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Eight-armed and Dangerous

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Eight-armed and Dangerous

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ellie: Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Costa del Sol (x:32.1, y:30.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Costa del Sol

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50A Case of IndecencyFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Case of Indecency (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ellie has the latest information on the phantom thief's target.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50What Price VictoryFeaturequest1 Icon.png What Price Victory (Level 50)

  • Ellie has the latest information on the phantom thief's target.
  • Inspector's Log:
With my plan to out the thief at Miss Arabella's wedding proving a rousing success, we were this close to defending the treasure from the clutches of the many-faced fiend. But even the best-laid plans of inspectors extraordinaire are wont to go awry, and our phantom quarry successfully absconded with the so-called Maiden's Virtue. With no rest for the weary agent of enquiry, I have ventured to the Coliseum to begin my preliminary search of the environs. This time, I swear on the Manderville name, the phantom thief shall meet his match!
            * * *
Ellie believes she has identified the thief's next target: a priceless treasure set to be awarded to the winner of the Mythril Cup, a tournament scheduled to be held at the Coliseum in the coming days. She informs you that her colleague Ganelon is in Ul'dah as you speak, researching for a feature on this very event. Travel to town and see what the reporter might tell you.
  • With some encouragement from Ellie, Ganelon shares his findings with you. It would seem that many of the scheduled combatants for the Mythril Cup have withdrawn due to injuries sustained under curious circumstances, leading to suspicions of foul play. Speak with the gatekeeper Yuyubaya to gain entrance to the Coliseum, that you might further question the relevant parties.
  • Upon arriving at the Coliseum and speaking with the organizer, one Dour Meadow, you soon reunite with a certain gentleman inspector and consulting detective, with the rivalry between the two as heated as ever. With a mind to keep the prizes out of the hands of the thief, you enter the tourney at Inspector Briardien's behest, submitting your application to the tentacled receptionist known by the name of Ultros. Fearing for your safety now that you have declared your intention to fight, Ellie suggests that you return to Ganelon and seek out more information on the shady attacks against potential combatants.
  • Ganelon shares with you his suspicions that the confident gladiatrix by the name of Avila might be in some way connected to the curious incidents. He encourages you to seek out one Raging Rat, a gladiator who fell to the selfsame Avila in the preliminary rounds, that you might gain the information you need to protect yourself.
  • Raging Rat suspects that Avila's renowned “Tempest Blade” is some sort of sorcery, while Ellie wonders if the Ala Mhigan shieldmaiden might not be being aided by one of her fellow refugees. Meanwhile, Hildibrand and Nashu have taken a harmless, if seemingly unfruitful, interest in a certain eight-legged individual. Humor him by traveling to the Coliseum and seeing where his investigation might have led.
  • Alongside Hildibrand, you pursue the shifty Ultros about and around the Coliseum. As expected, his behavior is most curious, if not particularly enlightening. Return to the Coliseum entrance and listen to Nashu's latest musings on the movements of her quarry.
  • Your pursuit of Ultros has proven to be every bit as fruitful as expected─which is to say, not very. Perhaps Inspector Hildibrand has managed to glean something from this utterly unremarkable turn of events. Inquire with him as to what may be on his mind.

Forename! I was wondering when you'd show up. I've got the latest scoop on the “victor's spoils” that our many-faced friend has set his sights on.

Have you visited the Coliseum of late? There's a tourney in the works, and it's looking to be a big one─the Mythril Cup, sponsored by none other than Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.

They say that Master Fyrgeiss will be furnishing the prizes himself from his personal collection. Small wonder it's captured the attention of Mister Stickyfingers.

You are familiar with the Concern, yes? It's only the largest mining interest in the sultanate, after all.
The chairman, Master Fyrgeiss, sits on the Syndicate, and possesses such wealth that rumor has it he could buy half the realm if he chose to.

He's also renowned for being something of a martial arts enthusiast. With his position affording him little opportunity to test his own skills, he settles for living vicariously through the exploits of others─hence his sponsorship of tournaments like the Mythril Cup.

My colleague Ganelon is in Ul'dah covering the tourney as we speak. If we were to track him down, I bet he'd be able to give us something to get our investigation started.

Let's make for Ul'dah, find Ganelon, and get this investigation started!
Yes? I'm a busy man. If you're looking for small talk, I suggest you look elsewhere.
No need to be rude, Ganelon─he's a friend of mine. Now, what say you share your latest findings with us? I promise I'll make it worth your while.
E-Ellie!? Hmph. If it isn't the Mythril Eye's star reporter. Come to have a laugh at Ganelon's expense before returning to pen your latest front-page feature, eh?
<sigh> Oh, very well. Just promise you'll put in a good word for me with the higher-ups, okay? Now, let me tell you this: there's strange things afoot at the Coliseum.
Bugger all! It's a travesty, I tell you!
Hotch, Hewe, and Haymo! Whatever is the matter? And where, pray tell, is Hutchin? The four of you will compete for the Cup together, yes?
I fear that an unfortunate mishap has left Hutchin in no condition to fight. We were just on our way to convey the dire news to Dour Meadow.
Mishap, my arse─this was sabotage! Some bloody coward out there will stop at nothing to eliminate his competition. I swear it on my subligar!
Lower your voice, Hotch. My head stings enough without your bloody shouting.
H-Hutchin! Sh-Should you not be resting your wounds? Oh, but forgive your incompetent, unworthy comrade! If I had been quicker with my mantra, we would still be four men strong!
Do not berate yourself so, Haymo. In victory and in defeat, the Mantravilles fight as one. You bear no more responsibility for my wounds than I.
Anyroad, I daresay I'll not be getting back into fighting fettle by arsing about in bed. I'm ready to chant some mantras─how about the lot of you!?
H-Hutchin! For you, I am always ready!
Now that's what I like to hear! A thousand mantras, and I want each one to ring out over the Sagolii!
Aye. As Hutchin tells it, they took their name from a training partner they met at the Fist of Rhalgr─a man they most admired for his devotion and chiseled physique.
...Consider me not the least bit interested. This talk of attacks on the competitors, however─of this I would hear more.
Ah, yes. I mentioned that strange things were afoot, yes? With mere days left before the Mythril Cup, a staggering number of would-be combatants have withdrawn, citing a host of curious ailments and injuries.
With the list of entrants shrinking by the day, the organizers have been forced to abandon the elimination format in favor of a mass melee between what few battlers remain.
The phantom thief's challenge... Gladiators dropping like flies... No, this is no mere coincidence. I would speak to the individual in charge of the event. Where might I find him?
Though the Concern sponsors the tourney, the day-to-day organizational duties are being handled by a fellow by the name of Dour Meadow. He should be in his office within the Coliseum's halls. I'll send word to the gateman, Yuyubaya─he owes the Mythril Eye a favor or two.
Splendid! Come, Forename, we've got a case to crack!
With gladiators dropping one after the next, I've had to rewrite my Mythril Cup preview five times in the past two days. Ah, make that six...
Let's go find this Dour Meadow and see what he can tell us about the tourney. Ganelon said we could find him in his office at the Coliseum, yes?
From the Mythril Eye, you say? Then by all means, you are free to enter!
I am Ellie, reporter for the Mythril Eye─never blinking, all-seeing, you know the deal, yes? And you must be Dour Meadow. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about the upcoming tourney.
Gar har har! Who am I to argue with free publicity? And from a charmin' little thing like yerself. Ask away, me girl!

That said, between the challenge from that so-called phantom thief and now these bizarre attacks targeting the fighters, our tourney's already the talk o' the town! Not that you'll see me complainin'─provided someone's still left to fight, that is.

Yer free to investigate as ye wish, but ye'd be smart to exercise some caution. Needless to say, recent events have everyone here a bit on edge. Why, just moments ago one fighter almost took off another's head for insultin' the color o' his subli─

Looks like we've got ourselves These two aren't in the entry books...
...And our challenger unleashes a vicious right hook as the gentleman inspector was channeling his strength for his next attack. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
I-Inspector Briardien! As efficient as ever, I see.
A true gentleman...<cough>...eschews violence...<cough>...Inspector.
...You were thinking. It annoyed me.
Dour Meadow, I presume. Tell me everything you can about the prizes for this tourney. And try to be brief.
Was wonderin' when ye might ask. Master Fyrgeiss has spared no expense in making the Mythril Cup the most lucrative tourney this Coliseum's ever seen. The victor will receive a true treasure from his collection─the Warden's Grace, a ring fitted with the largest sun sphere ye'll find outside o' Qarn.
The second- and third-place prizes are nothin' to sneeze at, neither. But I don't care how many faces he's got─we've nothin' to fear from this thief. The Concern has hired an elite regiment of Stone Torches to watch over the vault day an' night.
Yes, just as the Brass Blades were so successful in stopping the thief last time. If you want your treasures safe, go fetch them and bring them to me. And be quick about it─I haven't all day.
Fear I can't do that, Inspector. After all, what proof do I have that you ain't mister many-faces in another of his elaborate getups?

No, if you want to get your hands on the spoils, you'll have to claim them as any other would─in battle.

As a matter of fact, what with the ranks thinned as they are, we're actively recruiting new competitors. The more, the merrier─and the more lucrative, at that. Gar har har!

Now, where did our receptionist get off to? Over here, ye slimy bugger! We've got some fresh blood for the melee!
Give me a moment, will ya? I've only got eight arms! ...Or were they legs?
Ya called? I was just about to give the lovely Miss Avila the grand tour!
I-Inspector Hildibrand, look! He's...purple!
Astute as ever, Nashu! This color, this overabundance of appendages...I smell a case!
Ah, that's just my receptionist, Ultros. Don't be startled, now─he's an ugly little bugger, but he's friendly enough. Word has it he was one of many bizarre creatures born from a recent experiment with ancient incantations at the Thaumaturges' Guild.
They were going to seal him away in a hole in the desert with the others, when he opened his slobberin' mouth and started pleadin' for his life. “I just want to live in peace! I'll do anything! Anything!” So the management hired him to perform odd jobs about the Coliseum.
And am I ever glad they did! I tell ya, this job ain't glamorous, but it sure has its perks.
What a delicious morsel! I wanna get my tentacles around her...
Hmph. I know not who you are or where you hail from, and I do not care. If you dare challenge me, my Tempest Blade will show you no mercy.
You can forget about your case, Inspector. There is only one who will claim the victor's spoils, and that is me.
Ooh, I just loooooove it when she talks tough. Now, who's the chump who wanted to get a pummeling by my lovely little Avi?
Though a gentleman takes far more pride in rescuing fair damsels than fighting them, I fear we have little recourse. I, Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─shall do what must be done to...
Forename Surname will be entering the tournament on my behalf.
Forename Surname? Ye do look like a Surname... Well, bugger me with a spear! To think I'd see the day when a Warrior o' Light stood in my Coliseum!
Hear that clink-clink-clinkin'? That's the sound o' gil pourin' into our coffers when the public finds out that a true Eorzean hero will be steppin' into the ring to fight for the Mythril Cup! Oh, and I reckon yer friend can tag along, too. Show 'em where to sign, Ulty!
With Forename, I suppose we have as good a chance as any. Now we just need to make sure that he doesn't come down with some curious injury.
That gladiatrix─Avila, was it?─seemed quite certain of her chances at victory. Suspiciously certain, I would say.
Haha! I am already ten steps ahead of you, Inspector! That Ultros fellow seemed most knowledgeable about Miss Avila. Come, Nashu─the investigation is afoot!
As much as that sounds like an amazingly productive line of investigation, might I suggest that our first priority is to keep Forename here safe. Let us return to Ganelon and see what else he can tell us of these mysterious attacks on the combatants.
...Very well. I shall leave that task to you. I have a lead of my own to investigate. Should you uncover any new information, I trust you will share it with me at first opportunity.
You must have nerves of solid steel to enter this tourney with all the ill rumors floating about. Do watch your back, will you?
I suppose that our questioning of Mister Ultros can wait. Let us see if this Ganelon fellow can enlighten us!
Look, I know you're the Warrior of Light and all, but we can't afford to take any chances. Be on your guard, Forename.
You again? I've already told you that─ What? Entered the tourney, you say? Are you out of your bleeding mind!?

...Look. I've got a suspicion or two, which I'm happy to share with you. But in the end, you have to protect yourself, you hear?

So I've been asking around, and it seems that more than a few of the fighters who pulled out of the tourney were scheduled to fight a warrioress by the name of Avila.

Now, I can't make any promises, but my instincts tell me this girl is bad news. But don't take it from me when you can hear it from someone who crossed blades with her just days ago.
...Fellow by the name of Raging Rat. Had the misfortune of being matched up with Avila in the preliminary round, and earned himself a right bruising from it all. Last I heard, he was resting up back at the Pugilists' Guild. Why don't you pay him a visit?
A fellow by the name of Raging Rat had the misfortune of being matched up with Avila in the preliminary round, and earned himself a proper bruising from it all. Last I heard, he was resting up back at the Pugilists' Guild. Why don't you pay him a visit?
Oho, the plot ever thickens! While I have my doubts that the lovely Avila is behind these dastardly incidents, it would behoove us to hear what this Raging Rat fellow has to say.
Come to have a good laugh at ol' Raging Rat's expense, 'ave ye? Well, yer not the first. I say, is there not a man in this entire realm with an onze of sympathy!?
Greetings, good sir! How fortunate you are today that your guest is Hildibrand Manderville, gentleman and inspector. Now, if you would, please enlighten me to how exactly it was that you were beaten to a bloody pulp by Miss Avila!
Gentleman my arse! Have ye not a whit o' delicacy!?

...Never ye mind. Look, the records may say I lost, but I'll admit to nothin' o' the sort. I'll shout it at the top o' my lungs if no one else will. The girl doesn't fight fair.

Tempest Blade!? Some kind o' foul sorcery, if you ask me. Mark my words: that girl is up to no good. If she weren't so damned easy on the eyes, she'd be rottin' in gaol as we speak.

The girl's Ala Mhigan, or haven't ye heard? You know how it is with those refugees. Why fight with honor when ye've got nothin' to lose?
Yes, and why not disparage an entire people in a pathetic attempt to salvage your sorry pride? This one's a real piece of work, Forename. Let's be on our way.
...I didn't mean no offense, miss. Just tellin' it like it is, as it were.
Perhaps it truly is some manner of sorcery, as the fellow says. Or perhaps she works with an accomplice?
She didn't strike me as the magic-wielding type. If I were a betting woman, I'd put my gil on the latter.
Ah, Miss Ellie! The thrill of the chase has struck a chord with you, as well! Yes, I can see it in the wrinkles beneath your eyes! We might very well make an inspectress of you yet!
I'll give you a good wrinkle, you insensitive boor! ...Ahem. If what the man says is true, it's likely that her fellow Ala Mhigans might sympathize with her plight. An accomplice would hardly be out of the question.
...Yes, I can see it now! Two unfortunate souls, shunned by those around them, united by destiny and a common desire for justice!
Ample appendages whirling wildly, sending gusts of wind flying every which way! Avila and Ulty─a match made in the heavens! Were it any more obvious, I could have solved this case without leaving my home!
Incredible! Your powers of deduction never fail to amaze, Inspector!
What is it with you two and that infernal octopus!?
Mister Ultros should still be at the Coliseum. Let us hurry before he slithers back off to whencesoever he came!

Shhh, friend, and look over yonder!

Behold those exquisite legs! Those stylish tentacles! The unearthly undulations of his squirmy, squishy body! Yes, our friend Ulty is a most fascinating creature indeed.

Behold how he carefully eyes the gladiatrix before him. What manner of mischief is he plotting!?
He speaks! Yes, this is most suspicious indeed!

Oho, what is this? The girl has fled in a panic!

Our friend Ulty appears to be discouraged. Look at the way his shoulders sag! ...Or how they would sag, if he had shoulders.

Our quarry is on the move! Quickly, Nashu─we must pursue!
Aha, there he is! You will not escape us so easily, Mister Ultros!
Mister Ulty seems to have found himself another gladiatrix. What might he be plotting this time?

Look at those succulent legs! I reckon they'd taste just wonderful in a good marinara sauce!

Mmm...marinara sauce... Ah, he speaks!

...And another girl rushes off. Whatever did he say to her?
...He looks so sad! Shall we douse him in lemon butter and put him out of his misery, Inspector? Whatever is he doing with these girls, anyway?
Call me crazy, but I think he...likes them?
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