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Slender of body and long of limb, the Elezen were once the predominant race of all Eorzea, and to this day harbor a deep pride at being the chosen race of the gods. They boast the longest lifespan of all races by a small margin.[1]

According to their own histories, the Elezen are the original inhabitants of Eorzea, having called the realm home since the First Astral Era—a heritage they take pride in to this day. In those bygone times, they lived a pastoral life on the vast, fertile plains, but were displaced to the outer reaches as their hereditary lands were overtaken by the Hyur, who had migrated to the realm in great numbers. Time and again they waged bloody war against the Hyuran invaders. In time, however, the two races came to a mutual understanding, and they live in harmonious coexistence to this day.[1]

The two most prominent Elezen clans are the forest-dwelling Wildwood Elezen, who make their home in the Shroud, and the reclusive Duskwight. The former have a long history of cooperation with the Hyur, having jointly formed the forest nation of Gridania, while the latter have long since eschewed contact with other races to pursue their own path in the shadowy seclusion of Eorzea's deep tunnels and caverns. As such, the Wildwood and Duskwight each consider each other traitors to their race, and tensions between the two clans continue to the present day.[1]

The Velodyna carp fished from the Hathoeva and Velodyna rivers is a favorite among both clans, and one of the few things both can agree upon.[2]

Valuing discipline and order above all, and with a natural proclivity for organization and collaborative effort, the Elezen made great contributions in the founding of the city-states of Ishgard and Gridania. That these great nations still stand strong centuries later is a remarkable testament to the Elezen talent for governance. On the other hand, their preoccupation with history and tradition, tendency to relive past glories, and propensity for pretentious speech can occasionally alienate them from other races.[1]

The Elezen were also the inventors of archery,[3] and the longbow sentries of the Elezen military gave rise to one of the two most prominent schools of archery in Eorzea.[4]

Though the Elezen adopted the common tongue to facilitate communication with their Hyuran allies, the old Elezen tongue is far from a dead language. On the contrary, numerous words from the old tongue have found their way into common parlance, earning a place in the day-to-day vocabulary of other races.[1]

The Elezen tend to favor sharply-cut attire that accentuates their slender physiques. Even their functional adventurers' garb is crafted with an eye for fashion, down to the exquisite silverwork that adorns it. The heightened aesthetic sensibilities of the Elezen are not limited to clothing, and can be observed in their numerous contributions to myriad genres of the fine arts.[1]

The Elezen have long been known for their skill in leatherworking, yet for centuries their techniques were heavily guarded. Once they agreed to share their wealth of knowledge, the quality of Gridanian leather goods improved significantly, creating an increased demand for the superior products.[5]

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