Main Command 3 Icon.pngEnmity
The term used in Final Fantasy XIV to describe the system by which a mob targets players in combat.
Most player actions (such as attacking, casting magic, and using skills and items) will incur the enmity of engaged enemies. Each player with whom an enemy is engaged, incurs individual enmity to that enemy. The enemy prioritizes the target of its attacks based on the enmity it has toward each player character, summoned pet and companion. In the absence of extra parameters, an enemy generally focuses on the player toward whom it has the most enmity. Typically, actions that inflict direct damage on an enemy will increase enmity in proportion to the damage done. However, enmity can also be gained through healing other party members at a 1 HP to 1 Enmity ratio for any and all enemies engaged to the healed party members, even if the healer has no current enmity or is engaged to said enemies.

In addition, some enemies have different aggressive natures, and will not always be aggressive when a player is in its line of sight. Such enemies will instead be aggressive to player characters when they move or make noise. Enemies that are part of the families: Eft, Morbol, Yarzon, Spirit (Bogy, Sprite), or enemies that don't have visible eyes, or are blind (such as hedgemoles) will not be aggressive to player characters unless they move past them at normal non-walking speed. Players can initiate walk mode to walk past these enemies without engaging them, but only if they do not pass through said enemies' bodies.

Systems similar to enmity can be found in other games, and in many are known as Aggro, Hate, or Threat.