Enkidu (Item)

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Enkidu (Item)  Gold chest icon.png
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That green is not coming out, even with multiple washings.
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Acquisition Edit Enkidu (Item)'s Miscellaneous Acquisition Information Uses Edit Enkidu (Item)'s Miscellaneous Use Information
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Acquired from Duty (1)
Trialicon.png Battle in the Big Keep
Used to Summon

Minion Information
Enkidu (Minion) Icon.pngEnkidu (Minion)  Gold chest icon.png
Lord of Verminion
 Cost: 20  Critter
HP: 480 ATK: 55 DEF: 45 SPD: ★★★★
Strengths: LoV Eye Icon.png Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: Eerie Soundwave
Removes all beneficial effects from enemies within range.
120 Area Icon.png
Type: Disarming Points: 20

MainIcon59.png Minion Guide
Legend has that Gilgamesh first found Enkidu while searching for a meal. Without the means to make a fire, he attempted to eat the fowl raw, only to find himself the victim of a furious counterattack. Impressed by the bird's tenacity, he promptly made her his pet.

Enkidu, do you hear me!? ENKIIIDUUUUUUUUUUUU! - Gilgamesh

Acquisition: Battle in the Big Keep trial.
Requires: Enkidu (Item)
Behavior: Independent
Enkidu (Minion) Patch.png
Involved in Lord of Verminion Challenge
Stage Name
19 Battle on the Bitty Bridge

Etymology Edit Enkidu (Item)'s Etymology
A chicken named Enkidu is introduced with Gilgamesh in the second part of the Inspector Hildibrand series of sidequests, added in patch 2.2. Gilgamesh reveals that this isn't the true Enkidu, but simply a chicken he painted green to remind him of his former companion out of loneliness. Later, when the party fights Gilgamesh for the first time, several green chickens roam the battlefield and will chase any players that Gilgamesh transforms into toads, causing minor damage. Enkidu and Gilgamesh flee the battlefield upon defeat by jumping off the bridge at Griffin Crossing in Ishgard.

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