, but the Hippo Riders come first. Business couldn't be better─and I'd like to keep it that way.
What will you say?

1) Have I ever led you astray before?
2) Surely it won't fall apart in just one day.
3) I recall a heartwarming lesson learned during the inaugural Hannish Hippo Hustle...

No, which makes it even more perplexin' that you're insistin' we let all of our hard work go to waste.

You ain't got the slightest idea how much work we do in a day. I've half a mind to put you on stable duty so you can see how fast it piles up...

That was a race for the ages, to be sure. An' it was all thanks to our team here.

Like I always say, you can only do so much by yourself...

...I do say that, don't I? Yet here I am, actin' like Acala back when he first got here.

Guess I was right that him and I ain't so different─in more ways than I knew.

All right, fine! The Hippo Riders'll pull together to keep things movin' in Thavnair, and you'll have your race.
066464 hr1.png A Victory Fanfare Reborn

Saurya's a happy hippo so long as she's runnin'. Don't think she much notices the scenery─I'd have a lot less steerin' to do if she did.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

You win, you win. Just give me a moment to speak with Maru and Ghasa.
You talk good sense.
So this race of yours will be taking place in a faraway land? I had best join you─for everyone's safety, of course.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png By Design
I knew you would come through for us. Why, you had her convincing herself by the end!
N-7000, is that you?
Affirmative. Several shrill life-forms have come bearing word of a "hippo hustle" to take place in the nekropolis. As serving units have automatically initialized advertising protocols, this unit requests swift confirmation that these reports are accurate.
They are accurate! And tell those units that I like their initiative.
As for my fellow Loporrit life-forms, I recommend a tall glass of carrot juice for each. They're sure to place additional orders...
Interference? Testing, testing, please respond.
Prioritizing request for managerial assistance on the customer service front. Ending transmission.
Don't you terminate this transmission on me! ...Rude!
What was that all about, I wonder?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Complete

I'm comin', I'm comin'! Hold your hippos.
Race will be good. Ac—I can feel it.
No harm will come to our comrades on my watch! And I shall be watching quite avidly, I expect...

We decided to come and settle in while you and Jammingway handled the hippos—and I'm so glad we did! The carrot juice is simply divine.
Talkingway and Inventingway are off taking in the sights, but they'll be back in time for the race.
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