Disorderly Conduct

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 7   Disorderly Conduct
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png2,240 Gil Icon.png141
Optional Rewards
Mustard Eggs
Mustard Eggs
Allagan Tin Piece
Allagan Tin Piece
Informationicon.png Description
Roger needs an extra hand to take orders.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Take the customers' orders. 0/4
  • Give the order slips to Roger.
Issuing NPC: Roger
Central Thanalan -Black Brush -The Coffer & Coffin (19-20)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: Until a Quieter TimeMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngStep Nine
Required Items
Oily Order Slip Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Disorderly Conduct
NPCs Involved: RoundelphAdalfunsSolid TrunkRicard
Items Involved: Oily Order Slip
NPC Locations
Roger in Central Thanalan (x:19.5, y:20.7)
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Roundelph in Central Thanalan (x:19.6, y:20.7)
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Adalfuns in Central Thanalan (x:20, y:20.4)
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Solid Trunk in Central Thanalan (x:19.7, y:20.4)
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Ricard in Central Thanalan (x:19.7, y:20.5)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Roger in Central Thanalan (x:19.5, y:20.7)
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  • Roger is short on hands, and needs you to attend to some of his customers. Do a round of his establishment and take down orders.
  • You have taken all the orders. Deliver the slips to Roger.
  • Roger thanks you for attending to his more demanding customers, and promises to share profitable information with you.
Ye know, laddie, if yer just gonna stand around with yer thumb up yer arse, I can give ye something to do.

Thanks to me unbelievably low prices, we've no shortage of customers here at the Coffer & Coffin. But by the same token, I can't afford to hire much help. We're chronically understaffed.

What's more, there's those lazy-arsed types what refuse to come an' order at the counter. It'd be a great help if ye could attend these customers for me.

Mark their orders on these here slips, then bring them here.

Oh, and don't forget about ol' Adalfuns outside.
Thal's balls, I'm spent! Grilled dodo, and a tankard of ale to wash it down!
Gah, here I am again, spendin' what meager coin I've got at the Coffin... It ain't me fault, I tell ye! Ye'd do the same if yer wife served up shite every bleedin' day!
Roger's new errand boy, are you? Well then, I'll keep it simple for your sake: a tankard of your finest ale, chilled with an ice shard.
Heh heh... There's nothing like a tall drink to help one forget about the trifling things in life─like work.
The strongest brandewine you've got. I need help to forget...
Gods, I'm starving! Bring me ale, grilled dodo, and smoked shrew loaf! And make it quick!
Business is good─too good, even. I've nary got the time to take a piss, let alone eat. The mere thought of the Coffin's cooking makes my mouth water!
That's all the orders, then?

Let's see here... Ale, brandewine, grilled dodo...

And for Adalfuns... Lemme guess─one tankard of ale. Right bleedin' miser, that one. I oughta put me boot up his arse.

Anyroad, ye did good, laddie. By way of thanks, I'm gonna tell ye something what ought to prove to yer profit.
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