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   / Male

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngMor Dhona - The Eight Sentinels  (36-20)

"Empires may rise and fall, but man's indefatigable spirit ever lives on."

A clone of unknown age, Doga was created in the image of a member of the Allagan imperial family. He and Unei were the trial products of an experiment designed to resurrect Xande. This project was under the direction of the technologist Amon, who was quick to recognize the signs of the empire's decline late in the Third Astral Era.

Being kindred to the first emperor, both Unei and Doga were trained as archmagi. Where Doga wielded powerful magicks, Unei had free control over her dreams and visions. Their copies, created in great number, were little more than mindless tools, put to use for the maintenance and defense of the Crystal Tower. The pair that appeared before NOAH in the Seventh Astral Era were such products.

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