Ehll Tou (Mount)

Ehll Tou (Mount) Icon.pngEhll Tou (Mount)Flying Mount 
First encountered as a curious dragonet, Ehll Tou became a dragon grown during her stay in Ishgard. With her passion for crafting, she underwent an evolution heretofore unseen in her kind, developing dexterous forelimbs that allow her to deftly wield all manner of implements.
Ehll Tou (Mount) Patch.png

You have a knack for this, Ehll Tou!
- Hautdilong

Acquisition: On Ehll Tou's Wings, which requires the Satisfaction Guaranteed: Ehll Tou V achievement and one other quest
Requires: Ehll Tou Whistle
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Music: BGM_EX1_Ride_FlyingMount.scd