Eastern La Noscea

Zoneicon.pngEastern La Noscea
An area in the southeast of Vylbrand, eastern La Noscea stretches from Bloodshore on the sea to Raincatcher Gully further inland. The region has a great diversity of terrain, with pristine white sand beaches to the east and dense jungles to the west.
Region: La Noscea
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Weather: Clear Skies icon.png (Clear Skies)
Fair Skies icon.png (Fair Skies)
Fog icon.png (Fog)
Overcast icon.png (Overcast)
Rain icon.png (Rain)

Connections & Duties

Connection Coordinates
Limsa Lominsaicon.png Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (33-28)
Zoneicon.png Middle La Noscea (19-22)
Zoneicon.png Upper La Noscea (23-19)
Zoneicon.png Lower La Noscea (18-36, 26-38)
Duty Coordinates
Dungeon Icon.png Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) (14-24)

Zone Summary & Overview

Area NPCs Quests FATEs Levequests Hunting Log Targets Monsters Logging/Harvesting Mining/Quarrying Fishing Log Locations
Agelyss Wise 9 20 6 6

Bloodshore 110 170 25 55 17 43 1/1 1/- 7

Raincatcher Gully 46 109 13 6 12 34 1/1 -/1 4

Eastern La Noscea 161 281 38 61 36 149 2/2 1/1 11

Navigable Map

WineportCosta del SolCastrum OccidensRaincatcher Gully DocksRed Mantis FallsThe Severed StringHidden Falls DocksHidden FallsThe Garlock's LairGullperch TowerBrayflox's LongstopLower La NosceaLower La NosceaUpper La NosceaMiddle La NosceaAgelyss WiseRaincatcher GullyBloodshoreEastern La Noscea cropped.png