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Eternity, Loyalty, Honesty

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Eternity, Loyalty, Honesty

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Vath Deftarm: The Sea of Clouds - The Blue Window - Ok' Gundu Nakki (x:6.4, y:13.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Ok' Zundu

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png60Lift Me to the MoonSidequest1 Icon.png Lift Me to the Moon (Level 60)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Moonlift Dance
060033.png Hey Now, You're an All-star
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Zundu HeadZundu BodyZundu ArmsZundu WaistZundu LegsGnath ThoraxWind-up Ohl Deeh
Achieve Allied reputation with the Moogles, Vath, and Vanu Vanu.
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The deftarm is daunted but undeterred.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the deftarm at Helix.
  • Speak with Ohl Deeh.
  • Seek out Tiamat.
  • Rendezvous with the deftarm.
  • Speak with Linu Vali at Ok' Gundu Nakki.

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Vath DeftarmOhl DeehLinu VanuLinu ValiMogzinMaster MogzinGullinbursti
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • The deftarm is daunted but undeterred.
  • Despite recent disheartening developments, the deftarm is determined to forge forward in his quest. Putting on his bravest face, he boldly states his intention to strike out for Azys Lla, going as far as to challenge Ohl Deeh to a race to the floating isle. You follow in pursuit, knowing that your presence will undoubtedly be needed to ensure that the two do not end up biting off more than they can chew.
  • You arrive at Azys Lla to find a dejected Ohl Deeh in utter disbelief that his wings proved less swift than those of the deftarm's kongamato. Vowing to get his revenge in a few short centuries, he quickly puts the minor disgrace behind him and declares that he will use his influence to glean information regarding Gullinbursti's whereabouts. With a healthy degree of skepticism as to how successful this approach will be, you set off after him.
  • You arrive in Azys Lla to find Ohl Deeh discouraged that the dragons of this land have proven entirely uncooperative in imparting any information that could guide your party to Gullinbursti. In response to his query, you mention the name of Tiamat, and the impertinent dragonet is all too eager to cast any semblance of tact and decency to the wind in interrupting the ancient dragon's eternal suffering to inquire as to his friend's whereabouts. Somewhat reluctantly, you go along, hoping that your presence will keep Ohl Deeh from saying anything overly stupid.
  • Ohl Deeh's cavalier disposition toward the eternally tormented Tiamat notwithstanding, your visit proves a fruitful one, as Bahamut's brood-sister enlightens you as to Gullinbursti's current whereabouts, while also hinting at a possible means to free the tortured dragon from the madness that has seized him. With Ohl Deeh and the deftarm at your side, you set off to the northeast, where the young dragonet hopes to summon a mighty roar that will reach his friend's ears and heart.
  • In the Beta Quadrant, you come upon an incapacitated Gullinbursti being watched over by the nefarious Nhaza'a Jaab and his client, a low-ranking imperial officer by the name of Drusus mal Soranus, who─it is revealed─has furnished the mercenary with the Allagan devices he has employed to wreak his particular brand of havoc. The peevish Drusus summarily orders his hired gun to eliminate the intruders─namely, you and your friends─but Nhaza'a Jaab coolly refuses, and instead sics Gullinbursti on his employer, reducing him to a charred husk. The masked Miqo'te then sets Gullinbursti on the deftarm, but a well-timed appearance by Mogzin's mannequin distracts the dragon, affording Ohl Deeh enough time to unleash a roar far mightier than any would expect from his tiny frame─a roar which breaks the spell over Gullinbursti, at long last restoring him to his gentle self. Nhaza'a Jaab draws his gun and takes aim, but is swiftly disarmed by a timely shot from the deftarm, who is all too eager to return the favor from their encounter at Voor Sian Siran. The mercenary attempts to retreat, but is headed off by Linu Vali and her fellow Gundu, who had made the momentous decision to flaunt tradition to stand by your side in this final confrontation. Nhaza'a Jaab manages to frantically escape to his manacutter and appears to have gotten away, when another unerring shot from the deftarm strikes true, sending the vessel hurtling down through the clouds. Your job complete, you and your friends are free to return home, with a promise to sojourn in Ok' Gundu Nakki on the way, that you might celebrate your triumph this day.
  • Back in Ok' Gundu Nakki, the Gundu hold a great feast to celebrate your triumph and safe return. Together with Linu Vali, you unveil the moonlift dance in public for the first time, and encourage your beastman companions to join in the revelry. The motions prove so infectious that all present are soon moving as one, and together you dance the night away. Through your efforts, dragon, man, moogle, Vath, and Vanu Vanu alike stand in staunch solidarity, and the hearts of all are filled with hope that the bonds forged this day will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

<click> <click> I know not what awaits us in this strange land, nor if we are up to the task, but as adventurers, we must press on with courage. Yes, great courage!
Do you fancy your wings faster than my kongamato, Ohl Deeh? I suppose we shall see! The last one to Azys Lla is a rotten nanka egg!
Hah! You think that overgrown gnat of yours is any match for the wings of a mighty dragon!? Prepare to taste the sting of humiliation!
The mighty Ohl Deeh bested by a glorified insect!? Inconceivable! Mark my words: in a hundred years, I will have my revenge!
<click> <click> An island made of metal and machinery? It is strange to me, Master. Very strange. However are we to find Gullinbursti in such curious and forbidding environs?
Worry not, my fearful, faint-hearted friend! This land may be unfamiliar to you, but not to me and my kind! Yes, I can feel the presence of mighty dragons all around us!
We need only stop one and ask politely if they have seen aught of Gullinbursti. Surely they would not be averse to lending a fellow dragon their wisdom. You are fortunate indeed that I have accompanied you here, are you not? Yes, I daresay you are!
<click> <click> The dragons in these parts are unobliging. Very unobliging. Perhaps it would be best if I remained silent and left the asking to Ohl Deeh.
What is the meaning of this!? My fellow dragons turn upon us one after the next without listening to a word I have to say!

It is as if they've all been driven mad like poor Gullinbursti! Is there no dragon in this land who will listen to reason?

But of course! Tiamat! Why did I not think of this myself!? Yes, yes, I understand about her torment and all, but I am sure she'll not be averse to helping a future mighty dragon such as myself! Let us be off!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Ah, the child who doth walk with my father. What bringeth thee and thine back to my forsaken abode?
...I see thou dost travel with a child of mine own. Speak, child. What dost thou seek, to visit me in my lair of desolation and woe?
O, great mother of dragons! Many a tale of your suffering and sacrifice have I heard from my friend Forename here!
🎧 I understand your agony and woe─truly, I do─and I will let you return to your torment, but my friends and I were just wondering... Might a dragon by the name of Gullinbursti come this way? He's a friend of ours, you see. Quite large, and red, and─
🎧 The name is not known to me, but yes, child. I have seen thy friend. A sorrowful sight he was─tearing through the skies, racked with wroth, as if his mind were no longer his own.
He is not the first, and I fear he will not be the last. For it would seem there is one in these lands who wields an ancient that can bring even mighty wyrms to heel.
C-Curse it all! Is there nothing we can do!? Is Gullinbursti already lost to us!?
Abandon not hope, my child. The mind of a dragon is not so feeble as that. There is yet a way to bring your friend back. This, I can assure you.
But how!? We have tried everything, and to no avail! What else is there we can do!?
'Tis simple, child. Thou needest but call out to him with a roar summoned from the very depths of thine heart. That─and that alone─will stir your friend's heart, and return him to what he once was.
But I...! No, wait...I see. When we last saw Gullinbursti, I called out to him with words. But mere words could not reach him...
Thou dost see true. Now, tarry not in this den of woe, but fly swiftly to the floating island that lies northeast of here, and to thy friend's side. Free him from his misery...and leave me to mine own.
I shall do my best! Thank you, Mother Tiamat! And please try not to suffer too much, won't you!?
<click> <click> I cannot help but feel like we could have shown a bit more compassion to that poor dragon, but I suppose we had little choice. Yes, little choice. In any event, we know our destination now, so let us be off.
I am reminded of days long past, when mine own were yet young... Go forth, child of man, that this young one might be spared a similar fate...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Look, I've found him! He may look angry, but just wait until he hears my roar! He'll be the Gullinbursti we know and love in no time. I am certain of it!
<click> <click> It's Gullinbursti! And he's not alone... Come, Master, let us make that villain pay!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
🎧 Ahahaha! That's Allagan technology for you! One clean shot, and even a mighty dragon can be brought to heel! Now I need only fit this neurolink about his neck, and he will be my loyal dog, ever at my beck and call!
Then the fools at the Academy will know! They will gasp in awe, then hang their heads in shame and chagrin! Until they die, they will rue the day they underestimated Drusus mal Soranus!
Gullinbursti! Can you hear me!? It is I, your proud pupil Ohl Dee
You villains! What have you done to Gullinbursti!?
Followed us here, have you? That's almost...impressive. As for your friend, he's simply taking a little nap. Fortunately for you, I might add...
🎧 Wh-Who are these intruders!? Did you lead them here!? N-Never mind! I'll double─no, triple─your pay! Exterminate them at once!
Thank you for the offer, but...I think I'll decline. Why, you've already given me something of far greater value. This toy, for one...and some most amusing playmates.
🎧 What say you, beastman adventurer!? Will you face off against your dragon friend in a battle to the death? Feel your wounds, taste your tears, and fight until your puny body can give no more!? Oh, nothing would delight me more!
Wh-What do you think you're doing? Hand over my bracelet! Without it, I... I...!
Stop this madness, Gullinbursti! I beg of you!
Stay your hand, Master! There is still good in him! Through the anger and rage, I know his mind is fighting to break free!
Gullinbursti! Please, you must listen to me!
I say, Gullinbursti! Stop this at once, kupo!
M-Mogzin! Nooooooooo!
Gullinbursti, return to us! PLEASE!!!
🎧 What...what is this place?
Gullinbursti! Thank the heavens... And it was I─it was my roar that brought him back? And yet M-Mogzin... Say it is not so...!
You... You are the one who did this to me...
🎧 ...Heh. And I'm just as happy to do it again.
<click> <click> Not if we have anything to say about it! Right, my friends!?
Once again, my marvelous mannequin comes to the rescue! Though I must say, I was hoping to make a more dramatic entrance, kupo.
<click> <click> I, for one, thought it most impressive. Very impressive! Thank you, friend Mogzin, for coming to our aid.
Another mockery!? And here I was about to shed a tear for you! You owe me an apology, I say!
Forgive me, my friends. I did much thinking, and while the importance of tradition cannot be ignored, I could not very well send my truest friends into the eye of the storm alone.
You have ever been a rainbow of hope and succor to us, friends. It seemed only fair that we returned the favor in kind.
For a gaggle of brutes, you have been a most entertaining diversion. Enjoy your victory, short-lived as it may be! For I shall return, and you can be sure I will not forget this day...!
<click> <click> ...Not so fast. I do not call myself the deftarm for nothing!


🎧 To tell the truth, I followed you all the way here, concealing myself with magicks as we moogles are wont to do. You see, kupo, I realized the only way I could help was with my pranks. And to deceive our foe, I first had to deceive you. You will forgive me...yes?
<click> <click> Without your pranks, we would not have triumphed today. I am sorry, very sorry, for ever suggesting it was any less than a remarkable art.
Oh, thank you, kupo! And the way you shot down that airship! Pray forgive me for asking an adventurer of your skill to haul rocks and crack kupo nuts!
Well, now! If we're all going to sit around heaping praise on one not forget that it was none other than I who brought Gullinbursti back to us! Mogzin, you saw my most triumphant and mighty roar, did you not!?
Roar? After Gullinbursti roasted my mannequin, I was so frightened that I averted my eyes and plugged my ears for the rest of the battle. Did I miss something, kupo?
Did you miss something!? I've half a mind to roar you into oblivion, you noodle-brained moogle!
I owe you all a debt of gratitude this day. Many years have I lived, but never have I seen so many and multivarious beings come together for a common cause. It inspires me to strive for the same.
And you, Ohl Deeh. 'Twould seem it was your roar that freed me from my madness. You have grown strong, and in so short a span. Impressive, indeed.
Just you watch! In another three hundred years, I'll be bigger and stronger than you will ever be!
And I will welcome that day, young one. Now, let us bid farewell to this accursed land and return home.
Fear not if you don't remember the way, Gullinbursti. Just stay close by my side─I'll see you home safely!
<click> <click> Shall we return as well, Master?
My friends! If you are not in a great hurry, pray stop over in Ok' Gundu Nakki on your way!
The feast we had planned is long overdue, and I daresay that now, there is all the more reason to celebrate! Let us dance until the sun gives way to the stars, and back again!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
<click> <click> I have heard, Master. They say that this village, too, was born as a result of your efforts? If you would not mind telling it, I would very much like to hear that story one day. Very much indeed.
They say that there is a settlement of moogles in the Sea of Clouds. I'm afraid of journeying too far on my own, but...perhaps next time, we might go there together, kupo?
Forename! Linu Vali rejoices to see you come! For today we dance until we can dance no more!
All of Ok' Gundu Nakki waits in eager anticipation to see our moonlift dance. If Forename is ready, Linu Vali is ready as well. Let the festivities begin!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.


Come now, my friends! Let us dance this dance together, that we might build a double rainbow to span the skies!
Leave it to me! We moogles know a thing or two about dancing! Come to think of it, this dance seems somehow...familiar, kupo?
<click> <click> Wh-What!? I fear these legs are not made for dancing. Clumsy, they are. Very c-clumsy...


🎧 That was a feast and a dance for the ages, my friends! And never would this day have come if it were not for Forename and the bonds he has forged among us all. May they ever hold strong!
But of course, kupo! Let us dance together, Linu Vali, and make mirth and merry for many years to come! And we are happy as well to share the art of pranks and artifice with the Vath, who understand us oh-so-well!
<click> <click> Just you watch! Next time, I will devise a trick so devious that it will make the pom on your head spin! They can spin, yes?

Master, it was an honor and a pleasure to adventure with you once more. I thought I knew the world, but I see now that it is wider and vaster than I ever imagined. Still, I feel I have seen and grown much through this journey...

You will always be my master, but I feel as if─little by little─I am becoming your peer. Forgive me for being forward, but might I call you...Forename from time to time?

...Forename. A most impressive name, indeed! Clearly you were always destined for great things. Yes, very great. I am honored to call myself your pupil. Until our next adventure!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
You have achieved Allied reputation with the Gundu, the Vath, and the Mogmenders.
Furthermore, you now have access to a wider selection of wares from Luna Vanu, the Vath stickpeddler, and Mogmul Mogbelly.
You have learned the emote Moonlift Dance!
Through your efforts, the most prominent beast tribes of Ishgard have forged bonds of friendship that promise to remain strong through the years. You are truly a hero to beastmen across the realm!
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Reference to the song Friends by Dragon Sound.

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