Don't Look Down

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 11   Don't Look Down
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png8,400 Gil Icon.png191
Optional Rewards
Bronze Sallet
Amateur's Hempen Coif
Allagan Bronze Piece
Allagan Bronze Piece
Informationicon.png Description
Osha Jaab, a Wood Wailer at the Matron's Lethe, is looking for a sure-footed adventurer to pluck blue trumpets from the root of the nearby heavenspillar.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Osha Jaab: Central Shroud - Bentbranch - The Matron's Lethe (x:19, y:20.6)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: In the Grim Darkness of the ForestMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngYou Shall Not Trespass
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Don't Look Down
NPCs Involved: Theodore

Osha Jaab in Central Shroud - Bentbranch - The Matron's Lethe (x:19, y:20.6)
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Theodore in Central Shroud (x:17.6, y:19.2)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Theodore in Central Shroud (x:17.6, y:19.2)
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  • You have been tasked with removing blue trumpet mushrooms from the heavenspillar root found in the Matron's Lethe. Remove the fungal menace before it has a chance to spread and cause the wood to rot.
  • You have plucked all the blue trumpets from the root of the heavenspillar. Report to Theodore at the upper landing in the Matron's Lethe.
  • Your simple act of mushroom picking has saved the root of the heavenspillar from a rotten fate. Though not an ideal walkway, Theodore insists that the root is essential for travel through the drastically altered geography of the Central Shroud.

Central Shroud[edit]

Matron's Lethe[edit]

Ho there, adventurer. You seem light on your feet. Fancy a quick skip along the root of the heavenspillar here? I need someone to pick off a blue trumpet or two. I know what you're thinking: it's naught more than a mushroom, so why the commotion? I'll tell you why. You allow that fungal menace to multiply, and within a moon they'll be covering the whole damn root and rotting the wood clear through. Just watch your step while you're up there, though—the diremites on the ground won't waste any time adding insult to falling injuries. Once you're done, head up to the top end of the root and report to Theodore. He'll be glad to hear someone's taken care of one of his more dreaded chores.
Oh, you've cleared the root of blue trumpets? Wonderful! To be quite honest, I have this teeny-tiny problem with heights. <sigh> No, this is not my ideal posting, but we all do what we must. Keeping the root passable is an important job, you see. It's one of the few ways folk can traverse the Central Shroud since the Calamity all but split the area in twain. It is not, perhaps, the easiest pathway to walk, but there are those who believe the will of the Matron Herself caused this tendril of a heavenspillar to remain thus suspended, that it might serve the forest's people. I'm rather fond of the notion, myself.
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