NPC Icon.pngDrake Rhodes  Sidequest3 Icon.pngMerchant
  Hyur / Midlander / Male

Zone(s): North Shroud - Peacegarden - Hyrstmill (30.3-20.1)
Eureka Pyros - Northpoint  (15.7-23.9)
Eureka Hydatos - Central Point  (21.3-13.3)
Occupation: Blacksmith
Title: Replica Vendor

"Smithing isn't about forging the sharpest blade or the sturdiest suit of armor. It's about exceeding the expectations of our patrons and the limitations of ourselves."

At twenty and three, Drake is a genius weaponsmith with a bright future—though he himself has yet to realize this. He is not put off by rejection, and following a full moon and a half of persistence, so became the apprentice of his hero, Gerolt. Unfortunately, his master teaches him little, preferring to drink alone rather than spend time with the Midlander lad. Drake has had no recourse but to study by watching—and as a result, become highly skilled in his own right.

This NPC is found in multiple locations. The map below shows where the NPC is first encountered.

Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Body Type Adult
(~67.5 inches)
Muscle Tone
Jaw Option 1
Eye Shape Option 6
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 3
Nose Option 1
Mouth Option 3
Lip Color
Lip Shade Dark
Facial Features/Tattoos/Ear Clasp/Face Paint




Involved in Quests (3)
Gerolt's Masterworks
Ironworks Gear
Zodiac Glass
Zodiac Weapons

Additional Dialogue
Greetings, good sir. Are you here to collect your kettle?
Ask about kettles.
I became Master Gerolt's apprentice in hopes of training under the realm's greatest weaponsmith. Instead I'm helping him pay off his debt by mending kettles. It's probably just as well, though, seeing as he's hardly ever in a fit state to teach me. I find I make far better progress during my time alone.
Ask about Gerolt's masterworks.
Before he became a slave to drink and debt, Master Gerolt produced some of the finest weapons and armor Eorzea has ever seen. Even today, his masterworks are prized by the wealthy, who pay good coin to have them in their personal collections. Alas, such individuals are often ignorant of the special care such superior articles require. And so, rather sadly, most of the samples of Gerolt's masterworks have aged poorly, and beyond normal methods of restoration. Fortunately for us, however, ancient Allag had ways of overcoming this problem─the "sands of time" and the "oil of time." With these substances on hand, even with my limited skills, I am confident that I can return Master Gerolt's creations to their original condition. Should you come to possess one such article and desire it restored, please allow me to take on the task. I ask for no payment in return─the experience will be reward enough.
Ask about Ironworks gear augmentation.
Ah, yes, the Ironworks gear. Master Gerolt told me that I was to handle their augmentation. Truth be told, at first I was sorely disappointed. I thought that it would be no different to mending kettles, and that I would learn nothing...as usual. Well, my fears were quickly put to rest when I had occasion to tend my first piece. From the materials used to the techniques employed, everything about Ironworks gear was unlike anything I had ever seen before. And small wonder, seeing as they are born of Garlean ingenuity. Whatever people may say about the Empire, there is no denying that it stands at the forefront of innovation. Now, after all this praise I've lavished on the gear, you may wonder why they still require work in order to fulfill their potential. Well, the answer is that it is not easy to replicate Garlean techniques with materials found in Eorzea. Miss Jessie of the Ironworks has done an admirable job with limited resources, but there is still room for improvement. The Allagans used to strengthen equipment with a substance called carboncoat and a material called carbontwine. Both are known to turn up in ancient ruins. If you were to bring me these items, I am confident that I could augment Ironworks gear for you.
Ask about Zodiac Weapon replicas.
Ah, I had wondered when you would ask. A while ago, Master Gerolt bid me find a way to replicate your Zodiac Weapon, to create a copy accurate down to the very last hundredth of an ilm. I believe his true motive in asking for such was the potential coin it could earn to fund his carousing. Nevertheless, I have taken it upon myself to fulfill his request as best I am able. It took many sleepless nights, but I have at long last found a way! If you but present me your Zodiac Weapon, I can forge a perfect copy. Moreover, I can make every version of it, from humble relic to glorious Zeta. Of course, it goes without saying that the replica will not have the same qualities as the original. But in appearance alone, only Master Gerolt could tell one of mine apart from the true arm.
Ask about working under Gerolt.
From the Rosewood Stalls of Gridania to the Sapphire Avenue Exchange in Ul'dah, we supply merchants the realm over with kettles of the finest quality. That is, of course, when Master Gerolt is not attending to his pet projects. When I was told crafting and mending kettles would be the focus of my training, I was incredulous to say the least. Legendary artisans like Master Gerolt did not hone their craft through such work. Or so I thought... All I ever wanted was to create weapons of legend, like Master Gerolt, but after a while I realized something. Smithing isn't about forging the sharpest blade or the sturdiest suit of armor. It's about exceeding the expectations of our patrons and the limitations of ourselves. You would be surprised at the work that can go into making something as simple as a kettle. I have learned a great many tricks for manipulating metal to suit the often peculiar needs of our clients. In fact, I very much doubt any two kettles we've mended or made could be considered the same. Certainly not in the eyes of their owners. Though they do start to look alike after filling so many orders so quickly. Still, I would like to think that, even if we are a little rushed at times, we give each the proper care and attention they deserve. Most of my skills are self-taught, but Master Gerolt has, on occasion, taken time to teach me a few valuable lessons. Take his most recent project, for instance. The masterfully crafted kettle he and that Jalzahn fellow worked on together. The order had long since been canceled, yet he still took time to complete his greatest work yet. I was so moved, I could not rest until I'd made one myself. A perfect replica, down to the last detail. While a far cry from his masterpiece, I hope to make more and sell them to ease the burden of his debt.
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