Elder Longhorn

Aldgoat Icon.pngElder Longhorn  Zoneicon.pngMob18 Icon.png
Level 17
Gender Male
Elder Longhorn.png
Aldgoats are denizens of rocky, mountainous regions, indiscriminately eating any vegetation they happen across. They have thick, woolly coats and sharp horns, though the horns of the males are markedly larger than those of the females. These horns are highly sought after for their potency in various magical endeavors. The aldgoat also has a protective ring of tough flesh around its neck, which serves to defend against the bites of predators. Aldgoats can be successfully domesticated and raised as livestock provided they are broken before their second year. Since ancient times, the people of Coerthas have raised aldgoats for both their meat and milk. These stocky, hoofed beasts possess a fattened collar of flesh which protects their necks against the piercing fangs of predators. They also sport a pair of curved horns, with those belonging to males being markedly larger and of concomitantly greater value. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Eastern Thanalan - Drybone (17-24)
  FATE Icon.pngDeep in the Heart of Sagolii
 17 Aggressive.png
FATEs (1)
Name Level Location
Deep in the Heart of Sagolii 17 Drybone
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